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2023-06-14 19:05:45

Combating Caribbean Homophobia... even my own

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What is going on ?

Ladies and gentlemen , boys and girls .

It's your boy cars across Texas here and we are at HPC right now .

06 is actually still down getting the new clutch in and upgrade of meth lines and stuff like that .

But it's the day of my car , meet VR and vehicles number two .

And I think I'm driving one of the HPC fleet vehicles to my me .

So let's get on now , let's talk to them real quick and let's get on to the show .

All right .

So Ellie has been nice enough to let me have his C seven stingray , which just got a fresh 416 stroke .

They're all motor car .

It's going to be pretty sick to drive around .

I'm not going to be beating on it because it is unturned and it's a new motor .

So I've got to be careful with that , but let's get on to the show real quick .

So we want a familiar place .

That sounds Rick wicked dude .

So this car sounds incredible , dude .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

This 4 16 Stroker just produces a beautiful , beautiful sound , right ?

So we got the HPC 4 16 Stroker motor C seven sting right here .

This thing sounds insane but oh my God , is it hard to drive when it's unt got Mister Tim here Dua Garage here , owner of emergent V R with his wide body super in the ray out front .

Now there is going to be a whole lot of builds here , including these two cars and a lot of trucks too .

So be looking forward to all that so close to look at the uh Sling Ray .

It's the Bill L S3 , the big old whipple super Charger .

And then we got the wide body , lime green super .

These are both so sick and typically I wouldn't go for a car that has like body paint matched to wheels .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

This look sick though T D I golf don't see too many well maintained ones of those anymore .

So we got the lifted trucks out here representing Jeez .

We got the couple of cars pulling up two trucks .

I mean , Jake and the S S couple more big old trucks coming out .

It's crazy , Mike , my God .

And this one's on air .

It's the air hydraulics , hydraulics .

What ?

That is so sick .

That is so sick .

No , I love it .

I love it again .

Have you ever seen any ?

Love it ?

That is so sick .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Well , how much does something like this cost ?

Like 15 grand ?

Oh my God .

That is so sick .

I need it .

So we got the sound evolution Seema build truck out here .

The gold chrome on the purple just looking absolutely crazy .

Yeah , so crazy .

What the heck I can over there .

So we got these little homemade uh kids monster trucks , if you will both gas powered A K A the trophy cards .

It's so sick .

So we got the twin here in the black C 7006 with the G T 500 on the tire .

So that's a good car is rolling up and then the old school Camaro old school Camaro R S .

Very sick man .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

We got Mr Sinclair photos rolling up pulling up next to the matt red G T R that also came to the party 06 .

So we got the old Buick wood paneling wagon on hydraulics .

Amazing .

So amazing .

So it wouldn't be a complete cars across text video without the puppies .

Oh my God , it's so cute .

Hello .

This Camaro sounds so good .

He's with a few other boys .

We got a parking spot saved for I think it's sick .

Sounds crazy .

So we got Mister Mason pulling up in his newly acquired nitro yellow mark five super the 2021 .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Yeah , so , so we got the white 8 12 super fast rolling up .

This thing is so sick red interior .

Oh man , this is nice .

The Shelby truck rolling up as well .

You got a fast little TT R S pulling up .

These things are crazy from a dick man .

All we'll drive the little five cylinder turbo is kill it a little baby R A and then we got the whipple , supercharged , fully carbon fiber bodied GT 350 .

The speed cop car , we got the C T S P .

I had a little red battle with the other day in the city looking very good .

We got the U G R Hurricane pulling up right .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So next to the very clean A 12 super fast , we're going to put this very fast twin turbo hurricane here .

Listen thing is so sick .

So we got the Houston head turners rolling in led by C six base , the 440 Stroker C six wide body .

This thing is crazy .

We got the B 10 M six pulling up .

This thing sounds so good .

Houston head turn is coming in the shot green .

011 L is so sick , man , so sick .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Alright .

So we got the boy AJ pulling up in the Alpha X G T R .

This thing is so crazy .

The beat locks in the back second and then we got the R 33 .

Mr Baboon's garage .

He had another one of his crazy cars .

So you know the body supercharged tundra , the fra rolling up to the East Turners .

So man , we got the G T three hit the R also rolling up the demon rolling up , crushing my cones .

This man has been several thumbnails .

Thank you for coming out boss .

So more importantly , we've got an ice cream truck out here .

We do have an event through here but we got an ice cream truck and I , but this thing is so sick , man .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

It's like , I don't even know what color it is .

I think it's called on some red wheels .

A Vin S V Roadster full .

No kit .

Wow .

That is so sick .

Oh , my .

Oh , my goodness .

Oh , my God .

That is crazy .

Well , that is such a deep wheel .

So this R A is actually it's a wrap .

Not a fact of boat .

It's a very good wrap at that .

Not a lot of rippling or anything going on , but the bolts are paint matched to the wrap that's really sick .

So we got this boosted C five man .

This is sick on the C C W S .

This is so sick .

The crazy boost at C five and the C C W drag pack and we got the Jurassic Park , Jeep .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So sick man .

He also has an R seven in the garage at home , but this is very cool .

