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2023-06-14 19:06:31

ANGRY DRUNK Camaro Driver vs. COPS at Car Meet! (ARRESTED!)

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Cars across Texas here today and we're at bombshells once again , three in a row .

It's a great year for 2020 .

We're making all the bombshells meets because he's been doing really well for me .

Hopefully the weather stays good long enough for this meat to go on .

It's supposed to get from like 80 degrees right now to like 50 in a few hours .

That's why I'm in a jacket .

It's actually pretty warm right now , but I got a bunch of rainstorms coming and all that stuff .

So hopefully it holds off .

So the boys on the slicks on the drag tires and all that stuff actually come out to the meat already looking to be a pretty good turnout and I'm actually pretty early .

So without a , let's get in there , let's check around .

Let me know what your favorite car in the video is today guys .

And let's get to the action .

Come right off the bat with this beauty , the off road jag .

This thing is awesome .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

This is the most epic thing I've ever seen fueled by recycled dinosaurs , the mud jag , one of the regular mustang boys from these videos beat me into the meat today .

Five old productions here had an inner cooler I see on .

This is the twin turbo convertible mustang .

Talk about sleepy Stock wheels , but definitely boosted .

I like it as you can see the G M bow tie boys showing out strong Z 01 , Z 01 , Z 01 S S and Z 06 .

Yo , what's up ?

Oh , hey , you might see me in one of these couple of weeks .

I found the perfect one .

It's just in Niagara Falls , New York .

So it might be coming to the channel soon .

Hey , I see you boy .

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Rotary Dorito Chip Power this big time nut right here , man .

Right hand drive .

Super big nut boys .

Oh , the race truck .

My boy , this thing is nasty .

Got the luxury American muscle boys a couple TB three B two and then the sneaky boosted drop top .

Mustang boy , don't think I don't see it now , boy .

Yes , sir .

Yeah , yeah .

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So you fantastic .

It's that time in the video already .

Sponsor me .

No , sponsor me .

Hello .

How are you looking for some uh some , no , some energy need a little boost .

Uh Yeah , absolutely .

Do we go with the green or do we go with the blue ?

I'm thinking blue .

Thank you .

My favorite part of the meats .

Big W G T R rolling in my boy Ryan on , drop his uh youtube in the uh description or whatever you call it .

And then this s 2000 is really nice .

Hey , what's up ?

This thing is clean .

Oh , I see you sneaking a little turbo .

The boys are rolling up in style .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I see you .

Alrighty , that's a nice , nicely sized turbo right there on this 2000 .

Sheesh , man , that's pretty wild .

Right in case I didn't mention this Mustang right here is fast as hail .

I think he said 900 on the lower tune setting and once he switches it to the higher tune setting , it's like 11 80 or something like that .

Like you don't line up with this and expect it to be four digit horsepower plus like this thing is crazy .

It's hellcat D Thank you .

Yeah .

Brush black super .

Oh baby .

Uh dark files right there .

And you used to have a couple of really fast Corvettes .

Oh my God .

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Yes , sir .

Straight out of Fast and Furious .

It looks like got my boy in the fifth gen Z one big B TV .

Out here .

He drives a Camaro but don't let that fool you .

It's all about the mo part out here killing it on the Mopar concept .

Let me tell you drop a sub to the boy .

No , no car boy .

C six Z R one .

Oh my God .

That's nice .

Yeah .

Got Rolando last time he was in video in a video he wasn't on a tire now .

Look at the boy on a weld .

Very nice .

He's that boy James .

Nice .

My man .

Oh my God .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Look at those wheel and tires on that old catfish Camaro got my boy crossed in the cam to Grand sport .

Oh , baby .

That thing sounds mean .

Look at this nova .

Oh my God , that super charger .

Yes , sir .

Ok .

Ok , I hear you brother .

It wasn't hard this work .

Oh , my boy posts it up .

The control is out the window .

The best part of the meats I'm telling you the dogs .

Hello puppy .

He is fast .

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You hear that high rise intake pro charged ss this thing sounds mean we got AC T S V on a full drag pack right here .

Sounding pretty mean .

Let me tell you .

Oh baby , that's nice .

Got a mustang on a tire and we got babe scare yo yo , babe in the building .

Yes , sir .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Check him out your friend .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

We got Mr Red boy with the TV .

S in the back tip toeing on some like 30 .

Agree .

Oh , yes , sir .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Yes , sir .

Tiptoeing out of here .

Very good .

Yes , sir .

It is .

Ok .

Me the classics getting wild .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Oh the am G getting wild you .

Yeah .

