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2023-06-14 19:08:44

R34 GTR Hits the STREETS!

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Hello and welcome to today's video .

But before we get started with today's video , boy , do I have some exciting news for you ?

I forgot the news at four PM Eastern Standard Time , which I'm assuming is very close to the upload time of this video .

We have the last ever restock of this year , Ivo hoodie .

I know you guys have been asking a lot about this .

But wait , there's more .

The 13 hoodie is also back in stock too for the last time ever .

But wait , there's more and last but not least the R 34 hoodie is restocked for the last time ever .

All three of these hoodies restocked for the last time ever .

Four PM Eastern Standard Time .

Make sure you don't miss out guys because I'm sick and tired of getting the D M si missed out because I had to feed my dog .

I had to walk my frog .

I was cutting logs .

I don't care .

Set a reminder the last time ever , wasn't it a lifetime chance opportunity ?

We're gonna drive the 34 today .

So you skip through this .

You suck .

You didn't .

I appreciate it .

We have candy with orders .

What else ?

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I gotta say today ?

Skillman and Marco are on pulling the again .

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Very uh it feels like Monday , Tuesday $60 .

I call them skill men .

Oh , that would be funny .

Mhm .

This is all going in .

I hope you know that my boys having a hard time .

I need some more coffee .

Oh , let's get hot .

Well , today , Skin man and Marco are gonna be my work .

Oh four over here for the car .

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Yeah , Showman and Margaret are working on E 36 today pulling the engine .

I figured I'd fill you in on what's going on with that .

Uh We're just going to do a built three m bottom end because we already have some like leftover two heads laying around .

So we'll pop one of those on .

I don't want to waste the stop V V T I two J we've had sitting in the corner and pull apart a good assembled engine .

So this one get the Hodge Podge Bullsh .

So uh that's what's going on with that .

And then Johan has got some stuff done on the R 34 that we'll fill you in on .

And since Freddie's here today , we can take it drive down the road break in those rings and hopefully tune soon this week .

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Yeah , we were gone at clutch kickers .

Johan made a bracket for power steering reservoir .

We opted to go with the stock one .

There aren't a lot of after market that I like and we had this one laying around in good shape and it kind of goes with the O E M plus type thing we have going on .

But you need a really clean little bracket that uses O E M .

I don't see that O E M mounting points , but you didn't have to like grill or really tap anything , which is cool .

Um , did that and you got fans wired up and you've been button up a lot of little other things .

Yeah , just little things that you get to closer to the finish line .

It's like you start having more things and more smaller things like that stuff he's touching right now , which I already tied earlier to lose like things like that .

And then it's like you don't make a mental note or like write it down like when it comes to time , like right now , either you find it or you just find out when you start driving .

Ok , this is loose or we forgot this or that .

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And so I was just really going through the last stages of the , the , the bill .

Um ac is all or , and good thing .

We have to make no custom lines , everything plugs in .

We put some of the D E I keep sleeping protective on the one of the lines because it gets the way routes , it routes really close to the factory Turbos .

The factory sleeping was like , really bad .

So we just uh put the D E I stuff , which is like , um , Velcro so you could wrap it around .

Definitely right there .

Look at his arch .

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Your legs are straight up and down .

Your legs are straight up and down .

My back is killing me .

That's the problem .

I get that .

Well , Piston is still there and he said it was so full of oil maybe .

Relay .

Yeah , for sure .

Well , the good news is the block .

The block isn't , the modern is good .

Two J A two block .

Well , we're getting the right , there's literally three quotes mixed up .

There's the , the , the , the Five Rings laboratory .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Then there's the fetcher premium for race boards and then two J Z Yeah , you can see that you're just gonna put subtitles of Obama in , in honorable nonsense in this some stuff up and then break these rings in on the street .

One issue we were having with a dual D W-4 100 pumps .

It actually wouldn't make any less than 75 P si of fuel pressure .

So we unplugged one pump for now .

And what we're going to do is run a wire from the hete back to the little solid state relay that I have back there .

So we'll just have them kind of trigger in stages .

Once we get a certain boost level , probably like 10 or £15 of boot , it'll kick on .

That .

Scares me though .

But just relying on relying on that one , we can set those if like fuel pressure falls , it'll cut boost .

Ok .

So we've got V C M plugged in for the first time .

We didn't want to plug it in before just because we didn't know if all the data and all the sudden we were reading .

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Right .

But confirmed .

So we're going to start her up and then I heard the VCA you can actually make it like blow up like a giant came Idol if you want to .

Yeah .

Ready .

Yeah .

Ok .

All right .

It's the next day .

Uh , we end up rewiring the crank trigger Scott over at tech advised us to run a separate shielded wire instead of going to the factory harness .

So we did that and now we just go through some settings and see if that's enough for this car to actually arrive , putting this guy on even though don't have the hood or the hood isn't complete .

I just have been terrified of having to sit around my office and I just don't want getting all scratched up .

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And so it works .

Now it revs over 3000 R PM .

Thank you , John .

John had to go get fancy wire .

Fancy wire look like this .

No .

No .

Oh , try again .

Uh , so .

Hm .

Hm .

Hm .

Oh , that , that's , that's the shield that we are missing .

It's crazy how that like it , like it's one of those things where everyone's like , oh , you gotta use shielded wire and they're like , nah , but it actually doesn't make a difference .

No drive going to go try to break the rings in .

Fred will kind of talk us through that .