He took a regular Jeep and kind of made it his own Jurassic Park .

So we got the chrome I eight on the four G is pulling up .

Yes , sir .

That is a wild looking car .

Hey man , you wanna shout your youtube out real quick ?

Oh , yeah .

Hey , check it out .

It's A OS A Y E 000 space W hr P si have a link below .

He came out from Ohio , right ?

18 hour drive .

That's crazy .

If y'all want to subscribe .

Yes , sir .

Yes , sir .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Hey , man , we got the Paxton S 5 50 Mustang .

You got the homie Randall here and the Tiffany hell , what's going on there ?

He is .

Look at my God .

Look .

So I got this here .

Oh my God brother .

That is wild .

Four sets of Hoosier slicks .

My God , dude .

That is crazy .

What size turbo is that ?

No .

How much time are you making ?

Like 8 50 ?

Think you won ?

11 ?

Oh I see you .

Fuck that segment .

Got the Five Viper and the C six E six rolling up both HPC cars .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

The Nitrous C A with this crazy wrap on it .

This thing is so nice .

He was out of the last one .

We got the Red Mark five Super as well .

Oh oh my God .

Oh The Basset House .

I love it .

I hope this video has more dogs and cars .

So he's pulling up in the G T R .

The tire plug .

This thing is so clean so I can't get over .

How sick this Nova Tech Avenor S V is on the red wheels and this thing is so sick .

What's up , huh ?

Come on .

Yeah .

Yeah .

Next .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Yes , sir .

Big flame .

Yeah .

Yeah .

Thank me .

Not allowed .

You got the yellow C G T A .

What's going on ?

Buzz ?

Thanks for coming out , man .

More supercars rolling up .

We got the B three motor sports .

All right in the building .

Sick .

Ok .

What's going on with the ?

Yeah , of course .

You got the D three C lady driven .

This thing looks a little rowdy .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Very nice .

Like that drag pack .

Oh , yeah , dude .

The whole school in my boy and rolling out the full bolt on Z 01 on the welds .

Thanks for coming out , boss .

Hey , man .

Drop the follow right there .

Oh , check this shit , man .

What GPA ?

It's so good .

Yeah .

So we got the racing simulators in here for the V R plates and they're competing for the Bats as lap time right now .

Bucks for one race winner takes the pot the best laptop .

It's a super charge escalator , right ?

Oh , yeah .

This thing is so sick .

Got the supercharged , escalate out here at my meat if it's not supercharged .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I mean , that thing is so sick .

So we got the old school bel air pulling up .

This thing sounds sick too chopping .

Listen to that .

All right guys , hopefully you're enjoying the meat content so far .

I feel like this is a good place to put all the drone footage that Joel with the virgin is getting .

So hope you enjoy that .

This meat is crazy big and I feel like that will do a good job of actually showing that off .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So I don't know if you're familiar with Texas Metal , but extensive from Texas Metal brought out the cars , the S V over there is theirs , ucon over here is theirs .

And then this 1500 horsepower Camaro Z one is also there .

This thing is absolutely ridiculous .

I was told it's like 1500 horsepower and you got the super deep wheels .

16 80 .

Oh my God .

Wait .

So what , what's the , uh , what's the set up on it ?

Ok .

Hold on .

Wheels are in the back .

Oh my God .

15 inch wide wheels in the back .

That is insane .

So in this crazy 1600 plus horsepower crazy wide wheeled C one from extensive full custom interior and I , oh my God , that's so wild .

That is crazy .

So we got the crazy super here .

Look at that tire in the back and this is on a big single turbo setup , but I don't even know what tie turbo is .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

That is Jesus mate .

I I missed it again one more time .

I keep missing it .

Yeah , one more time .

This like puer , hey , we got the super on some T E S and a wing on the back , man .

Look at this fit on point , dude .

Hey man , my wing is flashing .

So we got the pro charge Chevy S S rolling up .

That sounds wild , dude .

No garage queens and cheese without fear .

In their 720 s Spider A Corvette .

We got the low riders out here , dude .

Yes , sir .

Let's see it .

It's amazing .

Good .

Yes , sir .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

We got the pro charge scat pack rolling out Mr 3 92 .

Do .

Hey , you wanna shout .

Shout out to you real quick .

I am .

Yes sir .

You got a pro charge pack .

How many do you see those , man ?

Not too many .

It's crazy .

Yeah .

The purple lifted escalade , man .

This thing is wild man .

We got the old school lotus out here .

This is so sick .

The old school is spree .

Oh yeah .

So we got the demon rolling out .

Fun fact for you father and then the cat back there his daughter .

It's kind of cool .

Some family goals , you know shit .

Oh no , he hit you brother Johnny .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Oh oh that piece of shit .

Go cowboy , right ?

Hey , I go .

It's not worth it .

No .

Is , is , is , hey , hey , hey , hey , don't do not do not let him go .

I think this is like like who talk your shit ?

Like I go , I go for both .

Yeah .

OK .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Johnny .

Dumb shit .

Oh you , yeah , I'm here and I got one is going on .

Well , this is why we can't have nice things , dude .


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