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2023-06-14 19:08:40

Mom's LS3 Solstice hits the Dyno!

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What's up guys ?

It's officially New Year's Eve .

We're heading over to the Titan Dino to go to my Mom's Souls as well as the skyline to kind of fill you guys in though .

We had some weird issues with the skyline last night .

We were seeing almost like water on tops of the cylinders whenever we would pull a plug to check it .

Kind of alarming .

The cars always had wet tops of the cylinders .

We don't know if it potentially has a bad head gas and it's pushing some water if it's something else or what's going on with it .

We did a couple .

Nothing is seemingly alarming and I think the car has been doing it the entire time .

Another thing , the plugs were looking kind of weird and like brownish , but I feel like maybe the car sat for a while with water on the cylinders because of that intake manifold to leak before maybe rusted the walls a little bit , which would explain the spark plugs , but doesn't really explain why there's water on top of the cylinder .

So we're still going to bring it to the Dino , see if we can maybe get a little more info there .

But this block has been through a lot and if it's time for it to go by by , it would suck .

But I guess we'll find out today .

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I definitely didn't give this Turbo a fair chance because once Freddy started working on the tune a little bit , I'll show you my boot cage .

We are chilling around 3500 R PM .

I'll start to get on it and it just instantly starts falling and it feels very linear .

Which before I was worried , it was going to be like a light switch .

I mean , even in let's go to sixth gear at 3000 R PM , it's just instantly , as soon as I touch the throttle holding , I think it's going to be a lot better than I thought .

Do you think ?

I think , and I think we may have figured out what that fluid on top of the cylinder was .

It might be fuel .

Do you want to explain the thing you were explaining to me about the injectors ?

Yeah .

So we used a timing gun to sync the E C U timing to the engine and like , oddly it sounded wrong but like I trusted the gun , but then like the enrichment table got messed up .

A lot of tables started acting wrong pretty much .

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So I think the timing was way way off like 2030 degrees retarded , which would fire the injector at the wrong time and it could be like puddling the fuel on the valve and causing it to run off a little bit .

So , maybe what we thought was water is fuel .

This car has always kind of been a pain in the ass when it comes to timing .

It's just always giving us issues if you remember before , we actually had the broken timing gear .

So the timing would walk and wander around , which it's not doing now , but it's just never been an easy thing when you pull out the timing gun .

This car kind of gets mad .

So we'll see .

Yeah .

Yeah .

Yeah .

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Jack , thankfully , Freddie started out by tuning super stances cars like Mike's , they can't squat .

So he knows a little trick .

We're basically having an issue where because my mom's been so hell of flush that when it's strapped down on the dino , it's already getting pulled down and then it squats from all the that she's making it rubs on the tire and creates a smoke storm of buttery rubber .

Goodness .

So we're going to put a jack as basically an anti squat device .

So the car has enough traction through compounds .

So we don't need to have all the squat another day .

She may 400 horsepower .

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Yeah , mom , 400 grand mom offer for you .

A little disappointed .

We're about eight horsepower away from my mom's goal of 420 .

Ever since I was a little kid , she always told me she wanted 420 horsepower and I'm really trying to make her dreams come true .

But I think Freddie has still got a lot of timing left to add into it .

He hasn't really played with the timing at all .

He's just really been adjusting your air fuel ratio .

So I think that there's still a lot of untapped potential left .

So I think we're on the track to getting more horsepower .

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Well , mum , we pass 4 20 you got 4 27 .

We just can't have what we want .

Fred turn it down , what I said , Freddie turn it down less power , less power .

4 24 20 .

So we're already at 427 mom just to clarify mom when we drove it last month .

It was like probably in the low 300 s , it was just super conservative and super safe because we didn't have a chance to put on the note because we had very limited time mom .

So we're looking at a minimum of 100 horsepower more mom .

So I know you didn't think the car is fast before and you were let down by a mom .

So we're going to make it fast enough for you 4 30 at the wheels right now .

Super conservative timing .

No need to push it .

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It does have a 2 , 2.5 inch exhaust from the header back .

So I don't want to put too much timing in it and then everything gets hot because I can't breathe , but it's making really good peak power for such a small camp .

It's a Texas speed stage two .

So it doesn't fall off super hard on a normal L S3 .

Would you see a lot more fall off on a stock cam ?

Yeah , on a stock cam would fall off pretty hard .

So , I'm assuming this kind of like killed a little bit of torque down here , but kind of brought it up back here .

And hopefully , what this will do is if my mom ever stabs a throttle , it will be 75 less torque than a stock cam .

So hopefully she doesn't just blow the wheels off .

That's also why we have ignorant drag radios on it .

Yeah .

So I think it's going to be a lot faster .

You were saying before on the street it's probably less than 3 50 .

Yeah , I didn't have a tuning point on car as we were rushed on time .

But now we should , we should feel a lot better .

Now , I'm excited .

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I think I'm almost more excited to drive this than , but now we're going to get the skyline on and that baby should be .

Look at this .

I always just bashing him on the ground .

Look at that dude .

He's got a mini spark plug vice grip .

I found it in your toolbox .

Really ?

Maybe someone ordered it without you knowing .

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I don't want to sound like a broken record , but just in case you're tuning into this video and you don't know all the little pick ups that we've had with the Skyline .

This new updated version that we are tuning has a G 35 150 coming from the G 37 70 .

We went up a size compressor up a size and frame .

So we have better exhaust flow and can make more power with the bigger compressor size .

