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2023-06-14 19:08:32

Watch This Before You Stay at Mandalay Bay _ Delano in Las Vegas! 😍

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Welcome to Mandalay Bay .

Today we booked a regular standard king room with my Vegas .

However , we did the $20 trick and we got upgraded to an elite tower king suite .

A lot of you guys have been asking me over and over and over again to explain the $20 trick in more detail .

So here it is take a 20 you're gonna take a card and your ID , your credit card that you booked with and smoosh it between them like a sandwich .

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When you go up to the counter , they're gonna say hi , how are you be really friendly ?

They're gonna ask for your ID hand it like a sandwich and say if you guys have any upgrades available , that would be amazing .

And then they're gonna look in between take the 20 and they will give you an upgrade theoretically .

Hopefully it worked for us this time .

So we are going to show you around our amazing tower king suite .

When you first enter , there is a pretty sizable foyer .

They also have coffee makers here at Mandalay Bay .

They are a Keurig style and you do have to pay for their cake cups .

However , we have stayed here in the past and brought our own K cups and mugs and you can do it for free .

So a hack for you there .

So , because we are in a suite , you're going to have a seating area .

What I love about this room in particular is that this is totally open floor plan .

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It makes the 700 square feet feel even bigger .

And I'm loving the design and in the formal bedroom area , you do have a desk here , it does face outside to show the windows .

We have a view of like the mountains and the airport , which is really cool and you have the king size bed behind you .

So that is this beautiful room and now we are gonna get ready and go down to the pool , you come in , you but you you guys sorry if the audio is not great .

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We're not allowed to bring the big camera in , but we are here at Mandalay Bay Beach .

This is one of our top five pools in Vegas .

And as you can see , it's insane in here today .

The best thing about it is having real sand , like real beach sand all around the area .

You have a big wave pool , a lazy river and several other smaller pools .

It's a huge pool complex and one of the main reasons why families love coming here inside this pool area is the Delano Pool only for Delano guests .

You do need a Delano room key to come in here .

You're going to find like a quieter atmosphere , a place to put your things , but you still have access to all the bigger area .

Mandalay Bay pool , a little extra feature for you .

OK .

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Here we are at the Lazy River .

As you can see .

Very busy .

No line today though .

Somehow you can bring floats as long as they are like a standard size floaty and as you can see many people are doing so you can also bring your drinks in , which is fun .

True .

A ok .

Just got back from Mandalay Bay Beach .

Honestly , there were so many families there just enjoying the pool all day long .

If you were laying in one of the beach chairs over in the sand , you could totally just hear the waves and it felt like you were at the beach .

It was relaxing and fun , very lively and very full of kids .

Just so you're aware .

But now I think it is time for us to explore the rest of Mandalay Bay .

It is gigantic .

So I'm gonna try really hard to show you all the really important stuff .

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So let's go first things .

First .

Mandalay Bay actually has a separate tower called the Delano .

Delano is actually its own all suite hotel attached here at the casino .

It's just down a short hallway here by Michael Jackson .

One theater just past the sports book .

You have the shops and Mandalay Place here , you're going to find a huge variety of restaurants .

There's shopping .

This is also the inside walkway that connects you to the Lux and Excalibur .

You don't even have to walk outside to get to both of those properties from here .

If you don't feel like walking through the Lux and through Excalibur , don't worry , there's actually a tram .

Mandalay Bay is the farthest down on the strip , but this tram will pop you out right at Excalibur , which is right next to New York , New York .

So you're in a much better location there and you don't have to lose your feet .

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The front of Mandalay Bay is called the Valley of the Falls .

People actually get married out here because it is so beautiful .

The Hacienda used to stand here .

That is until 1999 when Mandalay Bay was opened , the opening festivities included the Blues Brothers and a concert from Bob Dylan Mandalay Bay has a lot of options for fine dining .

You have loophole by Wolfgang Puck for Italian Fleur Oriel for fine French food .

And you also have citizens kitchen , a gas fancy Gastro pub just to name a few .

They've also got Kumi which is Japanese and sushi and they have strip steak , which I hear has fantastic steak .

We have to try that one .

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If you walk all the way down by the convention center , you will find the food court .

It kind of has all the typical MGM food court food .

You got Pan Asian Express , a subway .

Bonano , Johnny Rockets .

Mandalay Bay is a pretty big convention hotel .

They host tons conventions here .

So it makes sense that it's all the way down here .

But it is really far from the hotel right across from the food court is a family friendly activity .

This Shark Reef aquarium , it's a really big aquarium .

As you can see , there's a bunch of people in line for it and it really fits the theme of Mandalay Bay to go see some stingrays and some fishies and some sharks .

