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2023-06-14 19:04:23

Exploring ISTANBUL & Taksim Square Nightlife!

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What is up guys ?

It's so we're in beautiful Istanbul .

Turkey .

One of the most amazing , culturally diverse and historic cities in the world is Istanbul .

We've landed here .

We're staying here for five nights and I can't wait to bring you guys along and see what the food is like , the landscape , the culture , the people .

It's gonna be an amazing experience .

We're checking in , into our hotel right now , but I'm gonna take you guys along on an epic adventure .

We're staying at Cheers Hostel , which is right in the middle of everything , right by the Sofia , the Blue Mosque , all the architecture stuff , all the historic stuff is all here and it was really cheap too .

So again , I'm looking , I'm not trying to get hotels or crazy stuff like that .

And it was a really cheap hostel and it looks pretty good just from our check in .

So we'll check out everything in a second .

So this is also a very common drink in Turkey .

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It's yogurt and water , plant chicken rice .

That's the meat .

So it looks amazing .

Let's try it .

I'm like Salv , I'm dying for some food .

I can grab this .

So I don't drop it .

Yeah .

Oh my God .

It up cash .

Oh Fuck that .

Fuck that scary man .

Holy shit .

Thank you .

I'm scared .

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Oh Where you drop it ?

I , I drop it there .

OK .

Thank you .

Thank you .

Thank you .

Thank you so good .

Oh my , that is good .

Oh my God .

First impressions of Turkey .

You've been here for two hours ?

Pretty good .

Wow .

That was really anti climactic Tony .

Let's try you on the spot .

Like , oh my God , we're gonna go back to the hostel kind of regroup .

We actually haven't had like a second to like sit like re shower and do all that stuff .

So we're gonna do that and find out what's going on tonight .

Wow .

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Going to Tax Square and see some of the bars .

We're only gonna be here Friday and Saturday this time right now .

So it's Friday right now and Saturday we won't be here for next weekend .

So I want to hit up some bar and tax them and then we're going to come tomorrow possibly on Saturday , Tony .

I can't be our Uber .

That's it .

Yo , this is some legit , Uber shit right here .

Whoa What the , this is an Uber .

What ?

Winning ?

Hashtag winning .

That is what your fucking , I haven't even got a fucking sign .

The seatbelt doesn't work .

Oh There's a seat belt on .

Oh Fuck you .

We're getting pulled over right now .

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It's all your fault like , oh wait , oh he's gone .

He's gone .

All right , everybody , you know .

You know .

No , I , I would have blamed it all on you if the cops pulled this over .

I , I was , I was ready , I was ready to jump .

Like , I'm like , we don't know , he just came in the car where actually he's hostage .

All right .

So we're in , we're walking down the street .

It looks beautiful .

Almost reminds me of Barcelona with all the lights hanging and just hundreds of people here , thousands of people here , we're going to be finding where the bars are and the clubs because I don't think this is the actual street where we find that way to kind of just , you know , settle in , into Istanbul .

It's our first night .

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I usually like just , you know , being chill , walking around exploring on the first night just to get my bearings in the area li except our slot .

Ok .

Yes .

This Yeah , natural .

Basically they give so they put a flower on it .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So I'm just waiting for my flower .

Now .

I got the head on my hand .

So we just finished out from square .

We're gonna get some donor kebabs because everything in ta is really overpriced .

So if you really want to eat something and not have like shitty touristy food , like there's some places in that are great .

Don't get me wrong .

But by our hostel , there's some good Donna places around here .

So we're gonna get some of that .

So I'm out of breath .

Because I'm walking so much .

I don't usually walk this much anywhere .

But how sad is that ?

But that's gonna be our first night here in Istanbul and tomorrow we're gonna be doing a lot of stuff , the boss for cruise and everything like that .

So if you like this video , like it , subscribe to my channel guys and I'll see you guys in the next video and I'll see you guys tomorrow .

Look what a cute dog .

Look at what , what do you want ?

What do you want , buddy ?


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