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2023-06-14 19:07:05

5 Football Boots YOU SHOULD NOT BUY in 2022

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Here are the top five football boots that you should not buy in 2022 .

And I want to be clear in what the point of this video actually is .

This is not me saying that all five of these boots are absolutely terrible .

I'll be honest in saying that some of them aren't the greatest , but some of the boots on this do not buy list are actually very good .

The reason why I think you should not buy them is because A they're either not very good or b there are better options available for the same price if not significantly less that are going to offer the same , if not an even better experience .

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So having tried everything , there are definitely some boots that stand out as not being the best option depending on what you're looking for .

That is the point of this video and just a quick disclaimer because there's always angry comments from people that happen to own one of the five boots that I am not recommending .

If that's you , you have one of these boots and you really like them .

Be happy with your choice .

Boots are about personal preference .

If you feel like what you're wearing suits you nicely .

There's absolutely nothing wrong with the choice you made .

Please don't take this personally .

We're starting off with the big one here .

But the made in Japan Mazola cup would not be a football boot that I'd recommend for the $300 retail price that Mazo is asking .

It's not that these aren't fantastic football boots .

The quality of the kangaroo leather combined with the memory foam is great .

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The fit the comfort , the shape , everything is pretty on point .

And I really think this is one of the most underrated soul plates and stud patterns on the market , one of my personal favorite .

However , considering it's $300 retail price , you can get something very similar for significantly less money .

But if you're looking for a pair of football boots , that's similar in terms of features .

The Nike Tiempo legend nine Elite at $230 also features a kangaroo leather , not quite the same quality standard as the regular cup made in Japan , but still very good .

And you actually get more of it on the upper the combination of that with memory foam does relate to the regular cup as well .

And this is a football boot that for me personally fits a little bit better and in general is just more comfortable .

I don't think the Soul plate is quite on the same level , but it's still top notch .

And for the $230 retail price compared to the three $100 of the made in Japan regular Cup .

It's a very similar experience for a lot less money .

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Quick shout out as well to the Mizuno regular Cup elite , which is the made in Indonesia version of the football boot .

Some minor differences again , not quite as premium in terms of the leather quality in general construction , but it retails for closer to $200 .

Although availability outside of Europe isn't the best now , while technically , this is a top five list for the four spot , I've lumped together three different football boots that are all actually very good .

However , there is one alternative that I think is significantly better which include the Adidas X speed flow 10.2 .

It retails for $130 features an upper that I actually quite like the fit is also decent .

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Although the shallow heel is not my favorite and the soul play stud pattern while better than what we've seen from Adidas takedown models in the past is nothing like the top end version and doesn't make for the lightest overall feel again , solid football boots , but there are much better options .

And the same thing goes for the first tier , take down models in the Mercurial line up the Vapor 14 Pro which retails for $140 and the Super Fly Eight Pro which retails for a ridiculous 160 barely even take down model pricing while both are very good football boots that do offer a lot of the feel and performance characteristics of the top end mercurial considering one other option , they're just not the best value .

And that's because of this boot right here .

The Puma Ultra 2.3 that was actually just replaced by the ultra 2.4 , which is more or less the same boot with slightly different graphics .

It retails for $130 which is the same as the X speed flow 1300.2 .

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However , compared to the Nike and Adidas alternatives , this is basically a top end speed boot at takedown model pricing .

The old plate in sub pattern is exactly like what you're going to find on the top end ultra 1.3 and 1.4 , which makes this ridiculously light weight lighter than the top end options from both Nike and Adidas in the speed category , which is just crazy to think the upper is more or less the top end upper or variation of it that was seen previously on the top end Puma Ultra 1.1 and 1.2 .

Again , top end quality takedown model price , it has a fit that is super premium and again , you just can't beat the fact that this feels like a top end speed boot for the same amount of money or less compared to the alternatives .

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The adidas copa sense 0.1 is a football boot that does nothing better compared to what's alternative other than maybe being the cooler looking design and also being $5 less expensive with a retail price of 225 bucks .

Everything else it is falling behind by quite some margin being a copa football boot , you expect a kangaroo leather upper and the amount of kangaroo leather you get on this football boot is laughable .

It barely fans the entire box area .

It cuts off at this awkward point right here and then cuts off at this point right here on the medial side .

So basically your toes are going to have leather .

Everything else is going to be this stiff kind of textile material that doesn't offer any padding and quite honestly just doesn't feel very good against your feet .

You expect something bearing the copa name to be super comfortable .

These are not comfortable football boots .

The inclusion of a memory foam insert right here kind of on the knuckle of your forefoot is pretty cool .

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Although I would have much prefer that to be actual leather , the central lacing system with the standalone tongue I think is a nice little touch .

It's slightly more traditional than what we're used to seeing .

However , the shape of the fit the material of the mid foot , not to mention the sense pod heel liner is just ridiculously and unnecessarily uncomfortable .

