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2023-06-14 19:05:53

The worst way Drift Week could end..

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Welcome to today's video .

We are now in the California Desert .

We left L A .

It took about an hour drive north and we're heading to one of my favorite tracks .

If you guys remember , I think it was like two or three years ago .

One of my favorite events I've ever been to was a super D event at Grange Circuit .

Not like the craziest track .

It's just another Go Kart track , but it was really fun entry in the last event I went to , there were a lot of really good drivers again today .

Obviously , everyone on this trip is a really good driver .

I imagine Luke is going to be going ridiculously backwards on the entry .

I'm excited to hopefully do some back with this thing and it's just a really , really good track and technically being the last track that we're driving on this trip .

I'm excited that it's , this is one of the many infamous treacherous roads that lead to grange .

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It's like full on rally mode last time I was on the show my S 13 and it was a little bit brutal , full disclaimer .

I just remembered that .

I think they renamed it from Grange to Apple Valley speedway .

So it's the same place .

I think this is where people are getting stuck last year is mega .

Look at this .

It was so funny when we were going to Super D because everyone's got like fancy pants , like low and stuff and seeing him trying to get through on the road .

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All right , we're back on the helmet cam game .

We're going to use our first laps at Grange .

Get a feel for the track .

Figure out my pressures then start doing some tandem .

Got to get some heat in the tires .

The jack wasn't you remember that ?

You have to use the whole track ?

Oh my God .

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Try a decent and see how she feels .

Yeah .

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Let's just see how backwards we can get .

Yeah .

Yeah .

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Failure .

Yeah .

Hello .

This track is going to demolish the fronts running .

70 psi so it can slip is sick .

But then when you're cooling down through the track , there's so many like windy twists and stuff .

My lower controller moved again .

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This is another one of those tracks where the bumps will just annihilate stuff .

So jack it up .

I really want to put a tack on it so it stops moving around .

But I don't think anyone has a welder here right now for the last time we were at Grange and I backed in in a little bit .

I think I phased him .

Give me a little tip to .

All right .

So my little fix .

Although this is kind of temporary and not the best overall solution .

There's a little hole in the eccentric bolt that kind of just perfectly matched up with the gap in the up front .

So I'm putting this bolt in , hopefully it'll be enough just to hold it a little more in place .

So if I do get a jolt , it will prevent it from sliding over that way .

We have a little more than just friction , holding it in place .

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Look , he's coming over here to , to make fun of what he did to me .

I just got him back for what he did .

You can't even tell from the outside .

I , I could tell that when I went to put my quick ba back , it didn't fucking help me .

I'm like , man , that didn't need to be like that .

It's not my first time doing it now .

This is the J Z X 100 because they don't sell basketballs over there .

You know , very few Japanese basketball players just hop in the trunk .

We don't have life that , bro .

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What , what ?

Mhm .

Yeah .

God .

Yeah .

Yeah .

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No , he's on fire to get out of the car .

You've got it now , a hard job .

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That's how he got the , was like those right there were dangerous too .

You , well , of my friends we were like doing the do and I'm like , oh , if we would have had a big fire extinguishers here , we would have got it out .

It was almost out when Luke got there .

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We had , yeah , we had four extinguishers going on .

If we would have had one big one .

Boom , it would , it would have went out fuel fires like that at my track .

We , we , we'll go through 16 big ones as a car enthusiast having a car burn to the ground or just a car fire in general is probably one of the worst feelings in the world .

Yeah .

Beyond the , the helplessness , obviously , like I was there and I was almost crying like it's not even my car , you know , like my daughter was crying , it was her favorite car here .

It's just , and they're the nicest people , the nicest people , like , because they drive away from Idaho .

Idaho , I've already told him they can take my car and like home , like , and the family for like 20 years or something more .

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His dad used to race it like years and years and years ago , they sold it and then bought it back and yeah , it's , it's worst case , like crashing is one thing like , and you know , things happen but like to fuel fire and then the circumstances around this fire , like us not being able to put it out because there just simply wasn't firefighting equipment here .

Um , which as a track owner myself , I'd never let it happen .

So , you know , it's nice to have a wild west track but not being able to put things out is just , it's the worst .

We used all of our extinguishers .

