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2023-06-14 19:05:08

The Royals Caribbean Catastrophe

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Prince William and Kate Middleton .

Prince William and Kate Middleton .

Prince William and Kate Middleton , a royal disaster .

Can we look at that picture ?

I think that the monarchy is dying a natural death .

I've been really trying baby trying to this feeling for so long .

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So the queen got COVID right , Beyonce .

They got the Nicky got COVID .

No , you in go Lizzie Elizabeth and with Philip must see almost a year now .

The world is watching though royal family and wondering about its waning relevance .

So what better time to reassert her daddy dominance than the platinum jubilee .

However , with the queen's frangible state , they left it up to none other than will and Gates and what was supposed to be a royal victory lap around the Caribbean became an or an disaster .

Kensington .

And them , they just said , you know what ?

I think it would be a good idea if we go to all of our old colonies .

I just say hi , it's popping , it's popping and say what's going on y'all .

How's it going down here in the drags ?

Like uh now I'm a big envy them a big woman , them a big man .

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Them first off , how you doing ?

Cause life been hitting harder than the brick , the Craig hit Debo with and secondly , I am just teaming with excitement to introduce our special guests .

My name is Tara Mooney .

I perform in a youtube channel .

The only one that is I'm produced by a cow and I know what you're thinking .

Why did you invite Tara ?

I'm not the cow that produces edits and writes her content .

Well , let me just adjust my 10 feral heart because I have some theories of the conspiracy persuasion .

I scoured Tara's content for a sign , a move from our beloved co and I am sad , deeply disheartened to decree that there is absolutely no trace of this cow in our content .

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So please , I beg you to go and subscribe to Taris channel and prod about the whereabouts of this cow and while you're at it , you better subscribe to this up and coming content creator with Jamaican heritage .

So you know , we stand hyphenated G I am hyphenated Ja I basically cover Black British social history because I feel like it is I'm loathe to say neglected , but I don't always feel like it's very accessible given that this channel is dedicated to saving Caribbean culture with commentary by elucidating , taking out the mystique out of these other experiences , experiences such as Tara and Jays are extremely relevant because let's not lie .

Chances are that you who are watching this is from Yankee doodle town and ain't nothing wrong with that America where guns are to the left mcdonald's is to the right and anti V rally is organizing .

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And if you look far in the distance , you could just about make out the outline of this mythical American dream that everybody's raving and ranting about .

And while until the USA was clamoring about will and Jado , which we also inevitably touched on in the live stream a little bit longer than I would have liked to .

However , that is in the nebula cut of this video that you could find in the description of this video .

And as America is the cultural zeitgeist , everybody and they was talking about will and Jada and they neglected will and Kate , that's why we do what we do to show you all that America is not the world , it just acts like it is .

And speaking of act Act one , I'm sitting at the other end of a whatsapp video call with a friend that doesn't call me very much and we like it that way .

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You see , we have a relationship where we only talk if something goes wrong and something undoubtedly went wrong , I'm gonna take a big risk right now in this story and give you the guy's name because his actual name is from Carlo .

However , his nickname is Slobs .

So from Slobs call me , I knew something was wrong .

And I was quickly confirmed when the first words that came out of Slob's mouth was I'm suffering , but we got a wheel box .

So you could understand what got Slobs in , in the first place from when he was in high school , Slobs and I was cool .

He was the type of youth that always had a smile on his face .

And if you think I funny , this man was hilarious .

This man was growing up in a Jehovah Witness family and he's a big guy , right ?

So he nicknamed himself Jehovah Tick .

We had a very low bar for humor back in the day , his priority was everybody else's happiness .

He was always trying to make someone laugh .

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And the sad thing was that , you know , nobody really checked for slobs .

Nobody wondered how Slobs was outside of can Slobs make me happy .

So , trigger warning for mild homophobia homework do so the teacher was getting rather frustrated with us because Slobs has this habit of acting like the dog homework .

So the teacher pick up Slob's book bag and open it upside down and just start pouring out everything that was inside Slob's bag .

