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2023-06-14 19:05:57

How To Make Menemen (Turkish Egg Dish With Cheese And Tomato Sauce)

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Hi , everyone .

This is a Alton .

Welcome to Turkish food recipes .

In this episode , we are making famous breakfast , egg dish of turkey .

It is specially served on breakfast in almost every Turkish restaurant in turkey , but it really goes well in any time of day .

So let's get started .

We have simple but delicious combination of ingredients .

I have two medium size , ripened tomatoes about one third cup .

Turkish white cheese when it is crumbled .

Couple of green peppers , sweet green peppers .

If you like hot , you can use hot .

I have two types .

Both are ok .

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Some olive oil and of course a couple of eggs first , I'm going to cut the green peppers , take the stems and the seeds out first half and then cut it half again for the tin peppers .

You don't have to do that and I'm going to slice them thinly in egg dishes .

I always try to choose my pan size .

Depends on how much serving it will be for 3 to 4 people .

23 centimeter or nine inch pan size is ok .

And uh this is my new plan I got from , I will share the vlog and where I did buy it from , I'm just going to saute the green peppers .

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And meanwhile , I'm grating the tomatoes .

This is the easiest way I found to grate them , just cut it in half without peeling it and then grate simply I want my green peppers to soften .

And also I want to add some extra more flavor .

So I'm gonna add some butter .

This is also from just about one tablespoon .

And after um it browns three or four minutes , adding the tomatoes .

I'm going to cook the tomatoes until it turns to a sauce .

About three or four minutes .

You can see the changes now in colors .

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Meanwhile , I change my mind and added some other cheese that I got from .

Again .

They call it or it is kind of cottage cheese .

I'm gonna season my with some salt and red pepper flakes .

You can use paprika , sweet paprika if you like or similar kinds of peppers .

And here is the cheese just stir until corporated and cook for 25 to 30 seconds .

And we are ready to add R X .

You can cook the until this point and then wait until you serve .

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If you are serving with a Turkish breakfast , you can see how I prepare mine from the links and turn on the heat again to serve it hot .

Just add the eggs in the last minute .

Just stir the eggs slowly .

Not too much , not breaking too much .

You want to see some whole parts of eggs and the heat is now at medium stage .

You don't want to overcook the eggs .

A after this point , this is also important .

Just checking again .

After 30 40 seconds more , it might change .

Depends on your pan size and the heat .

And here is our man ready to be served .

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In the meantime , of course , I brewed my Turkish tea along with the Turkish breakfast table , some cheeses , olives , tomatoes , cucumbers and more .

We were lucky to have some Ramazan bread since I put to the freezer for later use like this in restaurants .

They usually serve it in a , a smaller pan for individual size and you can eat like this or if you prefer .

Of course , you can eat it with fork too .

I hope you try this delicious traditional Turkish breakfast dish at the comfort of your home .

If you are planning to serve me to your guests at a breakfast party , I suggest you watch my video for a Turkish breakfast and please don't forget to share your comments , especially if you try my recipes .

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Thanks for watching .

I hope to see you in another delicious Turkish food recipes .

See if you guys , how are you suck .

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