It locks your heel in very securely .

But blisters and rubbing and irritation is a very common issue with this particular model .

The soul plate and stud pattern while looks very cool is quite bulky , much heavier than it should be .

And the stud pattern leaves a lot to be desired .

It has some other gimmicky features in there that we're not even going to talk about because they don't matter .

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But this is just an extremely disappointing football boot , which is why for $5 more at 230 bucks , the Nike Tiempo Legend Nine Elite is a better football boot in this category in pretty much every single way more kangaroo leather , a better implementation of memory foam , a fit and feel that is drastically more comfortable , a lighter football boot , less bulky , a better soul plate and stud pattern .

It's just a football boot that is superior in every single way for basically the same amount of money .

And if you want to save a bit and still get kind of a similar experience at 130 bucks .

The Tiempo Legend Nine Pro is also a fantastic value .

And again , a football boot that despite being a takedown model , I would much rather wear over a copa sense 90.1 .

Leather football boots are known for comfort .

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And kangaroo leather football boots in particular are known for being the best of the best in terms of how comfortable a leather football boot can be due to the softness of the material at $200 .

The Puma King Platinum 21 is quite possibly the most uncomfortable and worst Kangaroo leather football boot I've ever had the chance to wear .

I'm not sure how they managed it , but the Kangaroo leather just doesn't feel very soft , reinforced by way too many layers of material to the point where you can't even tell that you're wearing a leather football boot when you have them on your feet again , similar to the copa sense .

Plus I think it's a really good looking football boot .

However , on feet , it's incredibly bulky and chunky and just doesn't fit very well .

It has unnecessary gimmicks like these ventilated heel areas on the side that aren't actually ventilated because it's solid material on the outside of the upper .

So I'm not sure why they chose to do that .

And the soul plate pattern is mediocre at best for $200 .

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I'm just not sure who these appeal to .

However , it wasn't that long ago that there was a ton of hype on the Puma King when Neymar made the switch from Nike and of course , started wearing the Puma King Platinum , which is the boot that the king platinum 21 replaces .

These were popular for a few minutes .

The couple days that Neymar had them on his feet .

After that , the hype died down significantly , but these are excellent football boots , thin kangaroo leather , an incredible fit .

A really interesting one piece design and a very lightweight construction that makes this more speed boot than I think you'd expect something bearing the Puma King name to be , it retailed for the same $200 .

But given that it's now an outgoing model , but there's still plenty around , you can get them deeply discounted and for significantly less money than the king platinum 21 on sale , close to 50% off even at full retail price .

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This is an excellent pair of football boots when you're on a lower budget for a pair of football boots .

The range in quality in terms of what you can buy varies quite significantly when compared to top end models where while some of them stand out as not being very good , most of them tend to be at a pretty high level in terms of quality fit performance , all of those characteristics you'd want and expect from a football boot that retails for north of $200 .

However , if you have 100 bucks to spend , please please please please do not buy a lace list 0.3 Adidas takedown model .

As an example , I have the Adidas X speed flow 0.3 lace list but the same advice applies to either the predator or Copa models that are available at this $100 lace list price point .

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And the reason why these football boots sell for $100 is for one reason and one reason only the fact that they don't have any laces .

And because of that , a lot of people who admire the lace aspect of the top end options from the Adidas brand , but can't necessarily afford them gravitate to football boots like this .

And while some are definitely better than others , some of them are also complete trash .

And in terms of what you're benefiting from at these lower price points in a lace football boot , you're not benefiting from anything other than the fact that you don't have to tie your shoes when playing in these boots .

What I will is that lace football boots will work best with premium materials at these lower price points where everything is done kind of as cheaply as possible .

These doesn't have the best reputation as far as quality of takedown models go when compared to some of their competition .

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This is a football boot that is mediocre at best considering the $100 asking price for that kind of money , you can just get a much better football boot .

For example , the Adidas copa sense 0.3 , this is a football boot that retails for 20% less at $80 and just offers a much better fit and overall experience when compared to the lace model , given that you're not being consumed by the hype and the fact that the boots don't have any laces , these will fit more people because of the adjust ability that they have the leather you get through the four ft is phenomenally soft and so much better than any of the cheap synthetics going to find on their lace list takedown models .

Not of course , including the lace copa sense 0.3 , which does not fit well at all .

And you get a soul play and stu pattern that is on the exact same level again for 20% less at 100 bucks .

That's kind of a price point that used to be first tier take down models .

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It's now been bumped to second tier takedown models and honestly , I think it's too much for a take down if you have $100 to spend or anywhere near 100 bucks .

If it's this or something else , just make sure you consider what else is on sale because you can often find a higher end football boot in an older color way or even from a previous generation for the same amount of money and end up with a much better product .

Lace take down models at full retail are not good value with the moral of the story being , don't buy into the hype .

Do your research and get the most for your money .

Thanks for watching .


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