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2023-07-27 17:51:22

The All-new Safari is right around the corner _ #ReclaimYourLife

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It is my pleasure to welcome you this evening .

Today we celebrate our nation's 72nd Republic day at Tata Motors .

We are also celebrating the 75th year of our operations and there is no better way to do so than by bringing back our iconic safari .

It's our way of reintroducing India to the jewel that pioneered the SUV culture and is now back to re energize the market in its new after the safari is a potent combination of power , elegant sophistication offers an unmatchable combo of exceptionally strong lineage , robust build , quality , premium finishes and let's not forget the four pieces , power performance presence and prestige without any further ado , I now invite Prathap to tell us more about the design story behind the new safari over to you .

Thanks to uh I have friends of the media .

Uh I couldn't be with you all today .

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Of course , we can't be together face to face , but I join you from our global design studio .

You know , the safari uh for me is a very personal story when I was doing a summer internship in 1994 at Tata Motors Telco .

Uh When I was studying design .

That was when the original safari was being designed .

When I joined the company in 2008 , my first project was The Storm .

And you know , today we present to you the design story and we present you the all new safari .

So it's a moment of great pride personally for me , but also for the rest of the global design team , the safari has always stood for for four main things .

Uh power , prestige , performance and presence and presence is something that that design really helps establish in all the generations of the safari .

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And the new one is no different building on the incredibly capable Omega Arc platform .

We bring in our impact 2.0 design philosophy which people have come to love , appreciate .

It's won many awards .

It's really brought us onto , onto the map , so as to speak .

So combining the pedigree of the Omega arc and the impact of impact 2.0 design , we started designing the new safari .

It's always a a moment of excitement , but also responsibility .

When you redesign an icon , a legend and a legend is , is an idea .

You know , the power of a legend is the power of its idea what it truly represents .

And I think the new safari really lives up to its legendary status .

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It does everything that the original did , but it brings it into a new , new era , a new interpretation for the evolved customer , those who like to , to , to seek adventure , adventure in their daily lives , you know , and , and they like to do things together in groups , so like minded people who like to get out together , you know .

So this is what the new safari truly represents .

Now , let me take you through some of the the layers of , of the safaris .

So let's start with the front view as you know , in Tara Motta's design , we are all about strength without aggression .

So the front view is actually the face of the car .

It's very important in how it's perceived .

The front view is extremely powerful but it is never aggressive .

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The face of the car is reassuring , it promises you a certain performance and that's what it does through its design , this imposing grill , this high bonnet which is sculpted , very strong bumpers , very , very strong down the road , graphic instantly recognizable when we go to the side view .

Of course , this is where you know the characteristic and the DNA of the original really comes into play .

The strong wheel arches which promises the ability the architecture inherently has the stepped roof line is in itself an iconic and of course the rear three quarter glass again linked to an interior story .

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When we moved to the rear , the safari had this tall tailgate which gave access to the interior from the back to throw in anything that you want to .

It really promises that unlimited storage ability we have this coast to coast edge to edge , you know , lighting element which balances the height and makes the car look a lot wider , a lot , lot more planted in that rear view .

Of course , the twin tip exhausts also are a nod to the power of this vehicle .

You know , as far as the exterior goes , we've kept it really simple , but we moved it on to another level building on the DNA , not copying the part .

So let's talk about the interior .

That's where the actual strength of our architecture and the safari really comes into its own .

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The three rows of seating are unique .

We have a stadium effect in all three rows .

This means that in whichever row you are sitting , you have a sense of space , your vision is unobstructed and you are able to really appreciate the , you know , the non claustrophobic nature of our interior .

This is of course , helped with the fact that we've gone for this brand new oyster white material for our seating and for the door trims , we also have this beautiful ashwood finish on the instrument panel again in this wing like insert which goes edge to edge , really widening the car , giving you that sense of occasion , that sense of space , this is the best six or seven seats on four wheels .

So you know , that is in effect our interior and color material finish story .

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So thank you for being with us today and now I hand over to my colleague Mohan Saar who will take you through some more details of this incredible new safari .

Thank you for that .

Ladies and gentlemen , as we all know , Data Motors has in many ways defined the S U V culture in India with iconic products over the last two decades .

And our S U V s are known for a certain DNA , first and foremost that our S U V s have attractive proportions and deliver exhilarating performance .

They are also known for their comfort , superior ride and handling .

They always provide a new benchmark in terms of robust build , quality and durability .

Safari has always been known for its powerful stance , unmatched performance and effortless ability .

When we started this project , we wanted to make certain that Tata Motors continues to dominate the S U V space by building on the S U V DNA .

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We began by giving the team a set of challenges to make sure that the new safari came out true to its legacy and iconic stature for the new flagship .

We wanted to deliver stunning design , luxurious comfort for passengers in all three rows and take a quantum leap in perceived quality for the discerning customer .

With this in mind , we defined five pillars that would help us deliver our product aspirations .

I will take you through them one by one to begin with T M L has a strong S U V lineage starting from the days of Sierra to continue the dominance .

