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What's the difference between artificial grass and turf ?

Well , if you clicked on this video , I'm assuming you don't know the answer to this question , which is why I'm about to explain it .

The main difference mainly comes down to the depth of the plane surface where turf is more of like a rough carpet material that's very , very shallow .

I would almost describe it as like a green sandpaper .

And if you've ever fallen on that type of a plane surface , you know that you get scraped up really badly where artificial grass looks more like real grass and that it's plastic blades of grass .

And typically you'll find either sand or more commonly small rubber pellets scattered throughout the surface .

And this obviously is going to be a surface that has a lot more depth to it , although it will vary from one artificial grass surface to the next think of turf as like the first generation of artificial plane surfaces and official grass as kind of the newer style .

Now that we've established what the difference is , which boots should you wear on turf and which boots should you wear on artificial grass .

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Well , as you can see , I've brought examples if you're playing on turf , you're going to want a turf shoe , which is basically going to be something like this .

There are different variations of basically the same design .

And based on my experience , pretty much every turf outsole feels about the same in regards to over traction .

It's typically made out of a durable rubber material .

And you're going to find these small rubber nubs scattered throughout the entire outsole of the boots very short in length .

And basically they're there as small little teeth just to dig in to the very shallow sandpapery turf surface .

Now , a turf surface typically is going to have a thin layer of sand underneath or just straight up concrete .

If there's sand , it will be a little bit softer .

If it's just concrete , obviously , it will be very , very hard either way , there's really nowhere for studs to dig into a turf surface , which is why you only need these small rubber nubs for adequate traction .

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If you've ever used the boot with studs on a turf surface , you might have found that the traction isn't very good because you're actually hitting the concrete underneath , which is not going to grip well against a studded soul plate .

And you're also going to find that stud pressure can be an issue because again , you're hitting the bottom of a hard surface , you just don't need studs for a shallow surface like turf .

Now , when it comes to artificial grass , you're going to find a lot of variation from one field to the next .

And it has everything to do with the quality of the artificial grass itself where lower quality fields are going to be more shallow and higher quality fields are going to have longer blades of grass and typically more depth mean that they're going to have a softer feel as you're running around either way , just like regular natural grass .

You want studs for optimal traction but not a firm ground stud .

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Not only because it can be a little bit unsafe because artificial grass is a very clingy surface , but also because it's going to tear up your firm ground boots , firm ground boots are made specifically for use on natural grass , both in regards to performance as well as durability .

So when you use an F G boot on artificial grass and they break really quickly , that's the reason why it's not made for that surface .

However , a G stud patterns and soul plates are becoming more and more common .

I have an example here from Nike in the form of the Phantom Venom elite and this is their a G pro soul plate and stud pattern where the soul plate is a thicker plastic than what you would typically see better suited to deal with the harsh surface that is artificial grass , especially during the summer time outdoors , when it can get very , very hot , you'll notice that it has an extended plastic lip around the four ft and toe box area for the sake of durability .

I believe it uses different glues as well .

And then you'll find the studs , this being a Nike specific design , they're similar in length to what you'll find from a lot of firm ground boots .

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But you can see that they are conical in shape and actually hollow through the middle where they have a little bit of flexibility with the objective of this bean to not be overly clingy on an artificial grass surface .

It might sound a little bit weird but having too much grip can actually be dangerous .

And this basically gives you the perfect amount of grip on an artificial grass surface .

And every brand offers something a little bit different .

Adidas and Puma as an example , offer F G A G stud patterns which are more along the lines of a firm ground layout .

But it is something that is designed for use on artificial grass as well , not as good as a true a stud pattern in my opinion , but something that you can get away with from a durability as well as a safety standpoint when it comes to wearing just straight up F G or maybe even soft ground boots on artificial grass .

I would strongly recommend against that especially soft ground .

But the reality is that there are plenty of people that still wear F G boots on artificial grass and seemingly nothing goes wrong .

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I don't want to say that you can't do it because you definitely can , but just realize that you are putting yourself at a higher risk of injury .

And of course , the durability of the boots long term will definitely take a hit .

Also , keep in mind that you can wear turf shoes on an artificial grass plane surface .

The traction won't be as aggressive as a true A G or an F G A G studd pattern .

Of course , because you don't actually have any studs digging in , but you will have adequate traction on an A G surface .

As long as the surface is dry , the surface is wet , then typically turf shoes will be pretty and that ladies and gentlemen pretty much sums up the differences between turf and artificial grass along with the dos and don't , if you guys enjoyed this video , found it helpful and informative , please support it with a like that helps me out tremendously .

And if you are on the market for some turf boots or perhaps some A G boots , there is a link down below in the description to the Super Deals page on my website where you'll find buy it .

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Now links along with exclusive S R for you coupon codes from all kinds of different legitimate online retailers where you can get yourself a bit of a discount on some new boots .

So be sure to go ahead and check that out if you have any questions regarding this topic .

Anything that I talked about in this video , leave it down below in the comments and I'll do my best to get an answer out to you as soon as I possibly can subscribe .

If you haven't already for daily videos on all the latest and greatest soccer gear , you can find all my social media information linked down below in the description as well .

Other than that guys , thank you so much for watching and we'll see you in the next one .


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