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Oh , hello viewers .

Welcome back to the channel today .

We're reviewing the 2020 Nissan N P 300 hard body .

Before we get deeper into the video , I'd like to take a moment to thank my buddy Daniel for the great video intro that he made .

Check out his Instagram account via the link in the description .

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This Nissan N P 300 other great cars are available for sale at Acara Motors Rwanda , check out their website through the link in the description and if you have any questions , don't hesitate to contact them , you may look at this car and say , wait , there's no way this is a car from 2020 and you wouldn't be totally wrong because this design is from 2006 .

This car was originally introduced in 2006 as the face lift version of the generation from that era .

Since then , Nissan continued building this as a cheaper alternative to the newer trucks to Nissan .

This car remains a simple and reliable working tool with an unbeatable four wheel drive system and Nissan has a reputation to build some of the best four wheel drive systems in the industry .

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Also note that in some markets , this car is known as the Nissan Navarra or the Nissan frontier .

Without further ado , here's the car's key with the remote lock and unlock buttons on the front and a Nissan logo on the back .

As we take a look around the vehicle , you'll notice that this car is really starting to show its age , a face lift of its own is very much needed to make it more compelling against the competition inside .

On the driver door panel , there is storage on the lower half and the usual power mirror and power window controls on the upper half starting .

This vehicle is as simple as inserting a key and turning just like any other car with the engine running .

Let's turn on the headlights , fog lights , high beams as well as the hazard lights and take another quick look around the vehicle .

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There are power windows in this car but only the driver's side is one touch automatic .

I will also go ahead and pop the hood so that we can check out the engine bay .

There are turn signals on the front fenders like most trucks and this one has an old school analog antenna on this black piece between the windshield and the hood up front .

We have halogen everything , halogen headlights , parking lights , turn signals high beams as well as the fog lights under the hood of the N P 300 sits a turbocharged 2.5 liter in line four cylinder that produces 100 33 horsepower and 224 point feet of torque around the back .

We have more halogen lights , halogen tail lights , turn signals , reverse lights and the two rear bumper mounted lights for the license plate are halogen as well .

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Moving back inside on the driver seat will have a lever that controls the recline angle and another lever that moves it forward and backwards .

The radio situation in this car is old school as well .

And on top , we have three buttons for the CD AM and F M to the far right , we have a CD eject button .

And on the other side , we have a mute button below the mute button , there's a power button and on the other side is the menu button , there are three menu options in this car .

First is the speed sensitive volume and this will adjust the volume of the radio depending on the speed of the car .

Next is the clock and from here you can turn on or off the clock displayed on the radio or adjust the time on the clock .

Finally , there's the beep menu .

This menu allows you to turn on or off the beep .

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What's strange though is that I've not heard a single beep for all the time .

I've used this radio .

There are two buttons for the six track function and there are two more buttons for the tune function .

On the other side of the radio , the button labeled with a music note is used to adjust the base trouble fate and balance .

Below that .

There are repeat and random functions .

There are also butters for the 6% stations around the volume knob moving away from the , the radio will have two climate vents in the middle with the single scroll wheel to block the air flow .

There is also the hazard light switch and a blank switch .

Next to that .

Next on the climate controls will have a slider that adjusts the fan speed .

Next to that is the AC button .

And above that is the slider for the air circulation .

On the right side , you have a slider for the temperature and the air direction above that .

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Below the climate controls , we have a 12 volt power outlet .

Next up , we move on to the gear levers and I say levers because there are 21 is for the usual transmission , which is a five speed manual transmission .

And the other one is for the four wheel drive system with the low transfer case .

Next , there's the usual parking brake in the middle and four blank switches around that which is weird because I don't think there's an N P 300 with actual walking buttons there or maybe they are meant to be used with auxiliary accessories like light bars in the center below the arms , we have a two tier storage area with the first tier being two cup holders and the second one is a very decent storage area next behind the steering wheel .

On the right side , we have a very minimal windshield wiper control stock with three different operating speeds .

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Next in the instrument cluster , we have four different gauges and a tiny screen that displays the odometer and trip information and a clock .

What's weird though is that the clock in the instrument cluster is not linked to the clock in the radio .

The button in the instrument cluster , adjust the clock by turning eight clockwise and anticlockwise .

You can also push it to switch between the odometer and trip A and B .

Next , we have the power mirror controls and there is nothing unusual select the desired mirror and move the dry stick in any direction to make the adjustments to the left of the steering column .

You'll have a button marked hit when you turn this on .

It makes the engine idle at higher R P MS which helps the engine warm up faster in extreme cold conditions .

Next up on the headliner , we have two individual dome lights .

There is a sun visor for each individual seat on the first row .

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The sun visor on the passenger side has a vanity mirror while the sun visor on the driver side has operating instructions for the low transfer case moving on to the second row in this car .

There's nothing particularly interesting here .

And from my personal experience new room back here is not great .

Especially for adults .

Back here , we have this small window that manually slides out of the way like in most trucks and on the ceiling , we have the usual reading lights slash dumb lights .

Also , like most trucks , we have storage area behind the second row bench and then this one to access the storage area , you pull that loop and fold the seat forward and back here is where we have the jack and the rest of the tire changing equipment in this truck .

Once you're done , you just push the seat back into position around the back .

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Access to the cargo bed is very simple .

Just put on the handle below the Nissan logo with the Turbo four cylinder .

You can carry 900 kg or around £2000 in the cargo bed of this car .

I've also noticed that the tailgate in this car is a bit heavy underneath the vehicle is where you find the full size spare tire and the tire size on this car is 245 by 70 with 16 inch alloy wheels moving on to the front passenger seat .

We'll find the glove box and inside the glove box is the user manual .

You'll notice that on the manual , it's written the 22 series even though it's in French .

And that's because this generation is called the D 22 in some markets .

That's all for today's video .

And thank you very much for watching .

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See you in the next one .


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