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2023-06-14 19:09:11

Bought my DREAM CAR! 2008 Audi R8!

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What's up guys , Canadian Rider .

I'm with my friend Joe .

We're in Montreal , Quebec .

We have come to pick up my dream car that I've always wanted since high school .

It's been actually 10 years now since I wanted this car .

A 2008 Audi R eight .

So we're meeting the owner , we're at his house .

His S3 is here actually .

So you can see this in Bernardo Gray .

It looks really nice , but 2008 R eight , this is going to be the first pick up and check my buddy who was in Montreal a week ago , checked out the car for me and he said he was in good condition .

It was basically what it was described as in the ad .

So this is actually my first time .

I'm going to see it here .

We're going to check out the car here .

We're going to drive it to Audi Prestige in Montreal .

They're going to do a pre purchase inspection from there .

We're going to take the car and drive it back home .

You good sleep at night .

So I just keep raining , but I don't need to .

Ok .

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So we got the car out here we're just gonna do a little inspection , we're gonna make sure on the outside everything is as it is , there's no dents or damage and I'm gonna check the inside of the car , but right now like first impressions it's looking really nice and it's so dirty too .

It's looking this good .

Yeah .

So that's just like dirt .

The tires are like bald and that's something I know I'm gonna have to replace .

These are the pilot super sports .

They'll get me back home but , and then if you come around here , so these are the A DB one rims , these are the standard edition .

So these are really nice .

They're in this gun metal gray color .

It kind of compliments the black , which is also kind of compliments the anthro kite gray side blade , which is really nice .

Um Let's just go around here and check it out .

This all looks good .

Only got 37,000 kilometers on it .

It's a 2008 R eight .

Everything here looks normal .

I don't see anything .

I'm just checking the paint for damage .

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Brakes have about 50% life .

The actual brake pads and the rotors look fine .

They're not scored .

Spenders are fine .

The lights are all working .

All the led lights are on .

It's good .

So body of spine , I don't see any dents or damage there .

Is that rock chip up here that Peter mentioned , which can get filled ?

It's not a big deal .

Um ok , so let's go in the interior and see inside .

So this is the interior .

So we do have that bolster wear , which we already discussed and we knew it was here .

So this is the six speed manual .

Um , let's just get in here .

Oh , wow , this is uh this is crazy .

Wow .

What a car .

So inside everything looks good .

Um Joe , do you want to step inside and we can check out , make sure everything works inside .

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So the interior looks good .

So let's just check out kinda turn this off .

Ok .

Turn off the eight uh this .

Ok .

So now this is just us and the engine , let's just make sure everything works .

Horn .

Ok .

Horn works signals looking good there looking good there .

Um We'll check the back .

I'll put on the four ways to check the back in a bit .

Ok .

Wipers and again , I'm just checking everything , making sure that everything works in the car door , uh windows .

Ok .

So that all looks like it's good .

Um ok , so the brake clutch shifting .

Well .

Ok , so everything on the inside looks good .

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So what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna take it for a test drive and we're gonna go to Audi Prestige and get the pre purchase inspection done .

So I think we'll do that now .

So we'll just go now twice , you broke my heart .

I , so we just gave the car to the dealership .

They're going to be doing the P P 300 point inspection .

It's going to grab some breakfast over here at Joe Place , going to feed him nicely for helping me coming here for the day .

But right after that , the only thing I want to check is on this car specifically , they had a $600 repair on the back bumper .

I just want to make sure that it's actually a 600 repair .

It wasn't something else .

So that's the only concern on the test drive here like it rode .

Well , the Magna rides were fine , so they weren't shot .

I don't know if they're leaking , but they weren't shot on the drive here .

Engine was strong .

Transmission is strong .

So all we can do is wait for the master tech and then we'll actually go underneath the car and check it out , but we're going to get something to eat first and we'll come back and we'll do that .

So this is actually the new version .

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So this is 10 years later how the actual R A looks like now compared to mine .

Honestly , I prefer the look of the 08 .

I prefer the look of the older generation .

This is like trying to be too Lamborghini , in my opinion .

I don't know .

I don't know , Joe , what do you think ?

Uh the S R P is a little high 230,000 ?

Great .

How are you ?

Good .

So , sorry .

I just wanted to check out underneath if that's ok .

All Right .

Good .

Good engine .

Once it's running , it's good .

Right .

How about these mag mag ride sharks ?

