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2023-06-14 19:06:24


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What's going on guys , cars across Texas here today and we are at the Houston Underground Races , car meet .

This is going to be probably the biggest premi here at Texas two K this year .

This is always the craziest one last year was a track 21 .

Now they have rented out this crazy sports facility with like 1500 parking spaces for all the boys to come out and chill .

Um and it's a very well established place .

So without further ado , let's go hop in the uh the action .

See all the cars at the show .

Let me know .

What's your favorite video ?

Wow .

I can't talk .

Let me know what your favorite car is in today's video and uh enjoy .

It's the boy sick whips pulling up .

Yes , sir .

It's the freedom goat .

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Look at this rap , the bald eagles , the American flag .

This thing is just all sorts of America .

I think Sin City mob auto boutique .

The squad rolling up .

Got that chrome gold , 3,000,000,050 insane lifted truck , chrome gold and purple .

Honoring Kobe Bryant out here .

This thing is insane .

I'm pretty sure .

Yes .

Sound evolution H tech sheesh .

Look squad rolling deep .

Got the khaki mustang .

It's actually Toyota color .

Fun fact for you .

Do I get an AJ shot ?

Do I ruin the blog ?

So , it's the Toyota color repaint on that .

That's sick .

Bag 50 M four competition pack .

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This color is how you expect a BMW .

Right here though .

Shair orange .

Oh , baby .

That's nice .

Clearly likes to party .

He has a roll cage over here with some seats in it on a full set of four wheel slicks that I , I don't , I don't know what's going on here but it's sick and I like it .

It's a baby turbo .

That's all you need on that thing .

It's a little baby turbo .

Just a little baby Jesus .

So it's a Cobalt S S voter on this thing .

This is rowdy .

I like him .

This , I remember this dude from last year .

I'm pretty sure he's my thumbnail from this meeting .

This car is nuts though .

Pro Charger under the hood .

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Yeah , I was that , I was like we got the high tech Corvette himself , high rise intake on the C seven Bonkers I tech Corvette stickers , of course .

And uh H T C rules .

All right , this is Z R one is from a cars and coffee video a couple of months ago where he absolutely just decimated everyone's ears and wasn't even full throttle .

This car sounds nuts .

Let me tell you , you got some of the guys rolling up 601 , the Chevy S S and this G body here is quick , man .

I've seen videos of this dude .

I , I heard this car is pretty fast , man .

Not this one .

I feel like I've seen you in some videos , man .

I'm nice , man .

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This one , this thing's mean bla bla terrible 2000 .

Yes , sir .

Yes , sir .

It's to the L S X power to and laid him mcqueen following .

All right , this vet has a big old wing on it , right ?

It's a chassis mounted wing .

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Oh , we got the nitro bottle in the back , please .

About you bring us some pepperoni .

Oh man , I I got you .

I'll let you know next time .

Oh , send nudes .

See , I'm fairly certain this car is very quick .

I hate you .

Look at this thing rolling up .

Oh my God .

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I see a little turbo there .

A big old turbo actually little supercharged Nova .

Oh , look at this catfish out .

This old school super is kind of nice more .

Hey , puppy .

A look at this rolling up G T three R S man .

He looks so good and white .

Do y'all like the orange and the C seven ?

I kinda do .

006 .

I love it .

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Yes , sir .

When turbo Vert Mustang things wild dude likes to party R 34 rolling up .

What the heck ?

This is wild .

His plate is samurai .

That's dope .

Yes sir .

Squad rolling deep .

Ok , we got the R X seven A G Q .

What's good boss .

Yo , what's going on , man ?

Yes , sir .

Life is G Q give .

What's up ?

Yo , yo , what's going on ?

Boss .

Bye .

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Yeah , that's one of the little skirt MP G .

Who , what the hell is happening ?

Got a turbo V six tomorrow .

That it's a hovercraft unemployed .

It's almost done .

Work in progress .

AJ It could be , you , you could be like this , you could be the hovercraft low key when this is done .

It's probably going to be pretty sick but you got them slide hoes .

Yes , sir .

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It's the fake taxi light .

Yes , sir .

You got the Hefner twin turbo hurricane down there .

That car makes 1000 50 of the wheels .

This thing is so sick .

Yeah .

Did they drive to Massachusets ?

This hellcat's crazy .

It's on bags from New York .

A winter , winter camo wrap on a full drag pack .

Look at this thing .

Tonkin back here .

Bank .

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Yeah , the super .

It's also a very nice TT S V .

Something tells me he likes to party , lifted me outta that sick as an underground racing hurricane .

I , yes , sir .

It is underground , recent hurricane from Mississippi .

An underground racing R eight .

What should you take ?

I think I'd go R eight .

I think I'd go already .

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I think so .

Supercharger are slow .

Oh , I would have played .

Oh my God .

No .

Six year old must things don't do 60 .

He's taped up .

60 roll , another taped up .

Boy , he got a cross on the hood .

Blessing him .

Yo , just V ac .

Yes , sir .

That dude's license plate is , are you alone State San ?

I don't know how legal this is but the state are you alone ?

Damn it , boy .

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A mustang bullet is from Tennessee .

It's a turbo Silverado .

He's got an 88 millimeter turbo under the hood .

There's your V eight chopping out of a car that shouldn't have a V eight .

There's more G R and a dude that likes to party .

Yes , sir .

Oh yes , sir .

So on some C C W si like it .

I like it .

King Kong boosted boys out here .

Hey , bro .

Yeah , that sounds mighty fine .

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A big shout out to you guys been killing it on the support lately .

Come on camera focus 10-K on the Instagram doesn't matter if you can see it but 10-K if you don't already follow me , make sure you drop a follow on the gram .

Hey , no , I Yeah , I like this passenger .

Yeah .

Two y'all .

What's going on ?

It's James .

What's up ?

We got the boys rolling up one .

OK .

Oh my gosh .

Oh my God .

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The going doors sls rolling up , popping doors up .

Let's see how rich you really are .

This Viper is really nice .

I like that color a lot like the burnt orange fits the car very well .

All sides , man .

You know anyone with a Viper likes to party .

Oh my God , dude likes to party .

Look at that .

Tips .

To the weld and slick in the back .

Jay Z , I like it .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I'm Star Have .

Yeah .

Hm .

School .

It's the spirit of ecstasy .

A rolls Royce .

Badge rolls Royce .

My son .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

900.859 --> 977.619

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Yeah .

Oh , my God .

I couldn't even record that .

I wouldn't , hey , if I kill you just slow it down , slow it down .

But you should be good .

I am all right .

Let's do this .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

The dog do this .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

No .

All right , let's do this .

You , we are not responsible for now .

Next .

Yeah .

Right .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I no more .

You that it ain't worth it that much .

I'm getting paid regardless out of this shit .

Y'all ain't .

Yeah .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Oh my God .

I It's a Camry .

It's not like he's gonna do anything crazy .

Chill out .

Fuck you .

No .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

All the the old school car that deafened me earlier is about to go back up .

I've learned my lesson .

Love you .

I gave my money .

It .

All right guys .

That's about all my little ears can handle .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I am about death and I'm about to go do some more racing .

So I think that dude is the winner , that old school whatever turbo thing that is some classic .

It's pretty dope .

But god damn , that E 98 burning like made my eyes fall out .

So anyways hope you enjoyed the video .

Leave a like comment , subscribe to us on the grind , text upload .

It was crazy .

I'll see you in the next video guys .


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