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2023-06-14 19:08:05

Famous Turkish Cake You Can Easily Make In A Pan - Mole Cake 'Köstebek Pasta'

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Hi , everyone .

This is I have an exciting chocolate cake recipe to share with you .

It is one of the famous cake recipes in turkey in the last decade .

Pasta .

In classic form , it is dome shaped cake with cream filling .

Then it became a small individual size cake and even commercially sold as cake mix .

I'm going to show you the easiest version .

It is topped with chocolate cake .

Crumbs has whipped cream and homemade pudding in the middle along with banana slices and to moisten the cake .

I drizzled raspberry jam flavored milk .

I served it to my sister and her family when they came for dinner and it was a hit .

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So let's make it in the mixing bowl .

I'm whisking four eggs at room temperature along with one cup of sugar .

Meanwhile , I'm gonna sift my dry ingredients here .

I'm scaling one cup of flour , but I added two heaped tablespoon corn starch to make it more melt in the mouth texture .

And its three heaped tablespoon cocoa powder and one pack 2.5 teaspoon baking powder and vanilla powder or extract just sift everything until there is no lamp left and sift one cup more flour .

We can always add a little bit , 12 tablespoon more if needed .

My eggs and sugar mixture are fluffy .

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I about 34 minutes .

And now adding half cup vegetable oil along with 3/4 of a cup milk and the dry ingredients , you can alternately add a little bit of milk and then from the dry ingredients .

So it mix up more easily .

The oven is heated to 170 Celsius degree .

Well , actually I was baking a spinach in it for my guests .

At that time .

You can watch from the link the whole episode how I prepared my dinner for them .

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My pant size is about 40 to 27 centimeters and it goes to the oven for about 25 30 minutes .

It springs back nicely cooked .

And while it's cooling , I'm quickly preparing my homemade pudding .

I have one egg added half cup , plus one tablespoon , hepped sugar , two heaped tablespoon corn starch and two heaped tablespoons flour along with first one cup , whole milk whisk everything until it is smooth , add one cup more whole milk and two in a low medium heat .

This skin continuously until it thickens .

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So here how we're gonna shape our cake using a regular spoon .

I'm gonna cut out from the middle about half way of the cake inside a bowl .

We are making a vow and going to put our ingredients in it and then cover it back it .

The leftover cake that we gonna crumble in the food processor here .

My husband was asking me , you made all the cake and then now you're messing it up .

Why ?

I said I'm gonna feel the cake and to moisten our cake .

I'm gonna drizzle milk .

I just wanted to give an extra flavor and use raspberry jam marmalade .

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And here is my putting it down .

It's gonna cool down a little bit and just easily process the leftover cake to make crumble .

You can also do it by hand or just chop it .

But with a food processor , it's perfectly crumbled in no time next to banana layers , just generously feel , cover the cake and as an extra flavor , I wanted to use some cherries from the freezer and then top it with the homemade pudding over the homemade pudding .

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Here comes the whipped cream to make it in turkey .

We use cream chatila powder .

You just whisk it with cold milk , but it would be better if you whisk regular heavy cream .

And again to give some more flavor .

First , I added some raspberry jam , mix it gently and then top it with the crumbled leftover cocoa cake before I finish decorating and serving my cake .

Let me quickly show you another my favorite dessert from new modern recipes in Turkey Palace pudding .

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Again , using similar ingredients , you prepare a homemade pudding and then while it is still hot , you pour it into glasses after it is cool time , you can easily take it out like this , cut into two and roll the sides either in coconut flakes or hazelnuts , spread a garage on top and it becomes a lovely dessert to enjoy with your loved ones .

I'm adding the link for you .

Make sure to check in the description box below and the corners to the pasta cake to decorate .

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I marked the places that I'm gonna cut van serving and then decorate it with some more frozen cherries , sprinkled some ground pistachios on the side of the cherries and place a couple of bittersweet chocolate pieces .

As I said earlier , I need it for my guests , but I had to show you how it looks .

So here it is .

It's a perfect company for your afternoon tea or coffee .

So make sure to give it a try and share your comments with me .

You can share your photos from my Instagram account .

Turkish food and travel .

Thanks for watching .

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I hope to see you in another delicious Turkish food recipes and travel vlogs .


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