I know they leave .

That's another issue I found .

Ok , on this guy here , this guy heavily sweating , you might need to replace that one and the front , that one .

Right ?

Ok .

And so when you got a pretty large sweat on the shock , yeah , that's something I knew he told me about .

It's like apparently on these cars they go right away , it's prone .

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Ok , sweet .

Ok , thank you .

I know I don't want to take away from it .

You doing it ?

And the other thing was I I mentioned it is like apparently these early model with the frame .

Yeah , it's good .

Yeah , that's good to hear .

That's good to hear .

Yeah , just getting all the time .

You , you called that .

You said it over here , you're gonna see the thread a lot thicker .

But once you see the inside , I should show you when the car was uneven wear .

You just , it's the way the suspension car is looking good .

So again , the things he mentioned , um and the seller was honest about the things he mentioned was the mag rides are leaking .

So instead of the rear two , like re thought it's the left front , I'm sorry , the right front and the left rear mag rides that are leaking , tires are shot , brakes are 50% like he said , it may need to be replaced soon .

We'll let this tech do the rest of his job , but everything else he's saying is looking good .

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So the steel looks like it's going to go through .

The main things we are caring about on the car is transmission and engine .

So it looks like transmission and engine are solid .

The rest of the car is solid .

Um Yeah , so we'll wait for the inspection .

Perfect .

Put this inside and keep this on the dash .

So I got everything .

All right , I have my keys .

I have all three keys .

Ok ?

I have both keys .

Yeah .

Yeah , good .

Yeah , thank you very much .

I appreciate it for following me on Canadian Rider .

So it's all good .

He's gonna see what's gonna be up with this car , but excited to see uh what's the for ?

All right , drive safe on these .

Thank you .

See you later , man .

Um Do you wanna go eat somewhere ?

Uh I don't know .

I'm like there's nothing much around here .

Ok .

Well , we can just drive and then stop by and see .

All right .

All right .

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So one is held by .

All right guys , dreams come true .

I am in the R eight .

We're headed back to Hamilton .

I can't tell you how amazing I feel getting this car , everything worked out perfectly with the seller .

He was really forthcoming and honest with the car in every respect and it's just a beautiful car .

I can't believe it .

This has been since 2008 when I seen this car come out in the first year I was in high school .

I remember I was like , this is my dream car and to own my dream car .

I just can't tell you how amazing it feels in the perfect form , right ?

With the black , the gated six ft shifter , 420 horsepower on this high revving V eight .

Just a beautiful car .

What captures me with this car is just the timeless looks guys .

This car is absolutely stunning .

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It's 10 years later since it was introduced .

It's still when you see it go down the road , it's just breathtaking .

It is a beautiful design by Audi .

I honestly , I don't even like newer Audis , the new R eight , I prefer this model over the new R eight .

Obviously , the interior and the new ones is updated and way nicer .

But exterior wise , this thing kills it no more manual in the new R eight .

This thing has that beautiful gated six speed manual transmission .

Absolutely amazing to see that here and the engine is just phenomenal .

That's the biggest thing I was worried about is the engine in good shape , the transmission in good shape and the engine just pur it is purring right now .

It sounds healthy and strong .

Obviously , it's only got 37,000 kilometers .

The gated six speed manual transmission is just amazing .

And this is the 2008 model guys .

This is the first year that was introduced , the owner was also kind enough to have both keys and the full set Audi actually sent him the gift package for the R eight and it includes all this nifty stuff and an ice box .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So having that included with this kind of car , with the two keys with a car in this great shape for a first year model run of this generation of R eight .

Just I'm super happy .

It's kind of unbelievable to think a decade ago .

This was my dream to maintain and here I am put the clutch down I think started roll down the window .

It's nice .

Huh ?

Look leather everywhere on the dash .

It's all leather .

You're not going anywhere until I get tired .

Relax , then you can drive .

Where do you think you're going bud ?

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Well , there he goes .

Hopefully he doesn't kill himself .

Ok .

So I actually just wanted to show him the car and he took it out for a ride .

Ok ?

Look , he's , he's gonna be reckless , ok ?

He's being smart about it .

He's being smart .

Yes , it did .

You check ?

All right guys .

That's it .

The Audi R eight is finally in the garage .

I expect to see a ton more videos coming out soon .

I expect to see some other exciting announcements coming up in the channel .

Make sure you guys subscribe and I'll see you guys in the next video .


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