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2023-06-14 19:06:38

Welcome to The LZ Compound - A 30 Acre Automotive Dream

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Mhm Pet .

What ?

Hm .

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180.77 --> 268.709

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Welcome to the L Z compound .

This place is insane and it has been so hard keeping a secret , believe it or not .

This has been going on behind the scenes for the past six months and we've officially finally just moved in and I'm dying to share so much about this place with you guys .

And now we're about to get started to start out an epic first at this place , this insanely giant magical place for the first time ever in my life .

Pretty much every single one of my cars is indoors in the same building at the same time .

Look at how magical this look guys as a car geek like words can't express the amount of joy and satisfaction that I feel is walking in the center of this aisle of all my favorite cars , literally all my cars that tell the story of how I've gone where I am today that you guys have been a part of .

And then now with this place is really just beginning .

If you're new to this channel , I want to thank you for joining .

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I can let you know right off the bat that most of our videos aren't like the beginning of this .

Both Mike and crispy knocked it out of the park and they put this vision of this wild place that I had drifting around and involving all our friends to life in the most magical way possible .

And you know , typically we're making blogs , cars and hanging out .

But I can tell you at this place , the new compound , there's going to be a lot of exciting stuff happening .

So if you are new to this channel , hit the subscribe button and join us because this is well , I should go ahead and say this room , as you guys can see from that full compound tour .

There's 30 acres here in this building that we're standing in right here isn't even 1/10 of the indoor space here .

There's so much cool stuff , there's so much exciting stuff to uncover and it's physically impossible for me to do that all in one video .

So today we're going to talk a little bit about this place and hang out this showroom to celebrate us moving into this amazing compound .

I am doing a very special edition commemorative bundle that comes with a very special shirt based on the S 13 and all the forests here that will never be printed again .

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Two very cool compound stickers that I'm not going to show you guys yet , but I know that you'll like as well as a photo book with a lot of the behind the scenes action that went down here and some of our favorite still frames from the video that I'm going to sign as a thank you to you guys for supporting this new journey that we've just started .

It will be a until Monday and because it's a preorder thing and we had bad luck when we used the new skateboard supplier in the past and did that .

We're way overestimating the amount of time it's going to take for us to get those orders out to you guys .

So we can make sure we surpass your expectations and all the vendors that we're using are vendors that we already have relationships with .

So I know you guys will be stoked , but more information on that will be on the site and in the description , let's talk about this place also , in case I didn't make it clear enough in this video , this entire property is ours , this entire compound .

Every s square inch of concrete , every building that you I saw on this video .

It still doesn't feel real .

We've been here like three days now shooting this video and words cannot explain the feeling coming from working in a little single car garage at a house that I rented by U C F to this insane automotive compound .

It's just somewhere that I never thought I would be in my life .

I couldn't even imagine .

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I still can't believe a place like this exists and so close to where I live yet back at F D , Texas , which was about six months ago , I got fed up after I made an offer on an industrial building by my house , got out bid by a cash buyer and I started looking for land to build my own place .

And for whatever reason , this place was listed under a land .

I found it and I can vividly remember all of us , the whole team sitting around the dining room table at this airbnb watching a slide show of this place and it was a pipe dream .

It was something that was so unbelievably far to reach .

But we decided , why not give it a chance ?

So James and Zach went and looked at this place while I was on Drift Week , sent some photos , gave me some more information .

After learning more about this place , we went all in , gave it everything that we could got because we knew there might be a chance we could get it .

One of the biggest hurdles of uh purchase like this because I do own it .

This isn't a renting thing was finding a lender that understands the nature of the business of what I do both on the motor sports side and on the youtube side .

And I have to extend a massive thank you to 5th 3rd Bank , specifically Allen of the Motorsports Division .

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I was connected to him through ugh get junior over at RT R where he helped him secure the new RT R lab .

And if it wasn't for him , this place might not have been possible between him , James Bus and every day and my sister who's a real estate agent , they've all worked so hard behind the scenes that I cannot give them enough appreciation for what they've done and what they've started for us here at L M F G .

Like I said , guys , if I made this entire video , a tour of the whole property , I knew that it would end up being a three hour video .

And instead over the course of the next couple of videos we're going to explore , we've already made some pretty exciting findings and I'm going to show you guys some of the behind the scenes stuff at the end of this video as well as some of our favorite shots and then make the cut for the first little intro scene .