Let me tell you something .

I have never seen the look of horror .

Mm .

On slabs face .

I swear to God , this man was terrified .

Slobs could religiously skip .

Pee .

Right .

So , I've never seen slobs run before this very moment .

Slobs .

You saying go all the way over by the teacher so he could go and get to his bag .

So all these rap scallions of kids began to crowd slobs as he was shuffling around his bag trying to get everything , all of the contents back inside his bag .

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And one of these little dirty kids with their bungy fingers pick up one of his books and instead of notes being inside this book , as you would come to expect a composition book to have , this book was brewing beyond the brim with extremely detailed pencil drawings of penis , the spay Cork , uncircumcised cork yard , dick all up in the ledger yard , the whole multiplication table and the box was full up with dick pages and pages worth of penis all throughout this book .

And the kids rallied around slobs and it was like slobs like bo slobs like man , oh slobs like man , you got a book full of dicks .

There was to mening slobs .

I ain't gonna lie .

They , they really and I ain't gonna sit , I ain't gonna sit in front of you and act like it wasn't .

Me too .

I'm not , I was not the foreign that I was today where , you know , I've addressed homophobia and everything in that video .

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I was the image to a foreign who most certainly got into that little couple of kids and your slobs .

Like man , I got a book full of , but even me at that age as I saw slobs begin to cry , I was like , ok , this ain't funny no more .

Finally , the teacher came and you know , they were just like , ok , settle down kids and we all went back to our desk and everything was cool for a while , right ?

Tell one of the kids say that since slabs like meat so much , you know , meat , you get , you get it since slabs like meat so much , we call you slobs .

And that's how slabs got the name Slobs because of a of meat .

Kids creative and cruel at the same time , you know , and Slobs being the class clown that he is said , you know , you must be thinking that that's a punishment .

I like that name .

Call me Slobs .

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Throw off the class , I go on , I go on the slobs and I was just like , you know , bro , you got a , you got a book full of balls , what's going on ?

And he uncomfortably said , I just like drawing it , do I let it go ?

You know .

And to this day , I really don't know if I let it go more .

So because I could tell that he was uncomfortable and he didn't want to address this , this engagement with sexuality at this age at this time or if it was me , that didn't want to address it .

So I went stateside for college and he went over to Canada and it didn't take very long for Slobs .

Toro himself out and come out of the proverbial closet .

Slobs was out and bought I talk him about was winding up himself showing his water waste in the Pride March and everything in Toronto .

I talk about this was so happy to be out and I was so happy for him .

That didn't surprise me .

But this call surprised me .

So it's the current day and I'm sitting across from Slobs .

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Slobs has a partner .

Slobs has an adopted kid .

Slobs is out in his truth , but Slobs is bawling right now like crying profusely .

So another trigger warning for um dysphoria , he called overwhelmed with chairs , literally choked on and said that he just watched my gender as a luxury video , which if you haven't watched it , one of my most popular videos to date .

And he said he desperately needed to speak with someone about the feelings that he was having someone that actually knew him .

And I was like , you know , bro , you , you don't come out as gay like long time ago .

Like , you know , what do we have to talk about and he said that he's suffering in his body .

He , he said that he needs a body to match his mind .

And in this moment I've never wanted to just , just give him a hug .

You know , like this is Slobs .

This is my high school friend .

Like we went through the trenches to get here .

Get me .

So I ask Slobs .

I'm like , well , what's your pronouns ?

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And the crying stopped and he looked at me with a and he's like it is or it , it's , and I was like , I bet , can I still call you slobs ?

And it said , I'll punch you if you didn't go on these slabs .

And we erupted in laughter and we laughed , I felt for , for minutes , but it didn't take long for the laughing to subside and the fear to preside because unfortunately , it still had far more to tell me Slab had a very close relationship with its seven year old son .

And from what I could see , they were absolutely inseparable .

Like this kid was smart too .

Like I'm positive that this kid knew something was going wrong .

