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So technically speaking , right now , I'm coming to you guys from the future because we already filmed driving this car mainly because it was about to downpour and we wanted to get out there before it got really wet because why didn't we want to drive this thing in the rain , Trevor ?

Right ?

So if you guys haven't seen this car before , this is Trevor's Turbo Civic and , and uh I'm actually a very , very big fan of this car and I've been really excited to drive it before we go , take it out .

I want to get a little bit of a rundown .

What is this ?

Is it ?

E G EKG K A 96 E E K coop .

Um It has a 99 front end on it and it has a fully built D 16 in it .

Um You know , single overhead cam V tech head .

How many liters ?

1.6 ?

So 1600 ccs of freaking little Honda Fury .

So single overhead cam .

So a lot of people actually don't push a whole lot of power out of these .

Um just because the transmissions can't hold it .

And I mean , I've broken like five of them in the last month and a half .

So this is , this is its fifth transmission in the last like two months .

Basically .

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Um The fastest I've , I've ran at the track was 100 and 23 miles an hour at 11 7 with a 163 60 ft .

Um And I was having a bunch of issues shifting the tranny , um , but it should go almost a low 11 high 10 .

Um Now that I can actually shift it , so we just put another tranny in it last week .

Um Right before you guys got here makes 512 horsepower .

I was tuned by brand at P F I and yeah , it's fully forged sleeved has valve springs , retainers , some sort of cam some des injectors de works fuel pump , Honda S3 100 basically stocky .

They just saw her daughter board in there and it's all real time .

You plug in us BBC racing coil overs and , you know , 30 76 ball bearing Turbos Garrett .

That's , is it two ?

It's the , that's why it's so loud , like the old style cast wheel .

There's a lot of cool little things about this car .

I don't wanna bore you guys too much right now though .

I'm sure you want to see us go out there .

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So if you want to check out more about this car , um , obviously you guys can check out Trevor's channel , but it's a very , very cool civic and I'm actually about to go out .

I'm actually about to go out with redneck as a passenger .

So we'll cut to that footage now .

All right .

So not only is this my first high horsepower front wheel drive car ?

I don't know .

I mean , I , if , if you feel confident that I'm gonna be ok to the car , I mean , I think , I think you have a good time right there .

So it's just 1st , 2nd , 3rd .

Yeah .

Ok .

I'll go easy and then uh yeah , so not only is this my first time driving like something crazy .

Uh front wheel drive thing ?

I was like running .

You should come with me .

I'm down , dude .

I trust you 100% .

Not 100 maybe 80% .

I don't even know reverse is in this thing .

Yeah , right there .

I don't know if I ever do .

You're making me nervous but I'm a little nervous .

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You can't be nervous because then I have to be , I'm a little too fat for the sea too .

Uh-oh .

You telling us what I do ?

Should I go with you ?

So you can launch it ?

What do you mean ?

I tell you , hey , maybe we go , we'll take it for a rip and then we'll come back and pick you up and you can tell us just go right over real quick .

So I do that when I drive so I can go .

You .

All right guys .

It's about to rain .

Yeah , that's not good for this .

Car .

What's that ?

This thing must have been fourth .

No , I mean , I could imagine how much I make 500 horsepower .

This makes 500 .

I don't do something .

Dude .

Mine makes like 200 it spins like first or second chirps there .

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So , yeah , this thing is about to be rowdy and I'm a little nervous for it .

I'm a little nervous .

I don't know where to go .

What if , what if it goes into the other lane and we die all the , I don't , I'm definitely driving like a girl .

Like , because I'm sure when Trevor drives it there's like , no lag doing the gears .

But , like , I , I didn't want to , like , go into the gear and , you know , if there's like , full boots there , then it's like , yeah , I felt the car want to shift to the bra .

That dude is turn to pull a little bit .

I didn't think about that .

Huh ?

Boy .

Wow .

I don't even know how fast we're going but it was fast .

The gears don't run out .

Huh ?

I feel like we're in third gear for ever .

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Yeah , I had goose bumps .

I always have goose bumps .

I was just like , the fun part about it .

Like , it doesn't grip as far as I think .

I thought , like , I think I was picturing the full , like a real drive car , a lot of grip , but it just keeps going .

But it , and it's so terrified because it's like , I don't know if this , but at the same time it's cool because , like , it's spinning but you still feel it , like it's elating , you know ?

Yeah .

It's like a weird feeling .

Ja , well , that you're supposed to hit the red bar , that's like a thing , you know .

I don't , I'm just scared .

You don't know .

I scared of that in the middle of the and do what you work .

I don't know .

I don't wanna break this car .

Yeah .

I'm trying to be somewhat nice to it .

You kick then ?

Oh my God , you're too much of ad K A kicks .

Are this guy ?

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Is this sue ?

Yeah .

Catch up .

It's so scary .

I feel like we're gonna die .

It's sick .

I almost feel like it's better than it doesn't have power .