Oh , don't go my boy .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Yeah .

Oh my God , bro .

He said stay right there , stay right there .

And everybody did .

Oh , he's rating tickets , bro .

I mean they always say the pretty ones are the crazy ones .

Am I right ?

Like she pretty but she seemed a little crazy .

This thing sounds so good .

Yeah , they have blocked off all the entrances and exits .

So homeboy can't even find where to leave .

They're not even letting him leave .

Like imagine you're blocking bombshells from getting business .

You're blocking these dudes from getting home .

Come on .

He's literally like this cop is crazy .

She's literally writing them tickets while they're like writing a ticket on a stop sign for him as like a table to write it .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

We got 12345 .

I'm pretty sure there's more blocking the back entrance .

I'm not sure though .

So everybody through that boy , you just literally pull someone over for , I don't know .

There's nothing you could have done .

Oh , they're wait , what , what happened ?

Uh How did you , how did you know ?

Yeah .

Spy senses were tingling .

My God .

Oh She don't like the camera .

She said hell not get away from me .

There's a lot going on .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Oh yes .

Very sorry .

Did you ever get into at night ?

It's , it's have they ever gotten away from you ?

Uh He doesn't want to say if he , if he says no , I take that as a challenge him a little bit .

I'm sure that you catch a few of the mustangs in the back of the .

That's right .

I know .

Yeah , it is .

One of them a couple of times ago was tell him no .

Came all over the loud speaker .

This is actually really nice .

It's like avalanche gray .

It's like a , it is .

What's up ?

My boy , this is clean .

I like it .

Hey , what's up ?

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

The loud and rowdy must roll out .

It's not the loud .

I think you saw the car all the lights on .

So this particular car right here is like 1200 horsepower and uh pops pretty nice wheelies .

The cos roasted for , he goes watch up all the people out here .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

It was a good one .

I be , I just , bro , all he had to do was move .

I don't know what's his problem ?

You're drunk , you're drunk , bro .

Hey dad , you're four going on .

He parked in a handicap spot .

So this dude right here , he comes up and starts yelling at everyone saying he's about to give them all tickets for parking in handicap spots , which I mean , it's kind of stupid because these are all reserved for meat .

Like they have these spots blocked off for this meat .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So I don't know what the issue is .

And so homeboy .

Yeah .

Well , the home boy is .

Yeah , and he gets in his car and just starts like red lining it .

And so the cop pulls in front of him and tells him to stop and he just starts flipping them off .

This dude just screwed himself .

He was kind of drunk .

He and using their , if they want to you .

Yes .

Yeah .

Reporting .

Yeah .

Yeah .

Cars across the country come you .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

It's the dude in the hat .

No , the dude standing back here .

Yeah , that's me .

I appreciate it , man .

Why , why everyone .

I ok , I get it .

We're , oh , look at Holly all over there .

You got the bag , the magnum cleanest magnum in the Yes , sir .

Airing it out .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Yeah , they told him you allowed to report back .

I'm not trying to report , but that's my point .

All right .

See you later , boss .

She's not here .

No , no , no .

He said 20 minutes .

We did .

We said until he gets here and , and once he gets here , we can discuss if they pass before then I don't even talk .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Oh my God , that's that the crap on her .

No , I'm just recording .

Yeah , I do our youtube stuff .

Yeah .

Right guys .

Y'all think he's gonna stall it if he stalls it .

He's famous .

Hey , don't style the big guy .

Oh You just got , that's gonna be his ass .

Hey , and it would have all been on video too .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I was , I was saying if he stalled that he'd be famous really ?

It's called Cars Across Texas .

So , so he said , he said , you wanna check out my L S and he pulled over the caprice like an actual working .

Got a V eight Power Chevy Caprice over here showing us .

Oh man , I , I thought you were about to do a burnout .

Yeah .

He even got the camera ready .

Do it for the blog .

He said , no , we'll blow the out .

He's good at that .

OK ?

A little bit .

All right guys .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

That's it for bombshells this time it turned out to be a really crazy one .

We got a hot cop pulling up and being mean to everybody giving everyone , everyone tickets and then we got homeboy over here , who was the coolest cop I've ever talked to .

He just sat there and told us everything we need to know about police work for the last time .

Did you just call that Mercedes a hot pot ?

The lady cop was a hot copro .

No , I'm telling you like , bro , she at least eight out of 10 .

Anyways .

Anyways .

Anyways , we're , we're , it's time for me to go home .

I gotta wake up for school in like four hours .

So hope you enjoy the video and I'll see you in the next one .

See you .


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