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2023-06-14 19:05:07

Picking up my NEW to me Honda S2000!

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What's up guys ?

It's so , and it's five in the morning .

Uh My buddy Peter is coming to pick me up uh in his car because he's dropping me off at work because I'm getting dropped off to pick up my new to me .

A P one Honda S 2000 .

I , I love cars too guys .

Um Again , I've had a 2011 Mustang G T five liter six shift E 46 M three Mazda Miata , ton of these cars .

And uh I've , I've kind of missed like the stick shift driving .

I missed like having a nice car too .

So I'm picking this up to add to the stable beside the pretty much .

So , actually last night we went to go look at the car in Orangeville .

I brought my S 2000 expert friend .

He's owned like three .

I'm sure you've seen him around in some of my videos .

Um So he kind of gave my , gave me some advice on if the S 2000 is good for the price .

It is .

It's got a little bit of a history on it , right ?

But I got it for a really good price and the condition on .

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It is actually phenomenal for the year it's in and the , the condition the modifications these guys put on the car are incredible for the value for the price that I paid .

So it's obviously not the perfect mint s 2000 that most people want to pay here , which the mint s 2000 in Canada are running almost $30,000 which is insane .

And I did not want to pay that .

Um I'd have to sell possibly a few limbs to pay for something like that .

So instead we got , what is the best value you can get at this price range for an extra 2000 ?

I think you guys are gonna really like it .

I'm , I'm so excited .

It's five in the morning .

I'm like pumped the adrenaline pumping through me .

Um I really can't wait to pick it up and I want you guys to check it out .

Good thing .

I got real friends like Peter .

Always there to pick me up in these kind of events .

There he is right now .

Oh , yes .

He's such a good friend .

Look at him .

All right .

So I got that cash money from the bank .

Um We're headed there right now .

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The guy that's selling me the S 2000 , he's got a shop , so he's uh safety and e testing it , which is all gonna be done and then I'm gonna go to the ministry register it .

Um Just make sure obviously I'm gonna do one final check of the car and make sure it's all good .

I'm gonna bring you guys in that and we're gonna check it out and you're gonna see the first images of the new family member in the stable .

You guys do everything at the shop , valve , adjustments , engine swaps every single thing .

Right ?

Damn well , shit , guys .

Check out champion .

Cool guy .

Nice shop .

Wow .

Look at that .

Yeah .

Oh , that's all airbrushed , right ?

Damn .

And that's your , yeah , that's a brand new bike .

Zero glu .

Oh shit .

We , we , we just , no , well , we just P D I and the guy wants us to break it in the dino .

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No way .

This is gonna be a track bike in about two weeks .

Oh shit , right there .

Brand new bike .

That's fucking sick .

I don't think I've ever used it .

It's crazy .

Wow , that's crazy .

It's a nice shot , man .

Really nice .

We're just checking out the car , the S 2000 with my friend Simon .

I'm gonna walk you guys through the car .

Um This is just , obviously I just came back from the shop .

I just picked it up .

Obviously , I'm gonna give it a full detail and everything , but I'll walk you guys through what's on the car ?

All right .

So it's 2002 Honda S 2000 Carbon Lip here , which is nice .

The Euro headlights , apparently those are $2000 .

That's what he said .

Probably , maybe a little bit cheaper but the Euro lights , whatever it looks nice .

Come here .

So these are Toyo proxy tires .

Like feel them .

They're like fucking brand new .

They're sticky ass tires , man .

N K N K again , I've never done Honda .

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I , I don't know the and wool wod brakes , two piece with hat and the rotor full will brake kit , carbon fiber side skirts , this beautiful white and then this exhaust is way too loud .

It's a buddy club or whatever it's called buddy something .

It's pretty .

So the problems on the car little problems .

So like here it doesn't leak , but it's a little tear here .

It does not leak .

Not a big deal there .

Outside wise , it's like mint .

There's no dents , like look at the paint and it's dirty as shit .

It's just mint but there .

Ok .

So I'll show you the two problems on the outside problem one which I'm gonna fix and address .

See here that little bit of tiny bit of rust right here on the inside .

I'm going to grind all that down on the inside .

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Put P O R 15 and I'm gonna make sure it doesn't rust pr 15 .

Is that like really good stuff that was on Jay Leno's garage ?

You guys see that rust right there , right ?

A little bit here and I checked everywhere else in the body and there's no rust .

So I'm going to make sure I take off the wheel , take everything out and address anything that's there , Pr R 15 , that shit .

And we'll be good to go .

But otherwise , so I'll pop open the engine .

He's got the headers , he's got ram headers on the engine .

So that's the mod that he's done in the engine .

Everything else is stuck , runs like a top .

It just needs a good cleaning .

Like I'm gonna detail all of it .

It's gonna be clean and nice and beautiful .

It's gonna look mint , it's gonna look minty fresh .

Like look at the paint man .

It's like immaculate .

Yeah , this is the only blemish on the paint right here .

That's it on the entire car .

It's crazy .

So inside wise , so this is probably the weakest part of the car .

So this door panel is fine .

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This bolster its it's fucked , but this is normal .

Apparently that's what Kenny said on this side on the bolsters fucked .

Everything else works inside except the ac needs a refill .

So let me put down the top now you're all ready for summer .

Seriously like straight up .

So yeah , like interior is like mint .

Steering wheel is good .

Everything's good here .

Like the only the wear on the side , the bolster on the side seat here on the driver seat .

Otherwise this seems pretty good .

Honestly , just need some tender loving care .

You're gonna like steam clean it , like put some leather conditioner everywhere , like really clean it up nicely inside everything works inside blinkers , lights , all that jazz .

All right .

So that's the reveal guys .

I can't wait .

I'm going to do some videos on this car .

I'm going to do the oil change spark plugs .

I'm going to cut and polish this thing .

So it's going to look pristine , clean out the leather .

So the DEA is going to have a big brother .

I don't know if the S 2000 is considered big .

So let's say a little brother .

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I'm excited .

So expect more videos guys if you want to see again , Ducati motorcycle stuff , the S two thousands now in the garage like this video .

Subscribe to my channel .

I will see you guys in the next video .


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