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2023-06-14 19:09:26

2020 Bentley Flying Spur Is $215,000 Luxury

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The British automaker's new flagship car has big power and presence but its grace notes come from small improvements in design .

Another familiar bit is the engine .

The 6.0 liter twin turbocharged W 12 delivers 626 horsepower and £664 feet of torque , which is certainly necessary considering the flying spurs not insignificant .

£5373 of mass from a standing start , the flying spur can accelerate to 60 MPH in 3.7 seconds and it will keep on going all the way up to 207 MPH .

The new Flying Spur , however , not only makes better use of Bentley's new design language first launched on the Continental G T but takes the liberty of really applying the company's latest signatures to a shape more recognizable as sedan and a handsome one at that .

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The power lines down the side , draw your eye to muscular haunches at the rear , finishing off an unapologetically robust silhouette spec the optional 22 inch wheels in the car has an imposing presence , whether curbside or creeping up in your rear view mirror .

The flying spur keeps its external badging subtle with a neatly hidden W 12 emblem along the side .

And the company's logo accompanied by elegantly lettered Bentley and script on the rear up front , there's a re tiled flying B hood ornament that now for the first time can retract into the hood .

The same way the spirit of ecstasy can retreat into a Rolls Royce .

Although far from a sleeper car , the styling is subtle enough to pass under the radar of the casual observer .

The Flying Spur is fairly serious in the tech department .

Two , a 12.3 inch center touch screen display is standard which for $6365 can play hide and seek just like in the continental GT interacting with the screen is a mostly easy going process with quick response times and intuitive menu layouts .

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However , the screen like so many others collects fingerprints faster than a kid collects candy on Halloween , our advice , keep a cloth handy with a starting price of $216,400 .

The New Flying Spur competes with cars like the Mercedes my buck s class and Rolls Royce Ghost .

Though both of those cars are due to be replaced in the not too distant future .

This Bentley offers the traditional elegance expected of the brand with a more vibrant design scheme and a user friendly tech suite giving it a clear edge over its older competitors as a driver's car , the flying spur impresses with its near psychotic ability to gather speed and surprisingly engaging steering wheel , excuse the spur for its inability to hide its size in the corners .

Perhaps the all but confirmed speed variant will fix that .

And what's left is an undeniably great car to experience from behind the wheel and behind the driver .


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