This kid is like , baby , she from the big bang theory and Slobs was petrified that this change that it wanted to make was selfish because it may irrevocably damage or change their relationship .

And I don't know what dysphoria feels like .

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But I told it that , listen , if you're suffering , being in this body that's suffering a lot on that child's lap .

Sheldon doesn't deserve that .

I mean it , his name isn't actually Sheldon but baby Sheldon don't deserve that and you don't deserve that because it sounds to me like you're being oppressed by your own biology and slabs looked at me dumbstruck and it called out to Sheldon told Sheldon to come and I was just like slobs .

What the hell are you doing ?

I don't wanna be here for this conversation .

I watched this child bonks inside the room just excited to see his father I think cause Slobs was like , listen , I need to talk to you .

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Slobs tells Li Sheldon that sometimes daddy feels more like mommy than he feels like a daddy and sometimes it feels like vice versa .

I was confused .

So I could only imagine how confused this child was .

I'm watching like the , the calculations in front of Sheldon's face and slabs could tell the child that it wants to go to the doctor to make some changes about how it looks .

And shell begins to dry up his tears and said , you know , will you still take me to the park ?

Will you still give me piggyback rides ?

Will you still make me grilled cheese sandwiches ?

And of course slab is like hell yeah , make it even better to start .

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And as they hug it , gave me a second to reflect on their relationship , not changing for the worse , but evolving for the better as a relationship can do .

I think about how much slabs had to leave behind in order to be free .

It probably had to leave its own country behind in order to be free .

So , I was sad about that .

I was sad about the fact that people like slobs , people like fantastic fok .

Can't , you know , can't have conch salad on the beach with a Heineken .

And I also thought about the people who are there who are not able to be who they are and how that's depression , their biology and their society is oppressing them .

No , their society is oppressing them because biology doesn't dictate or make you feel like you're not who you are supposed to be .

It's society that makes you feel like that .

It's colonialism , it's white supremacy that makes you feel like your biology .

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It's supposed to dictate a particular experience and slobs like everybody else deserves to be free .

Even so much as riding the shackles of binary gender is liberating for some , despite it just being symbolic , which is exactly why Barbados emancipated itself from modern monarchy , marking the island's transition to a republic .

Barbados which gained his independence from the United Kingdom back in 1966 has since been a commonwealth realm with the queen as head of state .

So you're probably wondering why Barbados even had to make this change for independence if they were already in independent .

You see many former colonies still recognize the queen in their hierarchy .

And despite countries like TNT and Grenada making this move eons ago , Barbados doing this holds some gravity .

Barbados making this decision started a domino effect independence .

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The Prime Minister of Barbados says the time has come , we believe that the unfinished business ought not to go past the 55th anniversary of independence .

Marley is probably one of the most interesting and polemic figures in Caribbean politics .

And the reason why we need to appreciate the gravity of Barbados making the move away from the monarchy is excellently explained by hyphen J .

Barbados has had an interesting um reputation with other Caribbean nations historically where they were kind of seen as little England .

So for them to have been had the goal and the audacity um to stand up in their blackness , in their anti colonialism , in their pursuit for independence , in true , you know , pursuit for true independence .

And then they made me Rihanna a national hero , didn't they ?

And then they kind of set a lot of conservatives off .

But that was , that was like , why is she wearing that dress ?

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And Barbados has always had a interesting proximity to Great Britain point where many of the beans that I encountered in the Bahamas have exuded and embodied that portion that is typically associated with Great Britain .

So for them of all people to make this move , kind of set the tone , the mood for the Caribbean .

It begged the question , why are we are part of the Commonwealth ?

That we , we share no wealth in common with what benefits do we have as having the queen as head of state .

Now , it is important to note that many of these Caribbean countries are still a part of the commonwealth of nations and that this is a symbolic change in essence .

However , as we know from the story of slabs , symbols can mean a lot .

My family are Irish .

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So we're not fans of the monarchy because of the whole colonialism in Ireland thing that being said , even people that don't like the monarchy such as my family have a weird soft spot for the queen .

