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You wear Nike boots because it's cool to wear Nike boots .

And if you're from the UK , you get mad when people say Nike instead of Nike , you also believe that Nike football boots are the best and have a legitimate impact on your ability to perform for better or for worse .

In other words , you probably blame your boots if you miss and then there's the subcategory within the Nike brand , which is kind of its own brand in itself of people who wear curs at which point I would venture to guess that your favorite player is either Ronaldo or Neymar .

You must do step overs at least five times per match .

You demand to take every single free kick regardless of whether or not you're the person that should be taking the free kicks .

And you secretly get mad at the guy on your team who gets the newer mercurial that you don't have .

I'd also say that you probably complain a lot but I'm sure you're proving my point already down below in the comments you hate Nike boots .

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You're probably someone who's less concerned about style and more concerned about actually playing or in the case that you bought a pair of lace adidas football boots .

There's a strong chance that you secretly don't know how to tie your shoes .

And then there's the people that wear the classic coal .

At which point you're probably a decent player .

You probably make really good decisions out on the field and general make very few mistakes or you're terrible and you just bought COPA because you think it will trick people into thinking you're a good player .

You're also that guy who walks around and consistently makes negative comments towards other people's boots describing them as plastic .

Shout out to the guy in the comments who takes the time to explain to me on how it's pronounced Adidas and not Adidas , where would we be without you ?

You probably wore Pumas as a kid and because you're not really that concerned about football boots , you're just stuck with the brand .

It's not really a choice of character .

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It's more so just what you know , or you stumbled into a Puma outlet store and bought them for super cheap .

But then there are also the people that buy it pair of Puma boots as a statement .

They bought Puma instead of Nike or Adidas .

But then get mad at you when you don't care about their Puma boots because they're not Nike or Adidas , you want to be different so bad .

But at the same time , you yourself aren't even convinced of the choice you made .

You're probably a very logical person who values quality over flash and style .

There's a very wide range of personality types that wear Mizuno football boots .

But in general , if you see somebody wearing Mizuno , you can assume that they're very much into football boots and might identify as what you would call a boot nerd .

There's really two situations where the guy wearing Mizuno boots is annoying everybody because all he wants to talk about is how great his Mizuno boots are and you should try them yourself .

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Or the Mizuno boot guy is kind of on the quiet side and just secretly annoyed by the mercurial people .

You're a Liverpool supporter .

You probably have no idea what you're doing , but you've got the right intentions .

We'll leave you alone until you figure it out on your own .

You're probably stuck in the nineties and have been wearing the same football boots for the last 30 years .

And when confronted about the dinosaurs on your feet , you'll promptly respond with .

They just don't make them like they used to .

If your boots ever break , you're probably just gonna retire .

I don't want to call you a liar .

But I have reason to believe that the first time you brought your fake boots to training , you told everybody they were real .

And then when the Mizuno guy who knows way too much about football boots , calls you out on it .

You get really angry if you're buying fake boots thinking you're going to trick people .

You're just trying too hard and focused on the wrong things .


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