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2023-06-14 19:04:38

Silver Dollar City Rides _ Every Ride at Silver Dollar City in Branson, Missouri

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Hi , this is Amy with TPF trips , places and fun .

Today , we're here at Silver Dollar City again and we are going to go over all the rides here at Silver Dollar City .

We had a video once where we did the rides and attractions .

Today , we'll just be focused on the rides .

And when you first come into the square , you have three options .

You can go to the right , which I think most people just kind of do automatically , people tend to go to the right or you can go to the left , which is kind of our preference because then you're not hitting that huge hill on the way out of the park or you can split it and go straight down the center Trey .

We going today we're going left .

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All right , let's go behind me is the American plunge .

Now you will get wet on this ride and it's not one I ride very often because you do get so wet .

However , I wrote it recently and I love this ride .

It is the , it's really cute , really fun .

So all throughout there's just things to see and look out and then of course , you have that plunge at the bottom that will soak you and it has been here for a long , long time .

It's one of the , one of the old school rides here , Dollar City old school .

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But I think one is coming down and on a day , like today when it's 95 it's actually kind of tempting .

All right , next ride , ride , the next ride you actually access through the same entrance as the American Plunge Wildfire .

Behind me is wildfire .

One of the coasters here at Silver Dollar City .

Do you like inversions and speed ?

Wildfire might be just for you ?

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Ok .

Powder Keg is a super fun launch coaster .

So if you're ready to go from zero to a lot in a super short amount of time , you're going to love it .

That's like a zero to a lot in a little .

Yeah .

Wow .

Wow .

Thank you near powder head and at the back of the park is fire in the hole .

This may be my favorite ride on park .

This is a dark ride .

We love dark rides and since it's a bit of an indoor coaster , super fun , them , lots of Ozarks kind of nostalgia inside this ride and some dips and drops .

So a lot of fun .

Not too intense , so great for the younger ones in your family and for everybody in your family .

Tom and Huck's River Blast is behind me .

A super cute ride .

Well themed .

You will get soaked on this ride .

In fact , you will get soaked just watching this ride .

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So if it's super hot and that's what you want , it's the place to go .

If not stay far , far away , more than any other ride on the park , you get wet on this ride .

Really wet .

Giant Barn Swing is back there .

This is a terrifying ride at least for me , but super fun and thrilling swinging seven stories high , not for the faint of heart right next to it .

We have the high , low silos can pull yourself up .

This is great for the kids .

Let your styles down slowly .

Outlaw run .

This is probably my favorite coaster .

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Also the coaster that we love to ride during Moonlight Madness , which by the way is coming up very shortly at the end of the month .

In fact , the end of this week , right ?

Wow , that's exciting .

So just a really intense quick turns , super fun today .

It says there is a 15 minute wait , but the app says zero minutes .

So I'm not sure which to believe .

Hey , by the way , the app is really convenient shows you all the rides that the wait times are what the height requirements are .

So check that out .

Although I don't know if the wait times are always accurate because these are not in agreement .

As of today .

The New Raft Ride , Mystic River Falls is officially open .

Now we rode previously , look at them .

We wrote previously during the soft opening , we have a video that shows some of the them in the queue and that kind of stuff .

Now , just a side note , $7 city does not allow pvs in most of the riots point of view videos and on most of the riots , which is why you don't see us doing a lot of those .

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However , check out that Mystic River falls video for footage of the queue and you know , kind of what it looks like .

But anyway , we're super excited to have this edition another wet ride .

However , we'll get you soaking wet like you'll get at the other two water rides .

So it's kind of a good intermediate type wet ride , right ?

Yes .

And I would say it's good for kiddos , right ?

Oh , yes .

It's a great family ride .

They may be intimidated by the highest drop in the western , the tallest drop in the western hemisphere , but really my kids love it .

They were nervous at first and once they got off , they just wanted to get right back on fireman's landing is right behind me .

This is a great spot for the younger members of your family .

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And let's see .

Fire fall is even great for the older members of your family .

So let's go in real quick and take a look at all the fireman's landing has to offer .

Ok .

So behind me is fire spotter .

The hot air balloons that go in circles kid favorite .

Maybe not so much .

An adult favorite with all the circles .

The fire wagon is right behind me .

