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2023-06-14 19:06:57

Busting MYTHS about high mileage cars! Lexus IS250 with 250,000K!

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Hey guys , Rider , I just want to share something with you guys .

A lot of my friends talk about it all the time and when you're used car shopping , it comes up every single conversation I have .

So my girlfriend , she was looking for a used car .

Conversation comes up .

When you look at high Kloe used cars , a lot of people tend to right away dismiss high kilometer , used cars .

They're like no way too many kilometers .

It's going to break down all this stuff .

But you know what , the mileage on your car isn't the only determining factor on if you're going to buy a used car or not or that car .

So for example , we're looking at a Lexus because I have a 2006 .

Lexus is 350 .

So I'm looking and I have had no problems with it .

I have 250,000 kilometers on my Lexus had it for two years .

I put it roughly 70,000 kilometers since I got it .

Not a single problem on these Lexus .

Toyota .

Lexus is Toyota on these cars .

All you need to do is oil changes , spark plugs every once in a while and just your consumables , like brakes and rotors .

So immediately I started looking for a Lexus and we found one in is 250 a little bit better fuel economy , mint condition body .

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So when I went to go see it , I was stunned body has no dents .

There's no rust on the car .

It's in mint condition .

It's a 2008 , had one owner with all the maintenance records done at the dealership every 10,000 kilometers .

They had the maintenance down .

So you look at this car .

You're like , ok , it's got 250,000 kilometers , but it's had one owner .

It's a course of 10 years .

It has every single maintenance record every 10,000 kilometers on all the maintenance never had serious maintenance mishap done to it .

And it's in clean condition inside is in phenomenal condition .

It's almost fully loaded besides the NAV , which most people on a used car don't even want the NAV .

Anyway , everything's done to .

It's got new brakes , new rotors .

There's no damage , clean car facts , no accidents .

But this is a gem .

So when you go and you look at and you think about these 250,000 kilometer cars and you're like , it must look like a piece of shit .

And that's what a lot of people would assume .

But you can find these gems in this dirt just like this gem here we found .

And I told my girlfriend at the time .

I'm like , you have to get this car .

As soon as I looked at it , I saw how in amazing shape it is .

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I've seen the clean car facts .

I seen all the maintenance stuff with one owner .

I'm like this is the gem .

And these Lexus guys are telling you like the Toyota Engines .

They last forever .

So they'll last like 250,000 Kers .

No problem .

Uh my buddy's Lexus , I think it was a 1997 L S something .

It last like 400,000 1000 kilometers .

So these things are bulletproof .

Anything from Toyota is bulletproof .

If something does go wrong , the parts are cheap and you can honestly diy it yourself and that's what I'm gonna do for her and that's what I do for my Lexus I S3 50 .

So the key is guys like in this example here , if we got a Lexus , a 2008 I S 250 in Canada , the market with 100 and 50,000 kilometers , it was ranging from 11 to $12,000 .

We got this mint condition arguably in much better condition .

Lexus with one owner with no accident , no accidents with a full set of brand new winter tires and rims with another full set of summer tires and rims .

The Lexus nice alloy ones .

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The list on itself is $2000 trying to find on K G like take offs .

We got all that for less than half the price of the comparable 150,000 kilometer Lexus out on the market .

Incredible value that you're getting by picking up a higher kilometer car because , you know , as long as it had good maintenance and it was taken care of during its lifetime and that you're going to take care of it just as well , you're gonna be perfectly fine because the parts are cheap if something does come up and honestly , there's no big major maintenance items for these Lexuses .

So when people buy , you're buying a used car , you need to think of all the different factors when you're buying a car .

Yes .

If you're buying a BMW or a high sprung engine like a Honda S 2000 and they have like 300,000 hons , ok .

That's a different story , right ?

These cars depending on like the commuter car that you're looking for .

If they got higher mileage , if you're getting a Lexus or Toyota or a Honda and a reliable brand with a reliable engine , the history of the engine is reliable .

You should not be scared of kilometers of mileage .

So that's one thing .

And I was telling her and I was educating her about this .

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I'm like , listen , mileage is definitely a consideration , but you got to look at the full picture and the deal when you're getting a car for half price , it's going on the market for an extra 80,000 kilometers get the car that's half price because arguably , and it is in better condition than most of the cars in the market that are paying twice above its value .

So I just wanted to do a little video on that guys .

She's super happy with her Lexus thanks to me and she's right there right now .

Um Yeah , so she's super happy with the Lexus and I'll show you guys some of the video uh of the car , it's in mid condition .

I had some scratches and buffed out some of those scratches .

Um It's going to be in great shape .

It's gonna be a great commuter car for her .

So if you guys have any questions about that , if you're looking for a used car and the car's got way more mileage or a little bit more mileage than the average .

It's a lot cheaper .

Should you consider it ?

Look at all the other factors guys , the make and brand of the car .

It's history , performance and reliability .

These is 2 53 50 are very reliable besides a few things that you keep a eye on and that's it .

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Look at the accident history .

Look at the maintenance , look at the condition of the car .

Go ahead and go , look at it , inspect it in real life .

I look at the pictures on Kiichi , the pictures don't do any car justice you need to see with your eyes , go there and check it out , make sure everything works and that's it guys .

So I really want to squash this .

If you're looking for a used car , don't let high climbers necessarily deter you away from an amazing deal , depending on what you're looking to use the car for .

So , yeah .

Um I have some amazing news as well coming up .

So my is right here but that may change for something else .

I don't want to spoil that it will be in another video .

But hopefully anyone that's looking for a used car that helps you out , make sure you subscribe to my channel .

I'll see you guys in the next video .


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