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2023-06-14 19:04:04

The LZ Compound’s 1 Year Transformation

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Hello guys and welcome to your official one year update on the L Z compound .

It hasn't officially been one year since we made the reveal video .

It's actually been 11 months to the exact date , but we have a lot of busy stuff coming up and today seemed like a perfect day to kind of give you guys a little update , a little tour show you some stuff that you might already have seen , show you some stuff that you haven't .

But overall , I've seen a lot of people asking for a comprehensive compound update .

So here it is .

So one of the first things we did , we had good old Kev come by and power wash us and entire place .

It went from being a dusty mess to a beautiful concrete paradise .

Complete transformation , Michael , put some clips in so you guys can see what it looked like before , but it was so dusty that you would drift or you do any sort of motorsport activity here and then afterwards you'd be hawking up black dust and gross things .

Keeping up on the concrete is kind of tough because some areas like this you'll see that are under trees have already gotten like back to black and a little gray .

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Although maybe he just didn't power wash , it doesn't either way .

Like certain areas that are under trees and stuff don't hold up as well .

But the areas that are in the sun still look brand new .

I know getting a scrubber and scrubbing stuff would probably help .

But the concrete dust has been killer because everything gets dusty .

We'll go back in the trails first .

The golf cart is not really meant for this .

It is supposed to be for side by side .

We want to eventually build up some really nice trails back here , but just haven't really had the time we did , however , clear out a little bit of this .

So you can go a lot faster than you could originally .

So this back here is our official burn pile .

Uh , we don't know how to have a fire .

It's not something that we really like expertise in , but we figured if we threw our trash in a pile , we could probably burn it .

We just only know how to do the first part .

So if you're a fireman and you could help us , we need to burn all this stuff because there's a lot , I'll give you guys a quick tour of our burn .

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It's a big pile .

I can't imagine .

Like , I can't believe how well the golf cart actually , like takes these trails .

It's kind of fun .

This trail looks like really nice .

All right .

The first stop that we're gonna make is , uh , I don't know if I would say it's a sore subject for Mike because he's not gonna be able to come back because I'm mic up , get it mic up sore subject for Mike .

It's a really bad joke .

Lots of bad jokes in this video .

This right here is the water station from hell .

Since we moved in here , this water station doesn't replenish fast enough for both a car wash and this four bedroom home here .

So pretty much every single day since we moved into the compound , someone has had to go to the city and get like an insanely large trailer of water for that house to be able to live .

Originally .

It seemed like a very easy fix and it's not insanely difficult .

It's going to be expensive .

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But the problem is the water systems out here are so annoying that every well company we try to get out here sees the address and they're just like , I'll go make money somewhere else because it's a pain in the ass .

We basically live in the ocean .

We're so close to sea level and the water here is so tricky to work with that .

Very few companies are down to do it .

I think we finally actually have one here today that seems promising , but that has definitely been a nightmare .

So we've got some hard core construction actually going over on this side .

Right now , this is the outdoor almost patio .

I don't know what you would call it .

So , if you saw in the last video with that TJ made you saw that this place has actually been built out basically until Drift HQ got their shop set up .

I think I'm locked out .

They've been doing some work in here .

So two of the lifts that used to be in one of the other buildings that we'll show you guys later are now in here , they've got a nice little tire rack , set up , little swamp cooler thing in here .

Um , and it's kind of a cool area .

It's got lights , it's outdoors , but it's also netted in which helps with some of the mosquitoes and stuff .

But it's cool from seeing what this was before to .

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Now , I wonder if that's how they use this before .

Maybe , maybe not .

Probably , actually , I don't know the lift .

You're right .

It did have lift poles in it .

Now , this building , you guys haven't seen anything on in a while .

This was an auxiliary storage building that had lifts pretty much the whole extent of this .

But drift two needs to shop .

This building seemed to be a perfect fit for that .

So all the lifts have been removed .

We sold pretty much all of them .

There are still a few remaining that you'll see over there and this building is about to get painted and renovated to become a shop .

So , if you guys want to learn more about that .

There will be a whole video series on the Drift HQ channel going over this place .

But already it looks huge with all those lifts out of here under here , there's usually cars stored , but because it's kind of in the process of everything moving to get that shop set up right now , it's just kind of auxiliary storage .