And here's the thing when she dies because everyone dies .

I would be curious to see what happens when Charles becomes king because he's far less uh beloved , he's actually disliked .

So I do wonder if the monarchy will last and it's important to treat this with nuance because no country , no person , nobody is a monolith .

Surely you could find some people in the Caribbean that are fans of the monarchy of the royal family .

My nana who most likely will watch this video .

Hi , Nan Will hurl expletives at me for execrating her dare old blighty .

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That is an attitude , deeply associated with the older generation in the Caribbean in particular .

But how about the millennials and the Gen Z ?

And I don't know there's all kind of different demographics .

How do they feel about it ?

We need to be free but people here still have strong views about becoming a republic .

It changes nothing .

Is that going to be better tomorrow ?

Ok .

We are going to be in , we are going to be a republic .

Are the people still going to be living from peer chat to Pier Chat ?

But Sharon's daughter , Lana sees things differently for me becoming a republic means we end that subservience to England and the monarchy and so on on these perspectives while warring with one another hold a very interesting dialogue , the importance in having social symbolic justice when there are tangible , pressing urgent and exigent matters that plague us in the mortal realm .

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As Jay touches on very well in her response , if there was a move towards abolition , I don't , I don't necessarily think anyone would be crying about it in the black community .

It's just more , do you want me to do anything about it ?

Because I don't have the energy all the time ?

And also does it make any difference to my material circumstances ?

This is something that as a political scientist , we've studied immensely the difference between the public and the private realm .

On one hand , there's the private , this is your home .

This is where you love , this is where you practice your faith .

This is where you are familiar .

Then on the other side , you have the public , this is where politics exists or at least should it's the unpredictable side of the human condition and the reason why there's this separation is because there is an intersection of which things get gray , you know , undulating shades of gray .

And that is called the social .

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It's where one's personal privacies and Proclivities affect the public realm , think of Calvinism and where church intersects with politics is what this is most concerned about .

Ideally , we keep these things apart , however , we don't live in day , we live in the city of man as it's called and the city of man is plagued by the social .

You have to have your peace intermingling with your mash to the point where people rarely even recognize the privilege of even engaging in politics .

When we look at the French revolution , um you can't really have like a , a successful revolution or be politically engaged when you're worried about Maslow's hierarchy of needs .

When you're worried about how am I gonna feed myself ?

And it just shows the privilege of politics , the privilege of being politically active and engaged .

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So the question is , do symbols matter in a world where basic needs aren't being met where people are starving on the street dying because they can't afford health care .

And the UK would have you feel like it's this monolithic , you know , cent country that , you know , stretches from each pole and it's all artificial .

Actually , they went from drawing themselves bigger on the maps that they made and you know , slightly increasing their borders to very literally increasing their borders with imperial pursuits .

What in actuality ?

Great Britain , this , this little island .

Um It's amazing .

People forget that this is a little island uh that just had the goal to go across the world .

The audacity to go across the world .

It's not audacity which brings us to today where the British Empire is undergoing extreme amounts of devolution .

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And at the last stand against the tides of time , the royal family sends out his Pokemon to fight and with Barbados cutting the proverbial cord , it's pretty clear that there's trouble in the tent .

So on the queen's jubilee , not that jubilee and the Royals and their former colonies find middle ground this week on jubilee on the queen's jubilee .

Will and Kate set out on a diplomatic mission to maintain the monarchy's influence after Barbados set forth a troubling prognosis .

So many faux pas , is it really a faux pas ?

They meant it so many faux pas followed will and Kate like an ominous cloud , pregnant with rain , thunder and brimstone .

I mean , they were met , greeted , not with , but with protests in Belize and Jamaica and who could blame them .

Look at the skull that was digging .

Hopefully it will pop up , it's gonna pop up , it's gonna pop up and when it , when it happens , your face is gonna drop .

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It is .

Yes .

Yes .

It's just the start of its white supremacy that probably the best way to summarize it .

