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2023-06-14 19:05:23

BMW M3 Dinan S3-R w_ 4.6L 527 HP Stroker walk around w_ Steve Dinan

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Welcome to Dion .

Today , we're going to take a tour of the Dion S3 M three , the brand new V eight M three .

Great little car we stroke aboard this engine from four liters to 4.6 liters .

And with intake and exhaust tuning , it makes 527 horsepower and £407 feet of torque .

Fantastic little car to drive .

It has the benefits of a big car in power with the V eight motor and the torque of the large displacement and also the benefits of a small three series car from the handling .

So it's the best combination right now of any BMW made the heart of the S3 M three is the engine .

It comes as a four liter V eight and it's stroked on board to 4.6 liters .

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In addition , as an under drive pulley , a cold air intake with a high flow filter and carbon fiber connecting pipe board throttle bodies and a middle and rear exhaust section .

And only the stroke motor comes with the black chrome valve covers .

So you can distinguish it from a normal M three engine .

The engine produces 527 horsepower and £407 feet of torque .

But the great thing about the engine is the torque with the big displacement increase .

It has grunt at almost all R P MS , which really makes a car a nice car to drive every day .

I want to talk about the Diamond M three suspension .

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Let's start with the carbon fiber strut brace a lot stronger the aluminum unit and the carbon fiber accents the carbon fiber colder intake and makes it look really nice under the hood ends , larger wheels and tires which are a lot lighter and also the widest in industry in the front 2 75 front tire on a 9.5 inch wheel , 2 95 rear tire on a 10 inch wheel .

In addition , a unique feature of Dinas suspension system is new spring purchase front and rear and shorter bump rubbers that increase suspension travel so that when the vehicle is lowered , you still get good mechanical grip and good ride quality .

In addition , a larger front anti roll bar which helps the car put down power and a strengthened rear tow link which makes the car more stable under acceleration and makes the car a lot easier to drive in the limit .

And all these suspension components are designed to match the electronic shocks in the car .

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Let's talk about the di exhaust system , two and three quarter inch pipe from the header at the engine all the way to the rear of the car , we have four resonators incorporated , the middle exhaust system along with an X pipe and a Hemmel chamber in the rear muffler , the heels chamber and the resonator is designed to get rid of the boos that's often associated with an aftermarket exhaust .

In addition , we have four large black ceramic coated tips with dining in the top .

So it has a great look as well .

Let's talk about Brembo brakes .

Dion uses Brembo brakes because they are the best on the market .

These are the largest Brembo brakes made for this car , six piston front cal and four piston rear .

These are the same size brakes we also use on the M five and the M six and this little car really stops .

Great .

Thanks for taking a tour of the new Diamond M three .

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For more information , visit one of our local dealers or go to our website at dining car dot com .


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