You should try to paint him that Yeah , on like , dude , I'm like looking at everything but , but that , that the they're not faced by facial expressions .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I'm gonna be the absolute , I'm not doing it on purpose .

It is genuinely how I feel .

Hm .

The thing is mine .

I did , dude , my facial reactions are going to be the most ridiculous thing .

I , I was not like putting on a show or anything for the camera .

I'm driving it like , I think third is where it started getting nice .

And then I'm just like , I love it .

It's so much fun .

The torch is gnarly .

The torch .

Yeah .

And then when you go to break it feels like the whole thing is like , I , I , it was , uh , I was like being real nice and trying to push him more and I think he's too scared , I think .

Yeah , for sure .

I'm sure you could , I don't know .

I don't wanna be passing though .

He doesn't trust me .

I trust you .

I trust , I don't know , he doesn't trust me .

I don't know .

I'd be down , I would love to watch , you know , you gotta sit here .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

You should , you should drive for your video .

Ok ?

So it's gonna be good .

I would like for you to be in the house with the vaccine .

You're too scared .

What's up ?

Watch it , launch it .

You want me to launch it ?

I you hop in the back seat and I'll watch it can remember .

I don't think we should love it .

Took too long .

Still watch I don't wanna have wipers .

No step .

I didn't want to stand two steps but I was wait for attraction .

I've watched all the drag racing videos .

That's what they normally do .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

But then I remembered by you you didn't like your and I don't know whether I should like be banging the gears or shit isolate and you gotta bang .

Yeah .

Hard drive .

Alright .

Bless him .

I'll I'll , I'll bang him .

Could pull in here .

Me .

What I do wrong .

The big kind of boy here I know that that's what you tried them out .

I can't even see anybody .

I can I'm getting wet , I'm melting .

I did my best because Nemo's whip touch , Nemo , this guy no , was trying to give me the whip break .

You turn in this thing with this , with it .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Yeah , I told him I was like , absolutely not .

I won't do such a thing as beautiful .

Oh my God , I'm not gonna do this to Trevor's car as he tries .

All right .

So post dinner , we're back at the shop .

We talked about the all wheel drive setup and uh well , no , we did , we mentioned in the car , didn't we ?

Yeah , we were filming a clip on my camera .

Yeah .

So walking over here he's already stacking parts .

So a very common thing , what would you say in the past like two or three years is uh making these civics all wheel drive because you can pull parts off of are they wagons ?

Yeah , the like the 89 like wao van , the manual Wao van they have this , it's basically a real diff uh like the dip in the crv has a bunch of in it .

This is like a live diff that's like in the back of your 2 40 .

And the main thing that makes it all work together is this Viscus coupler .

So that basically limits it , basically lets everything slip .

Um And how I understand it and how people have explained it is it does like a 70 30 split .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Uh So basically it still launches like a front wheel drive car , but it just doesn't spin because it has that 30% more , you know , ish and you can change the viscosity of all the fluids and everything in there .

Um , but yeah , so , uh yeah , people like rebuild them for drag racing .

Yeah , this is , uh K 24 A two , uh which is like the best kind of stock engine to start with for boost because you have 2.4 liter uh dual overhead cam , dual V tech .

Um and this is the all wheel drive CRV transmission and you can see , I have a Chinese spy boy on here just for uh for some thumbnails .

And uh yeah , I got a bunch of parts over there .

I got some big brakes .

I got a manifold , I have a uh the complete like rear trailing arm set up that literally like just bolts on .

Um So like the Wao band diff and everything will literally just like go in the back of the car and I'll just bolt it together .

There's all these like Bill arms .

When's all this going down on your channel ?

Try next week , right ?

As soon as you guys leave , that's when I'm gonna start .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So then I'm gonna take the , that 500 horsepower D series and put it in a four door sleeper and do some fun stuff with that because that , that engine , it's just so much fun .

It's definitely fun .

So anyway , what do you mean the rear trailing arm on the car .

Yeah .

Yeah , we can look at it real quick .

Oh , wow .

So this is like a , this is like a legit kit , huh ?

Oh , yeah .

Who makes all this ?

That's pretty cool .

So , normally , like in order to get the , this rear rule or this , this hub on the back , you have to take the wao band stuff and basically cut it and weld it and put it all in a jig and you know , measure a bunch of stuff .

And uh they literally , you could see it's all cut and welded .

They have a nice jig and this thing will literally just bolt on the back of the car .

This is the billet diff mount .

So , correct me if I'm wrong .

I think when I was pricing it out , when I was planning on doing an all wheel drive c myself , it was about four grand for all the all wheel drive stuff .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Is that about on par or do you spend a little bit more like $2700 including the all wheel drive stuff like the diff and stuff I'm saying , with everything altogether more than that .

Yeah .

Well , I think four grand was like the home hook up price and then you have to get the all wheel drive transmission too , which those things are like 1200 bucks .