And then in this building , this is where the L Z team has some of their cars and their project .

So , so we've got Mike , we've got Johan , we talked about that on video , right ?

Ok .

And then we've got Booth's S 15 , that's Sean's brother's car and then we got Garza's car .

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So this is kind of uh workshop area .

We originally gonna put the dino in here .

Um But it just didn't really make sense and it's a much better building suited for a few different car projects and just like wasting this whole space for just a dino .

All right .

So we'll rip through here .

Got some random trailers stored everywhere .

There's a dog , there's two Chelsea .

There's hi guys .

Then we've got more trailers and then we've got more cars being stored , rental cars , friends' , cars , there's cars everywhere .

Some will even say you can spot a wild Jimmy Oaks car in the bushes , our gator that we had in here .

If you remember , we had a gator a long while back .

I think we scared him away .

We haven't seen him in a minute .

And then there was another one that Marco fed a hot dog .

Was it Marco that fed him a hot dog ?

Yeah , it was Marco .

The fed him a hot dog , which is a big , no , no .

Then he became too comfortable .

He tried to eat someone and then he disappeared .

Actually , that's what happened to Mike .

So , no , that made it sound like we killed the gator .

He just disappeared .

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We didn't , we didn't interfere with gator .

Got a little trailer parking storage over here .

I'm not going to show you guys inside the houses because they are people's homes .

But I will tell you that this home , some of the drift HQ crew and then the other house homes , some of the crew and also homes a bunch of cars .

This section back here is one of my favorites just because the concrete looks so freaking clean .

And this lift building is one of my favorites .

You guys have seen this building .

I feel like quite a lot recently , but we'll do a quick walk through and just kind of briefly graze over the cars .

This isn't like a full tour of my car collection , but this building , we really haven't done much to other than clean it .

So it does look nice and the floors are clean .

So this effectively as I originally intended became the area that stores my car collection .

I don't really keep a seed in here , but I do have it removed from the humidity , which is nice .

It's just very expensive to keep all the buildings like not a seed or not hot .

So this building my cars , this building is basically turned into D days .

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My friend storage slash Drey 92 collection .

So walk through , you can see bunch of cool drift HQ green cars .

Pretty much all I mentioned that the C 46 is mine .

And then down here we've got the wild collection of E 92 that you guys saw .

The video on Vargas has got two cars here and then Pat has an S 14 here .

We have the barn find and then there's a car under a cover that I'm not going to show you .

Oh yeah , Jimmy Oaks again .

We also home Jimmy Oaks truck , Jimmy's trailer .

Jimmy's pit bikes are somewhere back there .

Some say that Jimmy Yokes might be moving down with the amount of stuff that he's leaving here .

I wish it was true .

Maybe it will be someday , but Connecticut is pretty great .

So I'd be mad at him if he moved out again .

This building did absolutely nothing but this lift is new .

This lift wasn't here before we took it out of the building .

That is the Drift HQ shop .

I don't know if we're going to put one here .

I kind of like having one open spot .

So you don't like walk right in the door into a lift and you can kind of get a better view of the building .

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Um , but yeah , again , just cleaned it up and that's about it .

We'll go through my favorite , scary cut through .

Don't go through this part at night .

It's sketchy .

Uh , we'll take it right here and you guys can see what has turned into more junk storage .

We've got a wall of used tires .

I think there's some broken down ac units that we threw back there .

Oh , no , we actually threw those out .

We had to steal the copper out of them .

Every penny counts .

That's it .

I have no idea what's in there , but it definitely doesn't look like fuels , like oil , oil mixed with rusty .

This building over here , which was internally referred to as the sand blasting booth has turned into a few things .

So this building right here .

This is my official stash of tires .

Yes .

It's a little ignorant .

I know .

But we got a lot of cars .

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There's probably only one spare set of tires in here per car for being on this .

There's a lot of tires in here and it's cool .

It already had lights .

All we had to do is clean it out and move the tire shelves in here .

Then whenever we're mounting tires , we just come here with the golf cart , load it up and this would take a lot of space inside of a shop .

So being able to have it all out here just freeze up space and it makes it a lot easier versus having it in a smaller area because you can look and you can see what tires and they're really easy to pull out .