Like they literally sat on this garlanded throne on people's shoulders .

I was gonna talk but let me be anatomically correct .

But you have cars .

This is clearly in the horse and buggy .

The world that will and Kate must live in to find it fit to consent to being carried on the shoulders of Belize ins .

I just cannot believe it .

And the thing that so much discord ensued about is the royal family really to blame , you know , is the royal family really culpable when it comes to slavery .

You know , wasn't that other things and other institutions that was responsible for that ?

The royal family is celebrities .

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They didn't do it , which in honor of the queen's platinum jubilee , I'd be remiss if this video were not shown and it abolished slavery in 18 37 .

By then , Britain had abducted and enslaved at least 12.5 million people .

Many of them were Jamaicans in 18 33 Britain paid off 46,000 British slave owners .

They were given £20 million almost 40% of that time's annual budget .

What was this money for ?

To compensate for the quote unquote loss of human property ?

What about these human properties themselves ?

What did the government give them ?

Forget compensation ?

Did Imperial Britain even offer an apology to the slaves and their families ?

The legacy of the safe trade still stings Jamaica .

The country has been asking for justice for some time .

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Now in 2015 , then British Prime Minister David Cameron visited Jamaica Jamaican leaders asked his government to pay reparations .

Cameron was told to atone for the historical , the Prime Minister refused to even offer an apology .

This reporter's account of the atrocities at the hand of the royal family is absolutely daunting and Jay revealed even more that if you think it was bad already , it gets worse specifically with David Cameron .

Um I don't know if you know what I'm about to say next .

It's particularly galling for him to tell anybody to move on .

Given that his ancestors would have been some of those who received that slave owner reparation .

He is a descendant of slave owners .

It's , it's where he is part I think it's mostly where his family got their wealth from .

I think someone worked it out that the , the Caribbean would be owed .

I think it's about $11 trillion of today's money Africa would be about nine .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

And then I think further on in the video , she says that India would have been owed 44 um trillion David Cameron really should have just shut his mouth and ate his food .

I don't know why because he knows he doesn't know , he knows his family history .

He knows how , what funded his ability to know to eat , eat in an Oxford .

Ultimately bringing us to this question that Tara poses to us is actually extremely important .

And a question that I've pondered myself , what do we want as people that were marginalized in the press .

Can any apology ever suffice ?

That's always my question .

The existence of the monarchy represents colonialism .

And from that , I infer a real apology would be , you know , getting rid of that system altogether .

But even that wouldn't be enough if you break a plate .

Does it magically mend ?

What weight does apologies have if any at all ?

Symbolic weight for sure .

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But what about the tangible and punitive damages that slavery , imperialism and colonialism has actually enacted ?

And after understanding that position , it makes me wince to think of will and Kate in Jamaica and the wincing turns and the physical anguish when you see this picture that I'm about to show you right now , I was able to pull up uh this picture right here .

I don't know if , if both of y'all could see it , but it's extremely fuck .

Are we looking at sorry ?

What is this coupling this picture with the Belize shoulder ride that Will and Kate had is pretty clear that these were damning optics .

Was this an optics issue or was this actually Will ?

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

And Kate's perspective of the Caribbean being exposed in an exposure because it wouldn't be very far from the original colonial attitudes and to be cloistered to grow up in that colonial mindset , to have this opulence surrounding you from birth , to be told that you're a prince to be told that you're a princess .

Why would we be surprised that they would expect fanfare , panics lauding at every turn when they arrived to their former colonial countries , they expect it .

But even by royal standards in the butchered words of Morrisey , some Royals are better than others and Kate is recoiling from her and I already know what the excuses for that video are going to be .

She's royal .

They're not supposed to touch her in 2022 .

Your argument is God made them better than everyone else .

So we're not supposed to touch them .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

You can't have it both ways and you can't , you simply can't try to emulate this woman while doing things like what just happened was an excellent focal point for Tara to finally discuss the hierarchy of Royals in sky .