The diff axles and Viscus coupler are like $2300 if you just want to buy them and this stuff is like 20 seven .

So the funny thing is all that , like , wagon stuff actually used to be really cheap until , like , people figured this out , give them away .

They're like , oh , you can't do anything with these things .

Like they don't hold any power .

People are running like seven second passes on this stuff .

Stock wao band diffs .

And I'm pretty sure stock be axles because that Viscus coupler doesn't , it doesn't squat the car like an Evo or an S T I , it just launches like a front wheel drive car that doesn't spin in school .

So anyway , uh thank you for letting me drive it .

Appreciate it .

I'm just waiting for you to do one now .

Yeah .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So if you guys saw my posts on like Instagram and stuff , I was planning on getting rid of this thing , but we're actually gonna do another drifting day while I'm here and it does work .

I'm not the craziest about this car , but it does work and it's not a bad thing to have a running car here .

So I might hold on to it for a little while .

I didn't show you guys this but uh I did stuff it into the wall .

There was a , it was kind of like a sick entry contest and they moved the starting line back , but they didn't tell us and they said that it was the same point that we started yesterday .

So I went full throttle went too fast and kind of stuffed it .

Uh , but I'll zip , tie the bumper together and bend this back .

But , uh , yeah , she's pretty good .

But I think because I'm gonna be driving a bit more , I'm gonna get rid of the seat .

I did not feel very safe having no cushion sliding around with like the harness is all hooked up weird and stuff .

So I'm gonna put that other sparkle that I have in it and , uh , do some other little things like play with the angle kit and try to make this thing a little bit nicer tonight .

Not saying , I'm surprised every single seat bolt , including the bolts in the brackets loose .

Every single one .

No kidding .

Great car .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So I got the seat out .

Now , you used to ride BMX quite often , right ?

Did you ride street often ?

Not really .

I was more of a park rap .

Ok .

Well , if you've ever ridden street , keep riding street in the back of your head , sniff this seat and tell me what it smells like .

Just sniff like right around here .

Give a good old whiff .

I don't know .

I don't smell anything sniff around .

This is weird .

I'm not playing a trick .

I swear .

Just get a good whiff .

You'll , you'll find the scent .

But dude , I swear something in the car smells like hobo P .

Like I was ever gonna guess that dude , if you wrote Street BMX , you would distinctly know the scent of hobo P .

That's , it's got a very distinct , I , I don't know , it was by the sea area .

It doesn't smell good at all in here .

No , it doesn't .

Uh I don't smell hobo , dude .

I'll let you know if I find the smell again , please .

I wasn't joking when I said that .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Literally every single one of these bolts hand loose .

I didn't even loosen those since I'm planning to keep this car for a while .

I'm trying to make it a little nicer and I was thinking , I remember Dave had a junkyard coop around here and I , uh , snack some door panels off it .

I'm just gonna clean them up and spray them black all over and I think it'll make the car feel a lot nicer that just black , some grease .

Remember exactly .

They're probably gonna look pretty nice and brown .

Honestly might look kind of cool in retro you maybe , uh , I don't think mine was brown .

Got another .

No .

So I got one to do both doors .

Yeah .

Yeah , I'm already out .

That's custom .

I have a solution though .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

What you want me to is trying to get me to pretend like I just sprayed these out when he did it .

So he's got me holding the gun .

He like wants me to , I guess you hold it halfway and no paint comes out .

So it's gonna look like no , I don't .

He actually did this painting .

I thought all right , they did it turn out good .

Gonna look way better .

It's gonna be interesting .

Brand new car , L C L A Customs .

I was asking 5000 cash for it , but now I'm thinking I might get 5500 .

You spiced it up .

That was a joke .

Please don't D M me .

It's not $5000 .

Yeah , something .

Yeah .

Before , after I saw some of you guys were curious as to why this car was filling up with smoke compared to other cars that I've had all these little holes in the cabin because nothing's sealed off back here .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

All the smoke just seeps right in .

It's kind of funny how it works , but it does .

So just to show you guys some of the stuff that I've done , I started bending the headlight or the sorry , the taillight bracket back didn't finish , spent a bunch of time sealing off the cabin to hopefully prevent some of the smoke from coming through with all that aluminum tape .

Um , going around .

Obviously , we got the new door panels .

The interior is looking a little bit nicer .

Now , I also like made , uh , that little hole where the shifter was a little bit cleaner .

Got a prototype motion on our TV , shift knob , check it out .

It's red , so vacuumed in there .

So it's getting a little bit cleaner .

I feel a little more comfortable .

I'd probably like to angle the seat back a little bit more , but I don't feel like dealing with it all night .

So , moving forward , I don't feel like popping the hood but I just replaced the upper coolant hose .

Glad the coolant it was down quite a bit .

So it's probably why it was getting kind of warm .

But , um , I think we're going to wrap it up here tomorrow .

We get some fun plans and , uh , you guys are looking forward to it .


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