There is a lot of linearity in the tire system in here .

This building in here I think is an absolute show .

But let's find out .

So sometimes there's stuff in things and I don't want to look at it anymore or see it because it's getting in the way of other stuff .

So I feel like the ongoing thing is , oh , just throw it in the tractor room , ah , just throw it in the tractor room .

And I haven't been here in a while and now all the stuff that I been getting in my way has one up in the tractor room .

Not too fun if we ever want to get anything out of here , but it's not in the shop .

And I love that for me over here .

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This used to be the handy dandy tool shed that came with the compound .

This is turned into Collette storage .

So she also has tires and other body kits and random things that she doesn't want to have stored in her shop .

Um , so it's cool , cool , cleared it up , threw some stuff in the trash , another unforeseen headache here .

It's actually easier than we originally thought to get deliveries here .

But once they get in , even though we got a nice , pretty little sign that makes it very clear where they need to go .

The amount of time wasted per day of delivery drivers calling because they're lost because they've gotten trapped by some maze here or slammed into the side of their delivery truck by a 350 with the crackle pop tune happens more often than you think , not the three part , but then getting lost .

So , yeah , that's , we need to do a better job at signage .

I'm thinking about doing like a typical Disney Park thing with the wooden signs with arrows and things .

But we're working on that out here .

We have where I store my black trailer .

So there's a nice little canopy there .

It's perfect .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Keeps it from sitting out in the sun and getting rained on .

And then over here we got some more trailer storage .

That's our water trailer that gets filled up once a day .

I thought I was lying .

It's ridiculous when you think about it over here .

This is internally referred to as Colette's shop because it is internally actually Colette's shop .

So we're pulling into Colette's shop and then you can see this building hasn't really changed much .

We had to fix the lift because the lift stopped working .

But she's been working on all our projects in here .

Colette , are you here ?

She said , yeah , I have a lapel mic on so they can only see you but they can't hear you .

Can you come do like a cute wave for my video , just stick your head out the door and just wave .

Uh Actually we're gonna show her office real quick .

It's gonna trigger her and she's gonna be mad , but it looks really cool .

I love this to be fair .

We do have a compound group chat .

There's like 30 people in it that all get texts from it .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So a lot of people don't check the compound chat me up and I'm on a group chat .

So that's where I have to look .

The funny thing is she doesn't realize that you guys can't hear her because the mics on me and not on her .

She says she loves me so much and she's so excited to watch my video with me later today .

Oh , anyway , she's got lots of cool decorations .

It's a very collette feeling shop .

Um We'll back up on out of here and I'll show you the rest .

This is the car wash bay until we get the water situation resolved .

It hasn't really been used for much of washing cars because otherwise we will end up using all of the water for the home .

So most of the cars have been getting washed from a mobile detailing truck or Jeff will schedule and plan getting water for when he has to wash cars .

It's really inconvenient .

I know we got to get that figured out .

And then in here is the little detailing area .

I don't know where the light switch is , but all the detailing products live inside of this cabinet that's locked .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I don't even get the key figures .

And then over here this building which Collette is going to build out to your shop right now has just been kind of auxiliary car storage .

So I don't know , I'm assuming Collette made a video or Nick .

Nick made a post , but Nick now works here full time with Collette California Nick .

So that's his S 14 over there .

And then Collette has some of her cars being stored in here .

E F C F C F C R A , a lot of choking hazards on the floor .

We're rolling up to what is internally referred to as the linear burnout box .

You'll find some random tire marks going through the grass more often than I'd like .

They're from me getting a little too carried away as I'm chasing people throughout the compound .

And then this is our storage container that we actually brought from the other building over here because I already bought it and it works out well for storing things back here .

Sometimes we'll park cars , pallets .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

You don't want to drive a car through here because there's usually nails and stuff in case you ever find yourself at the compound .

Sure to let you know another beautiful shipping receiving sign .

However , you'd be surprised at how many times they would go to like the lift building and drop packages there .

That's not where you ship and receive I could , but we usually have most of the same drivers at this point and they already know where to go .

So this place came with these stairs .

We did end up buying one other set of stairs , but we need to get one more because every time we need to go up to my secret storage , I got to get this thing up and it's a process .

