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2023-06-14 19:07:23

GUY KICKS TRUCK FOR DOING BURNOUTS! (October Truck Madness 2021)!

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What's up guys cross here today and we were at October Truck madness here .

The last one everyone told me this was going to be crazy .

I'll tell you what's crazy .

We just waited like an hour and a half in line to go watch a bunch of trucks do burnouts and stuff like that crazy .

But we have crazy bed mounted exhaust over here .

And then we got this man over here who is taking the liberty to name his truck a very fitting name .

Maybe , maybe not .

He got the ram A K A the milk patrol , but we're here at park .

Uh , not many events here left since they close in next May .

So let's get to it .

Hopefully , we get to see some came on to and , uh , let's get to it .

A little red lightning looking good side pipes .

I particularly like this little lighting looks like he's been repainted in the candy red .

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I like this guys , I suppose this is one of the fast guys out here interco , so definitely some sort of power at a little tire in the back and of course , the bumper , look at the paint on this thing .

Man .

That's crazy .

The dunk twin turbo , the Holly Low Ram and everything thing is nuts .

We got another booty spy boy over here with his bum and what the fuck I need to do it .

Alrighty .

And then this is a a very large turbo that's not , of course I appreciate you sir .

I appreciate it .

So all the fast guys are right here .

We got this guy , he got the hood exit over here .

They're all on their bow guards looking crazy .

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I tell you that you like the hood exit or you like the uh , bumper exits over there .

There are some fast truck here today .

What the hell ?

It's Interco is in the trunk .

I'm not familiar with truck build , man .

Someone's going to have to explain this one to me .

Oh my God , what the heck .

That's crazy .

I like the drag pack on this one a whole lot .

He's got the bumper exits as well and nice sizable little single turbo it looks like .

Yes , sir .

That's , that's a big turbo , that's , that's about the size of my head boys .

So the phrase is don't trust a Houston truck or don't race a Houston truck or something because look how many massive turbo Silverado they are just in this one event .

That's nuts .

We got over here the full on race truck with the slicks in the back .

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Oh my God , you see them exits up there .

She a lightning over here and a really nice color with some crazy deep dish wheels .

Good Lord .

Those are deep dish .

Got a little color matched cover over it .

Take a look under your stock supercharger .

Yeah , it looks like a stock super charger on that 5.4 but this super charger is making an absolutely glorious noise .

This man's license plate just did a gender reveal burn out over there .

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That didn't sound good .

Sound like you broke something .

Where's that ?

I , we paid $40 to come watch them do this .

So you don't have to .

Yo , shit is broken .

Hey .

Oh car .

Wait was all that smoke from one tire .

Impressive .

Oh yeah , this is teamwork .

Making the dream work out here .

He comes limping down the road with this tire wiring and still scraping that fender up .

Oh my God .

No , it's , it's cracked .

Holy shit on .

They got the boys in there .

What the hell is going on over here ?

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I don't hear anything .

Are they doing a silent burnout or is this shit broken ?

It's that mama someone's doing to burn out their V six over there .

We're doing donuts down there .

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What the hell man ?

You wanna go down here ?

This is hilarious to me , bro .

There we go .

There we go .

We got him rolling .

What ?

Alright boys .

What the fuck is going on here ?

You OK , brother .

No , you , he admits it .

There's that this is the burnout happening over yonder .

The boys are up in front of us .

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What the hell is happening , bro ?

All it takes is one .

What the fuck ?

Hold on .

Someone's burnouts off .

There we go .

Sorry my leg , they put it out , we go .

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No , only one S V six K .

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Oh my God , someone's doing , someone's doing the most down there .

Wait .

Is this a twin turbo ?

Fuck it like that's a chick .

Don't get me wrong .

But what the fuck is this ?

Ok ?

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Oh my God .

Here we go .

Finally a dodge representing out here .

God .

That thing's crazy .

Oh my God .

Oh There we go .

Let's get it .

Oh Yeah , this dude , this dude back there just slowly .

Appreciate it , man .

Hell are you doing ?

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We got the lighting on the big wheels , the deep dishes .

Let's see it on the Lambo .

Slack on them on real quick .

What the hell is ?

Thank you .

Oh my God brother .

Time for father to pass the torch to son for the burnouts .

Yeah .

If he disowns you , I'll adopt you .

You there's a random Lambo and oh yeah , right .

This dude you are , you must be freaking out .

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The lace of the play game is very strong .

The poor Lambo guy , dude .

Oh my God .

I think it's sick a little bit of love .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

That color is really nice too , right ?

Oh my God , bro .

Put the whole damn squad in the back .

Let me get what y'all are telling people the boys out here .

No .

Yes , sir .

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But you want to see the beat be immortalized in history forever .

We're gonna get the big birds for the new one .

Hey , you're the only dude out here with the Nebraska play .

You got to represent for your home state .

You got .

Is it pro charge ?

What head unit do you want ?

How much power to make like 7 58 108 50 .

Fuck .

Yeah .

Do it over down here in my blood .

Oh got you .

Got you pro charts .

R CS B .

You love to see him .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Yeah , I just wanted to hear the pro charger .

Whoosh .

Yes .

For the kids .

Boys doing a grass burnout over but the pro charges to burn out brother there smoking this much on grass .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

He just slowly roasted him off .

Oh my God .

This is like the slowest burnout I've ever seen .

Yeah .

Oh my goodness .

Hello .

You are so precious .

Oh my goodness .

Hello .

Hello ?

You smell my puppy .

You smell my puppy ?

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I see right there .

He went to the water hole .

What a miss .

What happened ?

I know .

Can you send it to me winning jump ?

I said no light a fire .

Right .

Right .

Yeah .

Yeah .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Pretty good thanks .

Hey , she's home .

Your kids tell how is it town ?

Yeah .

Don't you ?

Why ?

I wonder what's going on ?

Oh my God .

That's a burnout cloud over there .

Jesus .

I look at this puppy .

Can I get your dog on video , bro ?

Yeah .

Hi , puppy .

Hello ?

Oh my goodness .

That's it .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

It's like a single cab like 5500 on four G autos .

What the hell he burned out and hit the trash can .

Barney .

The race truck that painted super sparkly , I think craziest custom everything award goes to this thing today .

This paint is nuts .

The fact that they have literally done everything .

The pink for G logo , the same pearl brake calipers with the rose gold wheels inside the headlights is pink .

The grill is pink , the bad is pink .

The inside is two tone pink .

The amount of customer on this is nuts , guys .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Hope you enjoyed today's video at October Truck madness for the first and only time we counted , we paid 40 bucks basically when people do burnouts and there were some pretty tall burnouts .

What time are fires here and there ?

But that's what we call , burn out you .

But anyway , hopefully you enjoyed today's video .

Let me know what your favorite car was in .

The .

Blow over , shot across 20 get your shirt jacket , hat , whatever channel , I'll catch you guys .


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