I do have to add a disclaimer though that is the driveway that I use .

It is not a race track .

We do not intend to drift on it every day .

I'm both saying that to set your guys expectations realistic .

So my friends don't hit me up thing as a drift track .

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And so our neighbors don't think we're going to be doing that every day because I was extremely scared and paranoid the entire time they were filming because literally our first days here I am ripping the S 13 back and forth , back and forth to get all these shots and man , what a , what a special thing to be able to drive .

My first drift car , the car that started my automotive youtube journey around my brand new 30 acre property .

That wouldn't be mine without the help and support of all the people around me , friends , families , employees and of course more than anyone else , you guys , whatever I make off this youtube thing , whatever I make from sponsors , guys , I constantly try to put it back into making more and more crazy content .

And I know that this is the next step .

We needed to chase our journey of building better and cooler cars and create the best possible automotive content we can ever imagine .

And I know that we can do that and I could not be more excited .

It's easy to get burned out on youtube .

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And I can tell you this place has ignited a passion so strong that I don't even know where to begin this building alone guys , there's like six sections , it keeps going and going and there's more and more exciting stuff in every room and you're gonna have to stay tuned to find out more but enjoy this section .

At the end of the video .

There's some funny bloopers behind the scenes stuff and some really awesome shots that Mike and Krispie got that didn't make the cup .

But thank you guys .

This is because of you .

This is because of us .

This place is what's a show for your support for me and the team over all these years .

And it's really exciting .

I can't thank you enough in the bottom of my heart .

Let's do it on here .

Tracker Pull tractor .

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You look at that opening scene .

Tape .

One is about to go down to reveal the compounds .

Hey , where did you find that ?

Uh Where's the tractor ?

Tractor machetes it fine good .

I didn't take that part through three .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

No , he's gonna be parked in the center .

Like over here , this will be your inner clip and we'll do a couple of practices to see how close he needs to be .

We have our talent that we have been waiting for .

The star of the show .

The real star actually Adam's just been his stand in .

Ok .

Ok .

Ok .

Ok .

I just , I just court this woman off the building .

Get out of here .

Good job you're doing so fast .

What he what ?

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

No , what ?

Wow , please g that was awesome .

This one's a quiet car .

Car .

Go , let's go fast .

I mean , let's go safe and add a moderate smell behind behind the scenes of Yeah , we have to wait until it gets a fish .

How quick that come on .

We're all here .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

No .

Loved it .

Uh-huh .

I'm only gonna slow down my jump .

Do .

Yeah .

Yeah .

Yeah .

Yeah .

Yeah .

Yeah .

Yeah .

Good job , babe .

This is fun .

Trying to get in the bushes to be out of frame .

Where do we , we are trying to be one with the bushes to not be in this drone shot because it's going to be flying above us .

Bad boy before .

No , no .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Can you be flying today right there it is .

Yep .

Yep .

Now , hold on .

Well , she survived .

That was the most beautiful thing I've seen in a while .

Dirt drops , rev limiters , handbrake pulls , clutch kicks .

I thought the trans mount or the diff was going to explode .

But she hung in there .

We may have had a side by side casualty .

We'll see .

We got , we got to hit the drawing board with that one and do some things with it .

But yeah .

Yes , sir .

The of your people she's breaking in now .

Does it feel like yours now ?

No , not yet .

Not yet .

Not yet .

What is it gonna take ?

You've abused like every square inch of this entire property ?

It still feels too good to be true .

I'm just like waiting for a phone call or I'm waiting for a photo to go pull in and you're not doing that here no more today , boy .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

But like say that again .

Oh , yeah .

Oh , no , no , no , no more .

I tell you what , I'll hop around on my tractor .

I'll get my , have a good , no , they don't drink out here .

Drink some bush in the forest or drink some forest in the bush .

I tell you what , I don't know .

But , uh , I feel like you just got like a NASCAR podium and you have to like it .

We need a gun to , there's a full of water .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Yeah .

Yeah .

He got the glass .

Yeah .

No , the so .

Oh yeah , that , that's oh oh , got the whip going .

Got the whip .

Mm .

Gonna mount this the first casualty , first casualty worth it last day .

Second to last scene of that house and stuff like that .

James proof of you doing a bad thing .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Share all the rules , the rules , all the rules .


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