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2023-06-14 19:05:24

Branson, Missouri Aquarium at the Boardwalk FULL TOUR!

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Today is the day , the day we've been waiting for , for a very long time aquarium at the boardwalk is finally open .

This is opening day and as you can see there's still construction going on behind me , they're still building the giant octopus .

And hey , this guy lights up at night .

It's pretty cool .

But we're going to take a look inside right now .

Are you excited ?

I couldn't be more excited .

Oh , my gosh .

I'm actually really excited .

I'm pretty excited .

It's been a long time .

We've been watching this thing be built .

So we're going to take a peek .

We , we always wish things in Branson would get built like 10 times faster than they are because it , it takes forever .

It always takes a little longer than we hope for .

But here it is opening day , hey , hey , tell people about kind of what we're looking at here .

Ok .

Back here is Branson Boardwalk .

And the rumor is this is gonna be a really cool space in there .

That's where the , where are you , where are you that used to be the giant ?

Now , now the name is escaping me .

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The old theater that was there Yeah , the grand palace , the grand palace , the giant grand , we have , we have really solid memories of the grand palace that we saw .

The Rocket , the Rockettes and so many other shows .

That place is amazing .

Yes .

And so that's what used to be there .

In fact , it's still behind there , I think .

But they are turning into this really cool kind of interactive kind of place to maybe shop , eat , be entertained .

That sort of thing is the rumor and I don't know when that's going to be opening , but there are plans for that space .

But in the meantime , let's check out the aquarium .

Let's go look .

That guy looks so real .

He gets me every time , every time .

Well , earlier today when I came to pick up the ticket , he got me .

So Amy tell people kind of how the ticket thing works right now .

You can buy in advance .

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Right .

Yes .

And so right now they're doing time slots and so you need to have a ticket with a time entry .

So now you can walk in if you want and you can hope that there's spots .

But we highly recommend booking in advance as part of their safety precautions .

They are not taking cash , they're only taking credit and debit cards and you can either do that here or you can do that online in advance , but you're going to make sure that you have tickets so you so that you don't come and realize that there is no space for you .

Ok .

So we went through the ticket booth and then we got our photos taken .

I think they're going to add , you know , probably fun background and show this to us later .

But what I'm noticing is that this is a really cute circus theme which is not something you would expect at an aquarium , but I love it .

It's adorable .

So like you're on a boardwalk .

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So it's got that boardwalk feel , you know , and they've got the carousel and they've got all the little shops and , you know , arcade , all that stuff .

So it is , it's like they seemed it around a boardwalk and kind of have that carnival , you know , thing going .

Hey , now they didn't , unless I totally missed it .

They didn't do a big grand opening blitz or anything .

This was like , maybe a soft opening .

It surprised us .

So there's not a whole lot of , yes , it's pretty slow today .

Now that's going to change because this is Monday of Thanksgiving Week and by Wednesday , I bet you it's going to be packed in town and I'm sure it will be packed here too .

But for today we are getting kind of a nice peek without too many people around .

So , but this is really cute .

I love the thing that they've done .

And I said circus originally , it's not a circus .

It's more like a boardwalk kind of circus .

Carnival .

That's carnival .

Yeah , it's awesome .

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And then don't forget the fish .

Yeah , you kind of like , they , they kind of match like the colors , the blues and yellows and all that .

But they're kind of , you know , surrounded by all this stuff .

So you almost could just walk right by them , which you wouldn't want to do because it's an aquarium you want to ride ?

Can you , these guys are doing a good job with this .

I can tell you already submarine adventure .

So then we come in here to a theater and a porthole up there .

Who ?

There's water sound ?

It sounds like we're underwater .

Yeah .

Oh , look at this .

Oh , it's gonna be like , hey , how are you doing ?

So up here in the center ?

All right , we get the best view .

What are we doing , Amy ?

What are we doing on the for submarine experience ?

Which way do I turn it ?

Is this the right way ?

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Break the tentacles to you down here ?

You must be on your way to the gathering place the most magnificent spot in the ocean .

It'd be an honor for me to take you there .

Follow me this way .

No time to babysit right now .

F I gotta get these folks to the gathering place before they find themselves in hot water , swimming out into these waters before you've mastered your puffin .

It's just too dangerous .

Something's overrating .

Check on my face , face with the goal is to not get eaten .

Come in .

Shot .

Have Yeah .

Larry .

Sure , we just got canceled .

Yeah .

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All right folks .

We as the gathering place .

Oh , there's some um stingrays .

Look at that circle .

We are done .

Wow , they're huge .

Hey , guys .

So this would be a great opportunity to like , subscribe and ring that bell and also check out T P F travel dot com .

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Oh , and by the way , we hardly ever do this and we need to do it more .

A big thank you to our patrons .

What a blessing you guys are to us .

Thank you so much .

Yeah , you've got to check this out .

These are baby eggs and you can see the fetus sharks , I guess .

Is that what you call them moving inside ?

Wow , because they're lit up and you can see all the little embryos or whatever it's moving and it's crazy .

It's like , it's like having an ultrasound on the shark .

E that is crazy .

Oh , my goodness .

Wow .

Never seen anything like that before .

First impression is blowing me away .

I did not expect it to be this , this cool , so far .

And we just , we just got here .

Yeah , it's awesome .

It's really cool .

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It's a very different type of aquarium than anything I've ever experienced because of the , the , it's almost like an attraction , married an aquarium .

So usually you go into an aquarium and , you know , you kind of see the same old thing you kind of see , you know , you see the fish and you see the tanks and all that .

But this is , it's kind of like a theme park .

Mar a an aquarium or something like that .

So they did confirm , they did confirm that this is a soft opening .

So everyone is able to get it more acclimated but not only the guests and not only the staff but also the fish like the stingrays and how they're getting settled in .

