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2023-06-14 19:07:10

Yearly Grocery Haul in Juneau Alaska _ Traveling in Rural Alaska _ Costco Haul _ Weekly Vlog

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Oh , oh no .

Are you helping dad with the chair morning ?

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Well , the thing that we , oh , sure .

I exciting news here for me .

Um , so a few weeks ago , probably like a month ago now , Cake had its first outbreak of COVID and it was right when I had planned to leave town .

So , um , we're trying again .

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My mom is here and so she's gonna be watching Bonnie while Joe's at work and then daddy will be around when he's done with work and then , um , I'm gonna be going to Juno baby .

But if you can see that fog out there , they're sending a plane but it got , uh , it was on hold .

So I wasn't sure they called this morning and said it was on hold .

So I didn't know if I was gonna be able to go out today , but I'll be able to show you all my adventures in June and it's gonna be the first time I am leaving .

Miss .

So I'm a little nervous , I'm gonna miss you .

It will be just fine .

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My mom that you , you , I can't believe I'm gonna leave this little baby mama's gonna cry on the airplane .

Yeah .

Where's the airplane ?

Monkey ?

Mama just saw one where to go and just play mama .

We'll take good care of .

You .

Come to sleep , baby .

You heard the airplane ?

Where is it ?

I see .

No , I don't .

I hear it .

Oh , I see it .

Oh , yeah .

No , I see it .

Looking up too high .

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It is my airplane .

I'll be flying .

I was on because a fog .

But look at how pretty it is .

Once you get up above the fog , it's pretty .

All right .

Are you ready to go on the airplane ?

Your mommy , mommy .

So mommy get me .

Yeah , thank you .

I'm gonna miss you so much .

Oh , get done .

And she's up .

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So they already redid this part of the airport and now they're working on this part over here .

I made it to , you know , hm .

Wasn't sure for a minute but we're here and I'm waiting for an Uber to pick me up .

I'm gonna go to a , um , friend who's out of town .

They're letting us stay at her house and use her car .

So I'm gonna take a Uber to her house and then figure out where I'm gonna go shopping first .

Right .

Here's the big one .

We're at Costco .

So we will , uh , show you how we shop for the year pretty much .

So , wish me luck .

The dilemma is real .

Do you get two medium size pump or one super large pump ?

I know .

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What do I do too ?

Many pumpkins to choose from .

I do believe I have pretty much maxed out this cart .

So I'm gonna have to either get a new car or call it a day for today .

So we finished out for today and we ended up spending about $850 .

So there we go .

We will try to fit it all into this car and then get some more tomorrow day one , a little bit of the stuff , the rest of the stuff from the end of day one , here we go to go round to me .

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All right , just got done with Costco round two and we spent another $750 .

So we're up to $1650 so far at Costco and , um , I still need to come back and get produce and booze .

So we'll be seeing some more Costco in .

Luckily I got everything to fit in the car .

It's pretty full .

The trunk is also extremely full .

But yesterday I had to use the front seat and today I don't , so we didn't get quite as much stuff yet .

Today end of shopping day two , we added to our pile in the garage .

So this is kind of bigger stuff that we're not really gonna box up anyways .

For the most part , here's our added addition to the pile from yesterday .

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This is all the stuff on the floor and then a couple of things on the table So , boy , are we getting stocked up for some of these things ?

The year ?

I just can't get enough of Costco back for a third time .

What a crazy day .

Um , I spent this morning at Costco and then mailed Pro or not mailed it but put produce on seaplane so that it could get home .

And we didn't have to worry about it on the ferry .

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And then I was just running around doing errands for most of the day I ended up , um , going to admire and then right now I'm at Safeway and I have to get a few more items again , have a Ford Myers and then I have to go home and start packing totes .

So it's gonna be a really long night .

It's already , I think 9 30 or 10 .

So I'm gonna be tired .

Good thing .

I have a little bit of time to rest on the ferry .

All right .

This is the final of the outside stuff .

This is what we added today to the stuff inside .

So all in all that's a lot of groceries .

It's time to start packing .

It's about 10 45 .

It's gonna be a long night .

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It literally looks like we're moving so much stuff .

If you've ever wondered what a , I mean , honestly , it's not even , probably a year , probably like half a year's worth of groceries and per , well , not pervis , but all like the dry stuff and canned food and Christmas presents and so many things you ever wondered what they all look like ?

That's it for like half a year .

I mean , honestly , I'll probably hopefully do it again at one some point .

But it's crazy .

That's why people usually bring a car when they do this , but that just wasn't an option for our system .

So we are going to pray that the pressure .

Let's just bring it all on the ferry .

Uh , it's like two in the morning .

Now I have to be up at five .

So I'm gonna go get a little nap .

See you in the morning .

The Petersons were still very kind to let me stay at their house .

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So I brought them some fish from this year and a thank you card .

Thanks guys .

It was a lifesaver .

4 30 comes so fast .

Five AM in Alaska .

It is about 6 20 AM .

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Luckily a couple of cars of people I know are on their way to cake and I was able to get my stuff on some cars in the park .

So we got all our stuff on .

Thank you .

Thank you .

Thank you .

Now , we're gonna go get on the ferry .

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I have been up for too long .

I went to bed at 3 30 then I got up at 4 30 .

So I've only had about an hour of sleep and , uh , it's , uh , about right about seven right now .

So I'm gonna try to go get a little bit of sleep .

Wish you a luck .

We've got lunch with quite a view .

Thanks .

Bye bye .


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