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2023-06-14 19:07:38

BMW M2 Competition vs BMW M2 LCi _ Detailed comparison + Exhaust battle _ M2 buyer's guide!

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What's up everyone ?

Welcome back to the channel and welcome to another M two competition video .

As you probably know by now , if you've watched my review of this car from last week , I'm looking to buy one of these .

And because when doing my research , I couldn't find a list of all the differences between the M two L C and M two competition .

I've decided to make one myself .

So without further ado here , a comprehensive list of all the changes brought by the M two competition , we're gonna talk exterior design , power train changes , interior upgrades and finally , we're gonna do an exhaust battle between the two cars .

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So what's changed design wise on the new BMW M two competition ?

Well , first off , we have a new front grill , it's more angular , it's unified here in the middle and it's blacked out as all the other elements throughout the car .

The exhaust tips the M two badges on the side .

Another change up front is the lower part of the front bumper which has been squeezed a little bit .

And now you can see all the extra cooling that's needed for what under the bonnet more on that a bit later .

Next , we have new wheel designs , not these ones , these are the winter tires for this specific press car and you have the wing mirrors which finally had the iconic M shape to be precise .

You can choose between three alloy wheel designs for the M two competition depending on the market .

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Of course , in Sweden , the car comes as standard with the exclusive 788 wheels for the competition .

But you can also opt for the O G M two wheels at no extra cost for €250 more .

You can get the 788 wheels again .

But in black this time , this particular car is equipped with a standard M two brakes , but the competition can be specked with M sport brakes .

I E the ones with the silver color that gets you 400 millimeter brake disc at the front and 380 at the back .

Basically , these are the same as the M performers brakes that you can retrofit to any M two .

While the upsides of having bigger brakes on a performer car are obvious there's a few downsides as well .

First , they are an optional extra so they'll set you back around €1500 .

Then there's the fact that there are 15 K heavier than the stock kit .

And lastly , you won't be able to fit 18 inch alloys for your winter .

Set up .

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The empty competition has gained two color options , but also lost one gone is the old mineral gray color and in is the quite cool Hockenheim silver .

And this awesome , in my opinion , Sunset orange , not to be confused with the Valencia orange of the fabulous one M coupe in the back .

Like I said , the exhaust tips are painted black , but that's kind of it .

The rest of the car exterior wise is identical to the M two face lift .

Now , let's see what's under the bonnet .

So under the bonnet , you can find the biggest change that's been done to the M two competition , which is the fact that it received a new engine .

Well , not exactly new , it's new for the M two .

This is the same engine that the M three and M four have .

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It's a three liter six cylinder petrol unit , but it has two turbos , it can produce 410 horsepower and five 150 Newton meters of torque .

So that's 40 more horsepower than the old car .

But that doesn't really do too much because this engine along with the cooling has brought in extra weight .

So they kind of balance each other out .

But another important thing that was lifted from the M three and M four and put onto the M two competition is this wonderful carbon fiber strike bra and this has a massive effect on reducing body flex when cornering .

But these are basically the changes on the outside and underneath the skin for the new M two competition .

Now it's time to jump inside because I'm freezing out here so I can show you what's changed in there .

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But before you do that there's one small detail , I'd like to tell you unlike what you may have heard in other reviews of the M two competition .

This car features the same suspension system as my old BMW M two face lift bmw's engineers only tweaked the power steering , the active M different and the traction control of the car through software , but that's it .

No mechanical changes have been done to the car .

So the interior of the M two competition , what's new ?

Well , first off these awesome seats , they are very comfortable .

They look great .

They have accents all over the place .

This car for some reason has a blue exterior but an orange stitching on the seats .

I don't know who spec this car , but it's definitely wrong .

But don't worry , you can have these seats with either these orange accents or with the blue ones .

They also have an illuminated M two logo on them .

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Some Alcantar on the sides and yeah , like I've said , they're much welcomed addition to the M two .

Now up front over here , the dials have M two competition specific fonts .

Not a huge deal but it's new .

Then you have a red starter button .

And finally BMW came to in census and introduced the M drive modes for the M two as well .

What are those you ask ?

Well , first let me go back to my old M two face lift , which basically had the same exact driving modes as any other BMW .

You would have comfort sport and sport plus , right , while all other M cars had individual settings for all the areas of the car , you could set the throw response of the engine , you could individually set the weight of the steering wheel and how stiff you want wanted the suspension to be .

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Well , finally BMW brought that to the M two except for the suspension tweaking part because you probably know by now .

But the M two doesn't have an adaptive suspension system .

So there you go , you only have two settings here , one for the steering and one for the response .

And another cool feature specific for M cars that the M two face lift didn't have are these two buttons on the steering wheel and each of these two buttons holds a specific configuration between the settings I just previously mentioned .

So for example , if I go into the I drive many of the car and select M drive one configuration , I can individually set the DSC mode , the engine's response , the steering weight and the transmission mode , you can set all of that , save it .

And then later on when you press M one , all of those settings are going to come into play .

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Same goes for the M two button , you can choose a different combination and then you just press that one and it switches immediately to all the settings that you have stored into M two .

So for example , I use M one for daily driving .

I set the gearbox ferocity to half two out of three to be more precise .

And I set the engine to efficient and the steering to comfort .

That's basically the perfect setting for me to daily drive this car around town .

And then on the M two button , I've set every setting to its sportiest one .

And then I turn the traction control to MDM mode .

And then when you're driving along , you can quickly go from a relaxing car to drive to a very ferocious one by just clicking a button .

A few things I forgot to mention when recording this video .

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And these are one , the fact that the traction control system has been upgraded , it's now less intrusive and it allows lots more rear play before it kicks in , especially in .

Then there is the fact that the two competition finally comes with parking sensors in the back and in the front along with the button to quickly turn them off .

And last but not least you now have two trim options .

This carbon one that the O G M two also had , but with the addition of a piano black one .

So that's it .

These are all the changes that the M two competition went through .

And even though this car looks quite similar to my old face lift car .

It's a totally different beast .

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Mm So which of the two do you think ?

Sounds best .

Let me know in the comments section down below .

I hope you guys enjoyed this video and I also hope it helps future M two competition customers to know all the details before they decide to buy one or not .

But that's been it for today .

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My friends , please give this video a thumbs up and make sure you subscribe for plenty more videos to come and until next time , take good care of yourself and I'll see you around .


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