Everyone .

I think I ran quicker than you .

I think we got the footage we can watch it .

We have to have to watch it back .

I was like , I can be fast sometimes and it almost seemed like , you know , there was two fire extinguishers .

We had two more at that moment .

We were so close , so close , but it's a fuel fire .

Like all we needed was a couple of like real extinguishers .

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But the reason we're here , well , the reason Adam's got me over here as well is like Rudy , like they're just beautiful people , honestly , they are beautiful people , sorry about swearing .

Um But yeah , we'd like to do something .

Um We're gonna get a fundraiser set up , leave what link link down in your description , I think said she's gonna set up a go fund me or some sort of fundraiser .

We can , I think more or less just uh obviously something like that's irreplaceable , but at least to help them and get , get him back on track .

Yeah , like that's , well , that's the thing .

It's not , it's not actually Rudy's car .

It's um , it was her car , right ?

It's her car .

Yeah , that's her drift car .

Like she's got no car and she's so enthusiast .

She was so enthusiastic to get home and start driving more and like this track , this trip , like was really getting excited to drive more and it's just , oh , yeah , look at dr they're literally dragging the body of the car away to me .

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But anyway , uh , obviously there's a pretty large group of people here that all have like a lot of collective influence .

So I'd like to think with everybody we'll be able to help them out a couple of bucks anything .

Um , you know , and if it , if it goes crazy , like , you know , we don't need it to go crazy .

You just need enough to get them rolling again .

So and even if you guys don't have money to get or anything like that , if you just want to send some love like his Instagram name is right here right now , I'm sure anything is appreciated .

It's just rough and like I , I , I completely agree that feeling of helplessness even it not being our car 100% having to stand there and watch it burn to the ground .

I , I just , I just had that hugging him and like the emotion that come over myself , let alone over him like like I broke my car just before it happened and I was just like , what was I even being mad about ?

Like these guys , it just burned to the ground like every single one of us here is just , yeah , that's not the way we wanted to .

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We definitely didn't want anyone to end drift week like that , like crashes , whatever .

You know what I mean ?

Like if you smash your stuff like whatever , like something super unfortunate .

It's just sucky .

You're really sucky .

Anything , anything you can help with guys don't , don't go crazy , don't push yourself to a limit or anything .

But like I said , there's a lot of us , there's all your followers , my followers , everybody here , you know , a simple dollar or two from every person is gonna be like , yeah .

And man , honestly , if anyone here deserves like something nice like those guys drove no heater in the rain in the snow they were in like they said , it was like minus at some point like that's , they've been on studded tires and they , and they had all their stuff stolen as well .

They had all their camera gear stolen as well like they've just , and it's nothing wrong .

They fuck , they're really good people .

They don't deserve it .

So , anyway , thank you guys in advance .

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I don't think we're gonna be driving anymore today .

Um There's , there's been some arguments with the track because of not having proper like safety or any , any at all .

That's a , that's another subject .

I'd rather not take away from the focus of what we were trying to get across .

But uh the chance of driving more is slim .

So we're just kind of looking over the cars and making sure they're safe to drive back .

Well , we used all our extinguishers as well .

We use all of our extinguishers out of our own cars to try and get that fire out and we got none left now .

And the last thing we want to do is risk another fire potential as unlikely as they are in drifting .

They happen .

So be smart guys , put , put extinguishers in your car .

They don't cost much for sure .

And if you got a racecar for God's sake , put a suppression kit in it .

Suppression kits don't cost that much these days .

And like if you're investing tens of thousands of dollars in a race car , put a suppression kit in it , it's like 1000 bucks to save literally everything .

You so thanks to us .

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Yeah , I think I did .

Oh , no , I was trying to use the whole track .

All you used all of the track .

You , you heard of the bro line ?

This is the no line .

Oh man .

Oh boy , I bet V R Wheels is another barrel .

Probably .

Hopefully .

Oh , yeah .

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So , Luke essentially has no ball joint in his rear , lower control arms right now .

He knows that it's so unsafe that he actually requested that me and Mike take his wife and kids because his car is that dangerous to drive .

But he insists on driving with that and flat spotted .

Why you showing fronts because is good .

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I don't wanna go .

Uh , when


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