I would just talk about Diana when people talk about the not touching Diana .

This is a classic quote from her where people say , why don't you wear those big fancy hats ?

And she's like , what , how can you cuddle a child in a big hat ?

And she touched AIDS patients , even though at the time , people thought it might be contagious .

So even within the royal family , there's new ones because Diana was different .

Hence why I think that bad man , Ari and Megan Markle would have had a far better reception than Will and Kate and come to think of it .

Why would you send Will and Kate ?

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I'm sorry , why I mean , Megan and Ari are probably some of the most apparent celebrities of the royal family as of late given that there's already a spotlight on Megan anyway , albeit sometimes a negative spotlight , it would have surely lent a better image for them to come .

So why was Will and Kate sent by Kensington to the Caribbean Jay has some conspiracies , maybe more credence than conspiracy .

Granted that may give you an answer .

There's even been rumors that Megan and Harry were kind of sold to the wolves to protect William's image and Kate's image because Kate kind of immediately sank into the background once Megan came on the scene because she's just a lot more charismatic and interesting and far more .

She's not just some random middle class woman .

She is an American , she's a divorcee , she is half black so that Kate didn't really stand a chance .

And so there are rumors in the background , this is like celebrity crap now or whatever .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

It might have some , some some standing that part of the what happened to Harry and Megan was on the back of maintaining will and Kate's position as top young dogs as the next generation is that you can't eclipse them .

You have far more um riding on this , you are literally going to be king and queen one day and there's always a bit of truth in every conspiracy , right ?

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

But it has to be some type of explanation why Kensington Royal thought that sending will and Kate would be putting the royal family's best foot forward because it looked like will and Kate have four left feet between the both of them , both Tara and had choice words for this episode of dancing with the color , I mean , dancing with the stars .

Sorry .

Um It makes me think of uh hello , fellow kids .

I'm just chilling in Cedar Rapids .

It's cringe , but it's beautiful .

Cringe because it's like it doesn't matter how much material they give , they just can't make it work , they just work .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So it's like it wasn't even endearing .

Like there have been times when you've seen images of Charles trying his best with his right angle wins and sometimes you're like , you can't him , but let's , let's just leave him .

You couldn't feel like that with William and Kate .

You couldn't , you just , they just kind of felt like two people who you could feel didn't want to be there .

And it was like , go , go and go and touch these locals because you're getting dragged for , for having been hidden behind a fence .

So go and roll some rocket and go and do your terrible dancing .

And it must have been obvious to everyone except for Kensington Royal and Will and Kate and all the rest of them that this trip was not going as planned in the sense that this tour is slightly off key because the timing just doesn't seem to be right .

People here in Jamaica , they don't want William and Kate here and they make it quite clear .

They want reparations they also want an apology and they feel that they've been asking for these things for , for an awful long time and until now there's been no acknowledgement of their suffering or pain .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So and then Jay reminds us of a very troubling fact just in case people aren't aware , the host countries have to pay extra added layer of resentment .

Um Sorry , I actually didn't know that what , forcing their way into a visit that clearly nobody wanted , nobody needed apart from like a handful of royalists and probably people who wanted to take pictures to put on social media .

We still don't know the extent of the sponging they do of , of everyone , not just our taxpayers but other country .

I mean , do they pay for anything ?

I would like , you're on a date or at a meal and they're like , sorry , I left my wallet at home every time and they're like , you're richer than me .

Come on , you should be paying and you invited me so out of eket , you should be paying .

It's like that .

But colonialist .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So will and Kate go on to Belize and Jamaica to give a ludicrous display which brings me to the moment in this video .

My Lord , I'm risking a lot talking about this .

So if you've gotten this far , consider yourselves one of the champions of cringe because I'm sure you've cringed all the way up until here .

And this is the boss bottle of cringe right now .

The Bahamian leg of the trip and I'm from the Bahamas .

So literally literally talking about something that will get me in and I'm not a bike because while it seems like Belize and Jamaica did pretty well in expressing their anti colonial resentment towards the crown and Will and Kate an extension , right ?