We decided to settle for nothing less than the gold standard of S U V platforms .

We started with proven architectural heritage of the J R D A platform for conceptualizing the Omega architecture and then developed the all new safari on it .

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We made extensive use of high steel for efficiently designed crumble zones to achieve to stiffness and stability attributes that are required for true S U V character .

The safari is also modular enough to accommodate future technologies for comfort and superior ride .

The new Safari is provided with massive 18 inch wheels with a lot of rubber .

We have carried over the D eight front suspension design as it offers excellent dynamics and a stable ride over varying terrain .

The twist blade design from Lotus engineering has been retuned to provide superior passenger comfort .

We provide sumptuous roominess in all three rows .

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We have paid due attention to detail including an additional air conditioning unit , conto cushions , optimal chair height , a stepped roof and ample utility places for storage for providing exhilarating performance .

The power comes from a 1 70 horsepower diesel engine and a six speed to and motor that is tuned to deliver the perfect combination of powerful pickup and performance in both city and highway driving conditions .

It also offers precise gear shifts and refinements .

We have provided multi drive modes , eco city and sports .

In addition E S P terrain response modes , normal , rough and wet help to take on all kinds of driving conditions .

The new Safari delivers superior acceleration has class leading high speed drive ability as well as superior , low and ability for achieving the next level of fitness .

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We have taken inputs from discerning customers and opinion makers in terms of aesthetics , fits and finishes , materials , N BS , refinement and comfort .

Going ahead to make sure that the design and engineering was delivered in line with our aspirations .

We have taken up a deeper level of dimensional variability analysis , D F M E A and higher product specifications .

We have also ratcheted up the test standards and validation processes to make sure that the new safari maintains its level of refinement throughout its life .

In the product development process , we have leveraged global strategic supplier base to ensure that the materials and processes are state of the art for product maturation .

We have taken the new safari through the blue buck and E cube qualification processes coming to manufacturing to ensure a consistent quality and premium field .

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We have adopted the J L R build process for the B I W .

High levels of automation help us ensure precise builds .

We have installed adequate level of inspection and control using geometric pallets and in line gauging further to make sure that the safari is fully fit for Indian driving conditions and the Indian environment .

We have extensively tested for everyday use and for the toughest terrains throughout India in all weather conditions from minus 10 to plus 50 C .

We have also taken it to the highest points in India including the Kala .

The safari has been tested at 1 40 kilometers per hour for thousands of kilometers during validation .

We have ensured that the gate shifts are done at max power to strain the engine and drive train even more .

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The safari has also been tested through high humidity conditions in South India to make sure that the vehicle performs in all kinds of conditions .

All this has ensured us a perfect product in the all new safari that we are bringing to you today .

With this I hand over to Vivek to showcase the highlights of the all new safari over to you .

Thank you .

Good evening .

Once again to all my friends from the media and a very warm welcome to customers from across the world .

My media friends have repeatedly said that India is a U V country , the high seating ability to see more than five people in comfort to manage suddenly varying road conditions makes the S U V body style more suited for Indian driving conditions .

Indian customers are taking to the S U V category faster than ever .

The S U V market has been growing consistently for a long time now and maturing as well .

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Newer sub segments are developing with different usage patterns emerging and it is important to know that every single sub segment of the SUV category is growing S U V s have grown from just about 8% in financial year , 2001 to over 26% last year .

And in terms of numbers , the S U V category is grown from 54,000 units a year , 20 years back to over seven lac units last year .

As the market matures what an S U V means to a customer and the perception that it evokes has changed dramatically .

S U V s have become more accessible to a wider range of customers and it has moved from an elite niche to a proper mainstream category .

The traditional perception of a tall heavy fuel guzzling difficult to drive expensive to maintain body on frame .

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Suvs of the past are being very quickly replaced by suvs built on mono coc structures .

Today , we have S U V s of all sizes from below four m to beyond five m .

Most importantly , S U V S deliver key customer benefits of high ground clearance , comfortable and very usable space , higher power and torque and the ability to take on most challenges of normal usage in India , S U V s increasingly deliver a superior balance of ride handling , space features , power and cost of maintenance .

Most importantly , S U V s still deliver the pride of ownership much higher than most other categories to the customer .

Talking of changing customer behavior , our lives have seen permanent changes across all areas due to the pandemic , meeting , family and friends has become the most sought after and desired activity .

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Increasingly driving getaways with a group of people has become the safest most practical and most preferred kind of vacation .

Hence having a safe , comfortable powerful feature packed car capable of accommodating more than five people has become a necessity .

With this context , it is the best time to bring to the market , a safe , powerful and prestigious SUV .

It is the best time to bring back an iconic U V , an iconic brand and a very liberating brand promise .

It is a great time for customers to gain back control and to reclaim their lives .

It's time to welcome the safari back onto Indian roads .

The safari was the S U V that introduced the S U V lifestyle to India .

Safari is a flagship of our new forever range of Tata Motors .