This is a really cute one , just kind of back and forth .

Not too crazy .

Great for the kids .

Now , this one is fireball a launch tower .

This is pretty intense even for me , but Eva loves it .

How about that ?

You guys riding lucky dizzy dogs , right ?

Lucky .

Going up there she goes .

Then over here we have up the ladder , a tower for the kiddos .

And then over there fireman's flyers , the swings .

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This is a grand exposition , more great rides for the kids .

And in the back part of the grand exposition rides for even the toddlers in your family .

Behind me is the Grand Exposition coaster .

A great first coaster for all the little ones in your family .

And then over here we have the magnificent Wave Carousel which we just call the swings .

The royal tea party is behind me , also known as the tea cups .

We haven't figured it out .

We have much simpler names for everything .

And then over here , oh , there's a fancy name for this too .

Oh , the elephant March .

Super cute .

In fact , Eva wants to go .

Right .

Is he ready ?

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The racing regatta also known by John and Amy as the boats .

They go around in circles .

Over here we got the galleon or the galleon and we've been in a long standing debate about exactly how to pronounce this .

We call a boat , but yes , this is one of those that goes like this and they have this mug of water right in the center that never is spilled to the very to be top , never spills a drop .

Even when you're way up here .

It's amazing .

Can we call vegetable ?

Behind me is the electro spin .

Now , to be completely honest , this is the one ride on part that my kids do .

Not like .

It's just a little too nausea inducing , I guess for them spins back and forth .

Not for the faint of heart .

I think I said that about the bar between two but this one even more .

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So behind me , you got these happy little jumping frogs over here .

Wings of wonder .

So you can ride a butterfly or a caterpillar that has not yet turned into a butterfly and back here in the back you've got some cute little lady bugs .

The flooded mine is behind me .

Another dark ride here at Silver Dollar City .

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You can hop on a boat , grab a gun , shoot some targets and travel through a flooded mine with prisoners and guards and see if you can get out , you know , before the mine traps .

You does that really happen .

No , no .

For all the kids watching out there it's a fun boat ride , shoots and targets with guns .

You will not be trapped behind me is the steam train .

The Frisco Silver Dollar Line hop on this train .

You'll get to go through the woods .

See the sights of Silver Dollar City and then see a show right there in the middle .

Actually a robber , a real honor .

Oh , no , a real one .

I always thought it was actors .

But no , he'll take your pennies in your dimes , or at least he used to .

Yeah .

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And right across from the train is half dollar holler and right in half dollar holler is this adorable carousel which the kids are riding ?

Right ?

It's adorable , adorable .

And I don't know , honorable mention right up there at the swinging bridge .

Would you consider that a ride or not ?

Are you serious ?

I am serious .

Then I will officially say no , of course not .

The Swinging Bridge has not arrived .

Although if everybody watched our last video , you really got a kick out of the swinging bridge at Dogwood Canyon .

Well , are you on your phone ?

I'm on the app and I'm going to see officially whether it is considered a bridge here at Silver Dollar City .

If it's considered a bridge , I guarantee it's a bridge bridge , a ride , a ride .

Let's see if it's on here .

Use common sense .

How is the swinging bridge ?

A ride ?

It's in the ride list , but also so is sand play .

So why don't you all vote ?

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Thumbs up if you think it's a ride , subscribe if you don't think it's a ride .

No , no , no , no .

Um So , ok , just comment .

Comment is the swinging brid .

A brid is the swinging bridge , a ride or not a ride crazy .

I think it's a right time travelers behind me , the world's fastest tallest steepest spinning poster now don't be scared of this because when this first opened , I was afraid to ride it because I wrote an emotion sickness .

I thought the spinning along with the inversions was just going to be too crazy .

But somehow it actually makes it better .

It kind of spins along with the inversion and it makes it less severe .

It's hard to explain .

But , but if you're worried about that don't be , you're going to love it , then next time traveler is thunder .

So hop on a runway buying train because this one does not have any inversions .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

It's a great option for that youngster in your family who is trying to find or try out their first poster .

We hope you enjoy this .

Look at all the rides here at Silver Dollar City .

We're super excited about that new one that just officially launched today .

Mr River Falls .

Come check it out and safe travel .


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