Oh Lord , the Bahamas were shucking and driving .

I ain't gonna lie .

I mean , let me just show you , let me just show you what happened when they saw Will and Kate come out , come out of the car .

Lord , what is the name of this new dance ?

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I mean , even Prime Minister , the whole list of Jamaica knew that he needed to go and tell will and keep this Jamaica is as you would see a country that is very proud of our history , very proud of what she knew .

And uh we're moving on .

So instead of us doing that , we did something very different .

People were so excited , they were so wet up to see Will and Kate and I don't understand why .

I don't know why we still hold the royal family to such an omnipotent and unreachable peddle still because we know exactly how we were rarely censored in some cases with Blind Blake , one of my bohemian favorites , Blake .

Tell Perry about the song you wrote about the Duke and Duchess .

Oh , but 1940 I composed a song about the duke when he the throne .

I call it Love alone and I was singing a song around until are a knocking on my door .

I said , what was that ?

Police commissioner ?

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Police commissioner , he said , Blake , as you know , the Duke has come in here to be governor of our Ireland .

And I want you to stop singing that song immediately .

Now , don't just sing that around anymore .

I said , all right , thank you .

I'm very trepidation just to talk about bohemian blunders and mixed company because we're a very small country .

You know , uh even though we are the premier destination of tourists all around the world when it comes to our history , when it comes to our politics and , and all the rest of that , we try to keep , you know , things on the rock , but I like Fox News .

I try to stay fair and balanced and not just say that I am and I gotta call a spade , a spade , especially when that spare is sparing .

I will admit there were some protests to Will and Kate's visit initially .

But look at the people who protested by people of the same color over the media .

The public is .

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So you mean to tell me that the only I was protesting was the rosters them , the rosters .

Raster Far , I came from Jamaica originally in Jamaica .

You had the Jamaicans , the rosters come all the way to the Bahamas to be the ones that's actually advocating for our best interests .

Granted , I believe that an official statement came out to diplomatically talk about some of the grievances that bohemians had .

But you ain't , you ain't doing enough .

This royal trip exposed the Lord .

It revealed royal attitudes that weren't seen in the wild in this center stage .

It revealed the schisms , the differences between loyalist attitudes as well as abolishment attitudes in the Caribbean .

And if the goal was to remind the region why the monarchy is still relevant to this day , Tara and Jade have an excellent explanation as to why that definitely was a goal unachieved .

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Either there is a huge amount of hubris where they were just underprepared and thought that they could come with the same energy that they usually come with .

Cos to be honest with you , you had this happened 10 years ago .

I don't necessarily think people would have picked up on how poor the optics were , but I think the mood has changed .

Everybody is fed up of them because of things like Prince Andrew .

If if for no other reason than what happened to Harry and Meg uh Harry and Megan , they just don't have the charisma like someone like Diana .

So if you asked me , if we should be abolishing the monarchy , not necessarily , I think that the monarchy is gonna abolish itself .

I think with every step , they are revealing how irrelevant they truly are .

And with every buttressing figure passing away , it symbolically represents the passing of time that renders the monarchy a relic as prince will put it , relationships evolve and I think he's so right .

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Just the slobs evolve from being a caterpillar drawing dicks inside a composition book to a beautiful butterfly flying free from the shackles of oppression .

So should these former colonies transcend their titles and bask in their freedom instead of being metaphorically crap like a whip ?

Remember use the code just like these crackers , Twitter .

Couple of crackers here .

Yeah .

Basically the context is that this royalist reporter who's British has been sharing all these photos , like , look at how great they look and they're like a couple of crackers here .

And in the UK as Jay will know cracking here is like a good thing .

It's like oh cracking cheese , you know , oh that's a cracking pair of legs .

So he's like , oh a couple of crackers here like as in these are cracking photos , bless his heart .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I touch up on these videos right here from Tara and Jay to learn more about great old and tell them foreign century .

You see what they saying .


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