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How to go from this to this into easy steps .

For me , one of the most annoying things when it comes to tying up your boots is having excess bulk in the laces sitting on top of your foot .

So typically when you would tie your shoes , normally , what would end up happening almost every single time .

Obviously , it's gonna vary from shoe to shoe , depending on how long the laces are .

But you tie the laces normally and you end up with all this bulk across the top of the foot or at least just the laces flopping around .

They're not necessarily going to get in the , we have this really clean , streamlined boot with all this tech and then these sloppy laces just sitting on top .

Well , there's a way to get rid of that really easily .

So in order to fix this issue , it's actually very simple .

What you're gonna do is start tying your laces normally until you get to the very top .

Now , typically when you tie a knot , you tie that and you'd pull it directly down the middle , but instead of pulling it down the middle , you're going to pull it towards the outside edge of the boot almost at the actual lace hole position .

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So now you can see when I pull it over there , you end up where the knot is going to be tied towards the side of your foot rather than directly on top .

What you're now going to do as well is you're going to pull the loops .

So they're as big as possible without untying the knot itself .

So you can see the two ends are very , very short , but the loops are quite long .

You're going to end up with one loop being bigger than the other .

But that is exactly what you want from there .

All you're going to do is take the loops themselves and basically pull them height and then tuck it into the side of the shoe itself just like that .

And you can see they're completely out of the way .

So you go from the sloppy laces on top like that to a completely clean look and basically clean surface across the top of your foot .

It looks better , it feels better and the laces are totally out of the way .

And that's pretty much it guys , it really is that simple .

Just keep in mind that you can't do this with every single boot , anything that's a mid cut or stuff that has kind of a weird collar with the one piece designs .

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Sometimes the end of the lacing system at the top is too far away from the edge to where you can't really tuck the side of the laces in , you can try it and if it works for you and you like the way that it looks and feels , then go ahead .

There's nothing wrong with doing it , but like I said , it doesn't work with every single boot given the kind of weird designs that we have nowadays , but that's how you do it .

And for anyone that cares , this is something that I've pretty much done my entire life when I've had a pair of boots that I can do this with .

If I can tuck the laces in the , decide whether I'm making a video or actually playing myself .

I always do it .

They come untucked from time to time .

Be warned , you will have to re tuck depending on how tight it's done , depending on the boots , but it's really not that big of a deal and it gets your laces out of the way , which ultimately is the goal here .

Now , I know I've made a video on this before on the channel , but the channel has essentially doubled in size since the last one .

And given that I get asked about this all the time every single day .

I figured I'd make an updated video for you guys .

So you know how this is done .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

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So I'm not going to say it again .

All my social media information link down below other than that , hope you enjoyed the video .

Thank you so much for watching and we'll see you in the next one .


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