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2023-06-14 19:08:20

Ramadan Shopping In Turkey 🌙 Spice Bazaar & Local Markets In Istanbul

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Hi , everyone .

This is a welcome to Turkish food and travel in this episode , we're going to take a look at the preparations for Ramadan on the streets where they shop , how they get prepared shops , the market right now , I'm in the local area where I lived for 10 years .

There is a street called near mall .

It's one of the very local traditional area to buy your Amazon shopping .

So first we're gonna take a look at there and then we will go to the spice bazaar famous in .

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Now let's go , if you can collect fresh grape leaves , I have a video on how you can preserve them .

Check the links .

See .

Yeah .

Mhm .

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It , I do .

Awesome .

Right buddy .

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So we just crossed the famous Malta shopping street .

You saw all kinds of dates people trying to buy in a reasonable price .

It already got high .

Every time you go , it gets more higher .

People still buy it thinking that it's going to be the cheapest price of the year ahead .

She didn't go to gossip .

You have done .

If you sold one when I last came , I made these porches and put it into freezer for these times .

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Got you got you .

It's the next day and we are in eminent in front of the spice bazaar .

It's from 17th century .

If you are coming to Istanbul , one of the first places to visit as a tourist is here also , it's a very local place where you shop for many things like spices , delicacies in Kaku .

Along the bosphorus , they used to buy fish .

It's famous with the fish and bread but from here , so let's begin .

That's , that's one they all got .

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You , you done guys , you , you see many national channels also come here to feel up as you see .

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314.04 --> 378.54

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Um You see , I used to , I , I come here to do nice .

If I would come during Ramadan , I wouldn't be able to taste it .

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It's the last couple of days to taste sugar that I Yeah , after a while , isn't it luxurious ?

It's a historical fountain .

You can just grab taste from the cheeses , olives and then wash your hands here .

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Yeah , that , so you see there are a lot of things for breakfast , the cheeses , olives and one of them is the these dried eggplants and peppers .

It is for making stuffed peppers .

I have the recipe just check for the link .

It's very delicious and flavorful , especially when you make with dried eggplants and peppers .

These are called or sweet .

It has Walnuts in it .

Dip in syrup .

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I cannot talk because of another shop for pickles .

Of course , the tomato and red is , it's fine this drink but we still have drink .

I again have the recipe but if you sell it is very expensive .

It's like 1500 Turkish right now .

But you can buy it from here .

They don't sell outside turkey because it's very less .

You cannot find it to the spice .

In many videos I told you about the spice , especially the peppers .

There are many different kinds of could be be sweet and hot .

Extra hot .

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Too much is sour , especially good for Doma and salads .

This kind of mix .

But I would prefer to buy this one .

I don't go too much with mixes but the plain ones are better .

I think dried mint also very common to use in Turkish cuisine .

This is not , this is more smoke , smoke flavor .

It is used for chi in southern part of they use it a lot but they also have smoked paprika there .

Ok .

Back to the street right now , I can smell the Turkish coffee .

It's a must to buy from here for locals and also for tourism .

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You hear me good .

Not allow , didn't have much time left .

We needed to go back home .

My daughter had an exam so we decided to eat here .

It's a small buckle .

We usually come here when we go to shopping with my mother in law .

My mom , it's an old place for us to stop what you and then we are in .

It's about almost five PM .

I had some shopping .

We can have our dessert .

My daughter wants to have .

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I don't know , she might change it behind me .

You see the mosque here ?

It looks so beautiful .

It's just , it's very shiny .

And behind me there is a famous candy shop .

Very authentic from 19 .

I think they have Turkish delights .

All different kinds of candies cookies .

I don't know what this is .

This one almond paste .

Actually , I have this recipe .

I have the recipe po po we gonna continue to hear .

No .

Yeah , you , this looks very appealing but it's not traditional .

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My name is like now he's thank you .

The sweet shop was very crowded .

So we decided to come here to eat in open air with the sand of the sea .

It's been a long time .

I haven't tried .

He's very crunchy but not that much .

It would have been nice to have some tea before we leave , but it's already almost 5 30 .

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I'm going to do my afternoon prayer and then head back home .

It's going to take probably another two hours with the traffic .

So I have to go .

Ok , I am at train station .

I hope you enjoyed two days with me .

I tried to show the excitement of Istanbul how people shop for Ramadan , how excited people are , write down in your comments , how it is where you live .

In Pakistan , India , in Europe , United States , Ramadan is going to be everywhere the world .

So just write down , what do you do ?

What's the difference ?

What do you buy special for this month ?

And how do you plan to observe it ?

Stay tuned for the special recipes during Ramadan .

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I'm going to share , I have many menus for Iftar .

Please do check them from my archive .

I shared many already and we'll be sharing new ones and stay tuned .

See you next time .


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