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There are two types of players that wear COPA .

The no nonsense guy , the guy who plays his position is responsible with the ball typically makes the simple play .

This is the type of player that you want on your team .

He wears Copas because he's always worn COPA .

And then there's the guy that wears Copas just because he wants to let everyone know that Copas are still the best boots .

The guy that thinks he's the god of football , even though he doesn't do much running and actually isn't very good at all .

This is also the guy that's guaranteed to make fun of your boots if they're any color other than black .

Every team has at least one Mercurial guy .

Hey , I don't know if you know this , but you don't have to do step overs every time you touch the ball .

Hey , man , just a quick question because I've never had Mercurial myself .

But is there something about them that don't let you run back and play defense ever ?

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I can't believe he missed .

Now , I have a lot of respect for these people because they wear what they're like .

And there really is nothing like a classic predator .

But there is one thing , hey , man , you're doing a great job and all .

But you know , you don't have to switch the field every time you get the ball .

Oh , and maybe stop shooting from 40 yards .

It's five tries now and you still haven't hit the goal ?

Oh , you wanna take the corner kick ?

Go for it , man .

Hey , guys , check out my new boots .

You don't have to tie them .

If you're looking to have a conversation about football boots .

If you find somebody wearing Mizuno , there's pretty good odds that they're going to want to talk boots .

There's also a good chance that the guy wearing Mizuno boots might not want to talk to you unless you're also wearing Mizuno boots .

Hey man .

Are those Zuno ?

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Don't talk to me while you're wearing that plastic garbage ?

Who invited this guy ?

Now ?

Obviously not everybody can afford top boots .

You don't necessarily need them either .

If you're on a budget , buy what you can afford .

But if you are on a budget and don't have a lot to spend , that does not mean you should go out and buy fake boots also known as counterfeits , also known as replicas , but people still do and then they try to pass them off as real .

Hey , man , cool boots .

I've never seen those before .

I know .

Right .

My cousin's brother's uncle's grandfather used to work at Nike and he got these super rare boots .

They only made like three pairs in the world and he gave them to me .

So very interesting .

Now , if you come across somebody wearing messy boots , it's very unlikely that they will play anything like Messi .

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Nobody does if we're being honest , but there's almost a guarantee that they will be a huge messy fan .

And without even asking , they'll tell you why Messi is better than Ronaldo .

They might also take the whole messy fan thing a little bit too far .

Hey , man , the boots are cool .

But you really got to wear the full kit .

What's wrong with my outfit ?

There's always that one guy that shows up in running shoes or trainers or pretty much any form of footwear that isn't football boots .

But is there to play football with this guy ?

It's almost a guarantee that he's not going to be very good .

So every time he messes up a pass , misses the net slips and falls or just in general doesn't perform very well .

He blames his running shoes because clearly that's the problem , man .

If I had the right shoes , I'd be killing it right now .

Well , I guess we'll have to wait till next week .

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Did I miss any other football booth stereotypes ?

If so , let me know what they are down below in the comments and maybe I'll make a follow up part two video .

Other than that though , guys , hopefully you enjoyed this one .

Thank you so much for watching and we'll see you in the next one .


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