On the intake side , we now have the plasma man single throttle intake manifold instead of the ITB adapters to R B 26 plant , which was giving us a lot of issues .

You might see a little bit of game from that .

But the main thing is I wanted to be tuning with my new Neo head that I had built with 272 Keld CAMS .

However , I'm concerned with the oversized valves and the high lift that we could have interference with actually hitting the piston .

So I made the decision not to do that just yet because I didn't want to pull apart a working car and then potentially have issues and need to put this head back on .

So I think that I'm going to build a 208 short block probably using an R B 25 block .

Not a lot of people do it , but you can do it .

And then it will be very similar to the R B 26 block .

It's a lot cheaper .

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So I'll probably build a 208 on the side and get a little crazy with it to use that Neo head and then this will just be kind of a temporary engine for the next couple of months so I can take my time with that .

So today we're just going to tune it , get it running on the new turbo .

I predict that this thing will make well over 800 if we wanted it to .

I'm just curious how much we're going to see the power roll over because before we don't know if it was the product of having a turbo too small of a frame and choking out with the exhaust or the 256 pond cam is really limiting us on how much air we can push through the head .

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So we'll see a and I made 600 on the first hole .

I finally have a power band that doesn't roll over at 5000 R PM .

Look at it .

This is exactly what I wanted super low to .

But the entire time , dude , this is gonna be the thickest graph ever .

This thing is so rad .

I'm so excited .

I bet that was like £18 too .

I made 600 but like how like the graph looks phenomenal .

Do you ever take a picture and show you the police right now ?

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I don't know why you gonna be £27 .

Oh , well , I guess that makes sense then I was like damn for £18 .

That's incredible .

Those , before we're in fourth gear , I think Freddy just does that just so we can dial fuel without putting a lot of extra load and heat in the engine .

But now we're going to go on to fifth gear .

So right off the bat , you'll probably see a jump there because fifth is 1 to 1 and fourth is not .

So typically go up in gear , you'll see like a little bit of a game .

I don't know , 20 wheel , 50 wheel , but that will be the accurate numbers of what it's actually making right now .

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Before we start the previous diamond sessions threshold , we're making about 650 ft pounds at like , I think like 5200 R PM .

Now we're making it a little bit higher on the 6500 region , which is way better for the engine .

We're only making like low 400 to 4 right now .

So we're going to just kind of add boost until we get closer to that threshold .

We go to the drive train and watching all the record of the car we're happening at the third level and I think that's going to put us deep into the seven hundreds for power .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So the next Bull fifth to the fourth and see what it as expected .

We're being super limited .

I think it's the head .

What do you think it is ?

Yeah , it could be the CAMS 2 £56 cans are like miniature compared to the power that we're making .

So we basically shifted deep torque from 5200 to 6200 .

But the trade off for that was a very marginal gain up top before we were making like 400 ft pounds of torque at red line , like 600 horsepower .

So we gained maybe like 30 to 40 wheel at red line and maybe like 20 ft pounds of torque .

Uh just because we're really fighting those uh camera restrictions .

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That's pretty much , is there any little secret sauce left in there ?

Is that pretty much it ?

We let it cool down and I'll try to see if it will take a few more degrees of timing on top .

Yeah , if there's any , there's any games , I'll back it down .

I think that's kind of where we're going to stay at .

The car will drive a lot different though .

I think the power will feel a lot more linear than before where it would kind of hit super hard and roll over .

I think moving the power band up , it will just be a little bit happier in the ranges that we're actually driving the car end up here .

Almost feel like a bigger exhaust pack housing might help a little bit to maintain that .

One other notable thing going up , the compressor size , the car is a lot more efficient .

So before , I mean , it s are always fantastic on this car , we have a really big , vibrant interfere on it .

That doesn't work .

However , with the newer turbo , all those passes , probably 15 to 20 passes .

We haven't seen the i of over 90 F outside .

Right .

Which is like insane for a turbo .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

That's really cool .

Camps have been under 1 80 with all the beating too .

That's , it's crazy going from us feeling like this engine was like K O last night to it actually work really happen if it doesn't consume .

Cool .

Then I , I got the new plan and I got the bigger turbo .

So at the neat they won't judge me based on my turbo size anymore .

So I'm ready .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Are you ready for the first hit ?

Second here ?

Sounds so sick .

It kind of to .

Wow , dude , it feels totally different up to .

Yeah , I like the feeling .

Is it a lot more excitement ?

It sounds like a skyline now .

God , that sick .

Correct .

Yeah .

The no lift shift .

Don't get rid of all the uh what do you call it ?

Like the trains you lack .

It's , it's engaged .

Right ?

So like no lift shift .

I don't think we ever took it off .

I just always get nervous to do it the first time .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

You know , one time I tried the nola shift on a car that didn't have no shift and not my gearbox .

I will try three for you ready .

This is crazy .

Still spending a lot .

Yeah .

It's like spicy .

I think the tire pressure might be a little high .

So I think if I go down , it'll help .

He's just laying down rubber .

I'm ready .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

That's like crazy for that one friend that has a turbo car that just starts to roll in the boot and as soon as the spur just lets off now , we don't tease here on the Aussie F F G channel .

Only four polls .

But I think this really in the dark ones , the sauce give me , give me all the boost .

I give you half the boost .

Give me , give me vacuum and I'll see if we can win .

I pull a , when I do that youtube .

I didn't in the at all though .

I didn't either .

It didn't sound cool .

I definitely like I can feel the lag when I don't know the shit for sure .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I think we just want the fireball right at them as I , it .


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