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We're going to fill her up with good old 93 octane for the first time ever .

85 Mike and Marco are chasing us .

So they're going to get some rollers , but I'm excited .

I feel like this is the first real time I've driven it because last time I didn't really like rev .

So it kind of didn't count .

It's going to be really hard for me to contain myself .

It feels like a car .

I think my ghetto fix on the , what do you call it ?

Uh , the clutch booster .

I can feel the spring sticking a little bit , so I'll have to fix that properly when the pedal comes up .

It kind of gets a little sticky .

Is this , is there like a haze of pollen over the entire town right now ?

Yeah , it's pretty bad .

It's like everything's on fire alignment .

Isn't that bad for just aligning it by eye ?

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

No , no , a BS lights and no four wheel drive lights yet .

Oh , nice .

I think the car is just happy as it is being driven .

I said , so process for betting in the rings are basically just going to get to the point where we can load it up in a little bit of boost .

Yeah .

So go to like three or 4000 and start like , not really brake boosting , but like load it up with boost in a lower gear .

You want to go get gas first .

Feel smooth .

This will be the first time on the video they've heard in the past three grand .

Is it ok ?

If I have it , keep it spicy .

You little fireball .

It's a little rich .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I'm so excited , dude .

I'm just pumped .

I don't .

How many lights on , on my dash ?

That's the biggest thing is the half a bar of oil pressure normal .

I'm just kidding .

I'm kidding .

I'm kidding .

I'm like my thing .

Like that's a little low .

I was looking for a nice way to say it .

No , it's three .

Ok ?

You're good .

Yeah , first year is definitely a lot shorter now .

Damn , this doesn't feel real .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

You know , I think the anticipation has made me like that much more hyped because it's been so long .

I mean , you did a lot .

It's like kind of a new car .

So the , the , unfortunately the , the , the , the four wheel drive light did come on .

Sad , big , sad .

But we'll figure that out later right now .

We're just gonna break in this , this thing right now .

What do I do in fourth ?

Just kind of like load it up and build some boos .

I need to go a little bit higher in the R PM to get the , tell me when uh make sure you are .

Ok ?

£5 .

It's tough because you're not supposed to do that with brand new brakes .

Let's work on the brakes first .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Let's be the brakes and we're gonna have to , like , slam on a bunch , which I don't really want to do it right now .

So my third year loaded up and like 45 5 .

I see .

Yeah .

Was £8 of , yeah , I want to , I love how much fuel these have on where they make all the , like little pops and over run .

Oh , it's such a tea , Freddie .

About four days .

Not either .

So I think it sounds pretty good .

Ready .

It's gonna sound so cool .

Digs on to and you hear all the flooder .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

It's not like you have six blocks .

Yeah , because it , I do the things emitting flames everywhere .

A big fire .

How do you like the gearing so far ?

It's fine .

Everyone , everyone in the r 34 world just whines about it .

Like it's some giant inconvenience .

I want to tune in .

Now .

Take me to the dino .

Yo , you are cool ups .

We left , right ?

Cool .

I hold that two K so I can reset the E C U .

There's a cop right there .

Rev it up a little bit .

You really need me to .

Yeah .

There you go .

Resin the timing .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I'm really curious what this thing is going to rub out to and make power .

I'll be popped him in .

Like next parody ground should be in .

It depends how much power you make .

I got 55 600 .

It might make power every time .

Sounds so cool .

£10 .

A new record , new version of this .

Uh this is a nice car .

It feels like a brand new car .

I love the car but I'm scared to touch it , to look at it to be around it .

How I feel about my girlfriend .

I'm just kidding .

I'm just kidding .

Am I safe to rub it a little bit past four grand ?

Just out of like excitement and nothing .

God , it sounds sick .

We gotta have Mike film some cush from outside , bro .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

It's sick and that's only six grand , 2500 R PM to go .

It sounds , it sounds like the certain point like in a good way , I like in a sec .

I'm so excited .

Overall .

That was an extremely successful first test of the 34 .

1 thing that I'm really excited to see when we got back .

I took a quick look at the Finns on the valve cover , the breathers and they're knocked up to a catch can right now .

And after we bed the rings in , there's very , very little blow by or vapor or whatever you want to call it coming out of the engine .

So now it's kind of the fun part of just buttoning up lots of little things before it goes to the dino .

A few things I want to address a clutch pedal .

I need to kind of adjust the rod to make sure I over extending it a couple of sensors .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

We're going to play around with the ones going to weld up the intakes .

I have to wire the second stage for the fuel pump .

Joan .

I think I already pinned the E C U .

I just have to hook it up and back .

I got to put a sway bar in the car to the rear refuser back on , align it , charge ac and then probably we'll iron out all that stuff before we get to the dino .

So it kind of has some break in miles from doing that stuff .

But yeah , exciting .

Very , very , very successful first drive .

No leaks felt great .

One off .

Vibrant Titanium Muffler sounded great .

Our hall tech base map .

Massive thanks to tuning fork helping us dial in some the settings ran flawlessly for the first drive .

Those A T P G T X 2060 gen two .

Like I said , it was great .

Felt awesome .

It was which I was really , really , we're going to feel like super laggy with the 26 felt just as good , if not better than stock in terms of rolling in a boost and stuff .

And we haven't even played with a V cam yet and I'm excited to put this fuel system to the test .

Excited to share this with you guys .

I hope you've enjoyed this video .

I was a little bit late .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Make sure you check out the shop and I'll see you soon .


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