Yeah , because it will get busy here within the next few days in town .

So it's good to let everybody get used to crowds .

It kind of looks like me in the morning .

Is that your hair before you , my hair and my grumpy face .

They do look grumpy , don't they ?

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Hey , look at that .

You can get in there .

You want to go down there ?

You got the go pro .

Why don't you go down there ?

Oh , that's all right .

That's ok .

Oh , I see .

It's got one of those bubbles in there .

Oh , I can't do it , man .

It's too tiny , tiny , but it's got one of those little bubbles that they can crawl in and then stick their heads up .

See , look at this .

So that's where just imagine Amy's face .

That's where you would be if I attempted to crawl through that .

Hey , look , there's a little face .

Oh , there's somebody in there now , someone who's meant to be in there .

Hi .

Hi , I'm smiling but you probably can't tell I can feel it .

Ok .

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Look at this , this is cool blowing waters .

Oh , glowing , like , like literally glowing .

Yeah , they've got black light in here .

Check it out .

Yeah .

How do you like this ?

This is awesome .

We look at the sharks .

Ok .

Speaking of sharks , I like the mass of all the employees .

They all look like big grinning shark faces .

Wonder when they brought all of these fish in here ?

I never saw any big trucks .

I don't know .

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Oh , look , here's an octopus .

Oh , yeah , the octopus .

He's like the mascot of this place because not only does , is he waiting for you out front , welcoming you in , but he also answers the phone and like when I call , can you talk to like eight people at once ?

That's what he said .

He says it's a lot easier to do customer service when you have eight arms .

This is cool .

Oh , this is like the mermaid section .

I read about this .

Hey , you can go be a mermaid right there .

Protect our curl .

Oh , yeah , it's all right .

You know what , this reminds me of a Disney World queue , doesn't it ?

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It reminds me of the little mermaid ride .

Cue .

Hey , here's another kid crawl .

Where is the adult cros ?

Do they have any adult crawls ?

I don't think so .

I think adults don't like crawling for the most part .

I think that's part of it .

Oh , look at this , an eel .

He's got his mouth open .

He looks like he wants to eat me he looks scary , doesn't he ?

Wow .

How do they train them to look so scary .

It's months and months with a personal trainer .

Like , keep your mouth open .

Like you want to eat people .

Oh , that's awesome .

They're messed .

They are not happy .

Oh , maybe they're not used to sharing their environment .

Oh , there's four of them .

Oh , my gosh .

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I feel like I'm in the little mermaid .

Remember those eels that were part of the , they belonged ?

They were the pets of uh , of the big scary octopus lady .

I don't actually remember that movie .

You don't .

But yeah , there's the octopus lady and she had eels as pets .

Oh , yeah .

I , I remember the Disney Ride .

That octopus lady .

They're not kissing .

No , they are gonna eat each other winner .

Which one is the , the alpha eel ?

They're gonna have to learn to get along .

They're gonna be in there together for a long time .

They need to hug it out so far .

I'm very impressed .

It is just such a cool place and very great for kids .

But I think also fun for us adults and it looks like we're about to go see all the jellyfish .

So the bloom room .

Wow , this is trippy .

Yeah , it is .

It's all mirrors and lights every .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Wow .

I don't even know where to walk .

I feel like I'm gonna run .

Yeah .

Oh , look at these little jellyfish .

See how tiny they are .

You have to walk really slow or you're going to run into something .

Ah , now we're moving into the Kelp forest .

Oh , look at this .

It's a play area .

Oh , how fun .

You sit back and you need to climb up all of that .

Wow .

There just aren't very many kids here today .

Are there ?

Ok .

On your mark .

Get set , go .

Kids would love it on your mark .

Get set .

Go on your mark .

Get that go .

I don't think so .

But how fun .

What a great thing he's going to be .

I bet it's gonna be flipped though .

I don't know , backwards .

Maybe I feel bad for not having our kids .

That doesn't look like T P F .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

It's the best they can do is pray .

Crayons , crayon , crayons , crayon , crayons , Crans spelled crayons .

Leave a comment down below .

Is it crayons or crayons ?

And how are they going to comment this ?

I don't know .

We'll have to get , we'll have to sound it out .

Ok .

Oh , here , place your picture up .

Here we go .

Oh , that's awesome .

And he's going to come out here somewhere .

Find your character in the underwater world .

Here he comes here .

He comes right there .

Yeah , he's backwards .

You said it right ?

Maybe he flips around in his words .

Oh , yeah .

I think you can touch him , touch him .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I will .

This guy wants to come up and say hi .

Holy cow .

It's jumping out of the water .

Oh , what happened ?

Well , he's scared of me .

He swam away .

And it scared me .

Look over here .

This started running all of a sudden .

What is this , this thing ?

The water is very cold .

These guys are hard like I expect circus to be .

But these big guys are furry .

I'm going to head out to the gift shop and then we'll talk about pricing in just a second .

You want to see our pictures , Amy ?

Get it right .

So what do you think that was fun ?

It was very cute , very , very well themed .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Um It was an awesome experience .

The only thing I would say that is maybe , I wish it was a little bit longer just because it's so cool .

I would have loved to , you know , experience it a little bit longer .

But other than that , it was amazing .

Let's talk about pricing .

So let's see , it was $35 per adult .

And if you pay , I believe it's $58 then you can get the fiver and that is admission to the aquarium and then right down the street also admission to the Hollywood Wax Museum , the golf course that is there a castle of Chaos that is there and the mermaid that is there .

So if you want to spend just a little bit extra money , you can do all five of those attractions .

Anyway .

We hope you enjoyed following along with us for this awesome into the aquarium .

We're very happy that it's here .

We hope you get a chance to enjoy it soon and safe travels .

Everyone .


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