Just because I consider this a family friendly option does not mean that it isn't still Vegas and there isn't still a great party scene here .

We're going to finish up our drinks and head over to get some dinner .

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Need to Irish pub inside the shops and manly place .

This is supposed to be as authentic as Irish can get .

We are specifically here for the fish and chips because I hear it's amazing .

Oh , and live music is going to be starting in a little bit here .

We got our fish and chips .

So we're just splitting the fish and chips because it's gigantic .

But we did get some curry fries on the side or curry chips and mushy peas .

And so far the first couple of bites are really good .

Ok .

Wow .

The fish really lived up to expectations .

That was some of the best fish I've ever had .

The batter was crisp and like really light and then the fish on the inside was flaky , but it's like so creamy totally recommend .

Also , we didn't even need those extra fries .

It was so much food .

So just get the fish and chips and split it .

It was awesome .

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Good morning guys .

We are getting ready to go downstairs and have some breakfast .

We're gonna head over to House of Blues .

They are doing some renovating .

So I think we're gonna eat on B side which we've never eaten at before .

Ok .

Made it down to the House of Blues .

We are having the breakfast special that I featured in the cheap eats video .

Mr Ruby went with biscuits and gravy .

So we're gonna enjoy the sandwiches and we will go upstairs and give you our final thoughts , ok ?

Time to give my final thoughts on Mandalay Bay in my videos before I feel like I've mentioned that Mandalay Bay to me is underrated and that we usually stay at this property a lot .

Although normally we stay at Delano and I'm gonna kind of compare those two for you guys in this review .

This is a really , really beautiful room and I really loved the open concept .

The bathroom was amazing .

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The bathtub was amazing .

Everything in here was great .

The pillows were like the softest pillows ever .

A normal room here at Mandalay Bay like a week long average including resort fee should have cost 100 and $18 a night .

So we used a my Vegas comp for this room , meaning that we just went on the my Vegas app , got a king's room and then we came into the $20 trick and got an upgrade .

So we should have spent like around 250 something dollars on this room .

And we only ended up paying the $44 in resort fee and the $20 for the tip .

For comparison , a regular room at Mandala Bay is 100 and 18 .

The Delano regular like suite room for a week average was about 100 and $42 a night .

And that's a suite .

So this suite was a lot more expensive than the Delano Suites .

And I would find them to be honestly , really comparable .

Casino here is really great .

It's huge , like wide open , the ceilings are really tall .

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The games are really , really spread out and like , you're never bumping into anybody .

Even if there's a ton of people in the casino , you're never like on top of other people , there's like plenty of room .

The pool is one of our top four pools in Vegas .

It is just so fun with the full sand beach , the wave pool , the Lazy River .

As I said , how I think that this hotel is very family oriented .

It is a lot of families and kids if you're here for a relaxing stay .

Keep in mind the Delano Pool .

Once again , is only for Delano guests and it's a regular pool and it is much quieter .

There's lots of food options here .

There's like a lot of high end stuff , but they also have that food court and then there's the whole Mandalay Bay shops which I really like eating there .

Ri Raw was so , so good .

The fish was delicious .

I've eaten at the Mexican restaurant , the cantina in there and that was really good .

Anything we've eaten here has always been pretty darn good .

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The pizza place slice of Vegas is great and we always get House of Blues breakfast when we stay here , as I said in the review , even if you're not here with kids night life is still really great here on weekends .

Skyfall lounge is one of my favorites .

Foundation room is really fun and excellent .

The only huge downfall to Mandalay Bay , the only huge downfall is the location .

This is the furthest hotel South Strip now , for those with kids , this is a good thing .

There's not like all those busker on the street and like the slapper card guys and like it , it's just a little bit more quiet .

Obviously , I highly recommend this hotel for families and that's the majority of the people I saw staying here .

We're here during the week .

We're on a Tuesday .

So definitely more families here now .

But that being said , Mr Ruby and I love staying here and we've recommended this place to many of our friends who all really enjoyed it as well .

I would say if you've been to Vegas before and you're looking for a new place to try .

I think Delano Mandalay Bay is a fantastic option .

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If it's your first time in Vegas , you may want to stay more centrally located so you can explore more places .

So , yeah , those are my thoughts overall .

A pretty glowing review .

I've always liked this property .

We stayed here way long before we had a youtube channel and we're gonna keep staying here .

I hope you guys enjoyed this video .

If you did go ahead and give it a thumbs up and if you're not subscribed and you'd like to subscribe to my channel , that would be great .

It would really help me out .

Thank you guys all so much and I will see you all in the next review .


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