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It exemplifies every pillar of the brand design , driving pleasure , safety connectivity and prestige design has been at the forefront of Tata Motors resurgence in the market .

New car buyer survey shows that Indian customers have increasingly rated good looking and well designed cars as the top reason to buy with the impact design 2.2 , Tata Motors has the most synergize design language and with the safari impact design goes to its pinnacle , the dominating stance of the safari creates a stunning impact .

Rivaling SUVs even from higher segments , the stepped roof , the premium grill , the imposing tailgate and the large 18 inch alloys create a towering and majestic stance from any angle .

The interiors of the safari are super premium .

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Ashwood dashboard delivers an ambience of opulence and sophistication paired with the oyster white color theme .

The spacious and uncompromised space with three rows of stadium style seating , deliver luxurious seating for six or seven passengers at Tata Motors .

We are focused on delivering reassuring ride and handling to each of our products to deliver an enjoyable drive , whichever segment they are in the safari as a flagship delivers a new benchmark of ability and handling .

The proven and powerful 170 P S cryo tech engine has been consistently appreciated for its smooth and eager power delivery .

Safari carries forward the Tata Motors DNA of multi drive modes and it is further paired with the advanced E S P based terrain response modes .

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This ensure that our customers can choose where and how they would like to drive their safari and drive maximum driving pleasure .

Tata Motors has taken the lead in making the safest cars more accessible to Indian customers .

Safari carries forward Tata Motors commitment to safety with safety being built inside out .

As you all know , Safari is a second product on the Omega architecture derived from the legendary D eight architecture from land rover .

It has been proven for safety across the world or perhaps the toughest terrains known to exist .

Modern mono construction with high strength steel is the direction most S U V s are moving towards with six airbags .

This breaks all over tire pressure monitoring system , auto dimming I R V M cornering fog lamps and sea iso fix anchor emphasize continuous safety throughout every drive .

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The safari introduces electric parking brake to our portfolio with a very wide range of convenience and safety features to our customers .

We believe that perhaps this will be the highest used , most important and convenient safety feature on a day to day basis .

At Tata Motors , we strongly believed that electronic stability program is extremely important for crash avoidance .

We have provided E S P to our compact S U V , the Exxon and the E S P version in the safari is most advanced and versatile delivering 14 different functionalities that aids and crash avoidance providing a blanket safety across a wide range of terrain and situations on the road infotainment has been a pillar for Tata Motors for the last few years .

We introduced high quality branded audio and took the game forward with a connected car pack made specifically for Indian usage pattern .

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Ira connected for India and it is now time to introduce Ira to our Omega arc products .

Ira brings a wide range of extremely useful safety Gamification and vehicle diagnostic oriented features to the safari safari being a flagship product , delivering high quality comfort and a sense of pride and prestige was high priority .

Starting with the luxurious captain seats with stadium style seating and the option of a six or seven seater .

Safari offers high flexibility for a comfortable drive in any conditions .

At its core , Safari has been designed to deliver great comfort to six or seven passengers , which means that the third row is not a compromise .

A lot of thought has gone to deliver the best possible comfort space and convenience in the third room .

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Not only have we released the best possible space .

The third row seats are also designed to provide best possible seating configuration like floor to seat height , third row legroom , thigh support and a large recline angle to the back rest to provide seating comfort for long distances , focus convenience features like dedicated USB port cup holders , a dedicated ac unit with controller , a large glass area to provide a feeling of space to the third row .

The modular boot space takes the versatility of the safari to the next level .

The nine different modes of seating configuration makes the safari well suited for all your needs .

Be it your family drive a business trip or a weekend camping trip .

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Safari comes with the widest in segment panoramic sunroof with safety features like global closure , rain sensing closure and anti pinch functionality .

Additionally , safari offers a special boss mode releasing spacious leg room in the second row over long distances with just the touch of a lever mood lighting adds to the perfect ambience during your night drives .

The safari offers intelligently designed cubby holes to carry all your essentials everywhere .

Let us now look at the variant walk to begin with .

The base X C variant is fully packed .

It offers dual airbags and electronic stability program along with hill hole control and all over mitigation .

This breaks all over make it a well rounded package multi drive modes and touchscreen music system starts from the X M variant .

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On words in the XT variant , we offer IRA connectivity R 18 alloy wheels , fully automatic climate control .

And it also comes with an option of a panoramic sun roof .

The top of the line exit variant offers Xenon H ID , headlamps , terrain response modes , six airbags , electronic parking brake with auto hold 8.8 inch touchscreen entertainment with the nine JB L speakers and a oofa power driver seat , diamond cut 18 inch alloy wheels .

And it comes with an option of a panoramic sunroof .

Let us now look at what the new safari looks like .

Can we have the A B please ?

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1854.81 --> 1920.43

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Customers can check out the safari on our augmented reality platform on our website from the convenience of their mobile devices to my dear media friends , wishing you an enjoyable and safe driving experience over the next few days .

Looking forward to meeting you soon , get ready to reclaim your life .


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