I don't think I've ever brought you guys up here in a video originally .

I think I talked about this being uh I don't know if I talked about what this would be .

I thought that this would be auxiliary storage for drift HQ .

It turned out to auxiliary storage for Adam because Adam has way too much stuff and getting this place kind of enabled me to get more junk that I don't need like a beautiful S 15 front clip .

Ok ?

Because things pop up like , oh , I want S 15 dash .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Oh , and I would like the rack from this S 15 or for an extra $300 .

You could have the whole clip with a hood fenders , all this junk that I don't need under here sub frame .

So things like that have been happening to me pretty often and that's how this place was born .

So we've got an A 90 super hood , we've got lots of spare parts from the F D car wise , fab a bunch of radiators , some rear crash structures infinite supply of T 03 lips and barrels .

We've got a 1 80 S X type X with an O E M front lip , uh brand new cookie bumper bunch .

I basically have the full 1 80 body kit .

You guys probably know where I got that from , but we won't talk about that .

Um And then we've got my collection of doors that are eventually going to become uh like hung on my wall and look cool as displays .

I love that because you can kind of see the differences between both liveries .

Yeah , that .

Ok .

Sub frames .

We got a lot of sub frames .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

A sea of exhaust , more body panels skirts .

This is fun though .

Come over here and I'll show you where the real fun happens .

Got Turbo S wheels , got a six X D transmission that was a spare that I just sold .

And then two Jay Z race engine that I need to figure out if I'm going to sell .

If I'm going to put in something .

There's a red E 92 interior for an E 92 M three that I bought a while ago .

And then I sold because it was too rusty to use for drift week .

And then I didn't end up going on that drift week .

I forgot I had an S R 20 up here , but there's a black S R 20 up here that I got at one of the F D stops and then we've got some diffs .

It's a lot of diffs , some drive shafts , some blocks .

Is it bad that like , I don't even remember what those blocks were from .

Let's look , let's find out this doesn't look like a Jay Z .

This looks like a R B , oh , I think this is Tommy's rod .

Knocked G T E bottom in that .

I stole the neo head off of and then this , uh , what's this ?

This looks like a two J probably cracked , I guess or something's wrong with it .

And then over there , we don't need to go over there .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

That's just kind of auxiliary storage for merch .

Got a bunch of L Z M F G steering wheels support L Z M F G by L Z M F G steering wheels .

A set of Ricardo Confetti seats .

If you're an O G subscriber , you'll be able to recognize what car the seat came from .

See , that's why I got the front clip s 15 dash in here .

Uh We redid the floors that used to be green carpet .

Um I don't think we did any painting in here , maybe replaced some lights , but this is kind of like operations for merch .

Nothing really gets packed in here unless I maybe need to come sign it .

But stickers get made over here .

We've been starting to do more sticker packs and stuff .

We make all our cut stickers in house just for you guys and we got lots of cool different vinyls and stuff .

This is internally referred to as the linear and this is internally referred to as the signature table .

I've always signed anything with any order .

All you got to do is put it in the order comments .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

If you order anything from L M F G , it basically gets put on the table and then I get a text sigs are ready for you , Adam and the sigs are the signatures , not what you guys might think a sig is .

So I come here , I sign it , it usually comes to you guys quick .

But if I'm out of town , it might take a little bit longer in here .

This is where all the packing goes on for merch .

The shelves are actually a bit empty right now .

We just have the E 36 drop that sold out in 24 hours .

That was awesome .

And then also we have all the parts that are going out to the people that got steering wheels and chairs .

I signed a bunch of parts from the S 15 , but that promo is over because we ran out of stuff to give away .

But in here , this used to be like a welding room .

We put down some Swiss tracks that I had left over from the F D activation area since we're not doing F D with our rig anymore , which made this place look a lot nicer .

Some shelves .

We got hats and hoodies .

Lots of fun stuff at dot com .

And then here we have the Drift HQ building .

It's weird because I've given this tour to so many people that have stopped by .

But I feel like I haven't given you guys a comprehensive tour in a while .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

But this building was originally the automotive shop of the previous owner , then became our automotive shop .

I told you guys that I plan to move to the other shop because from the very day that we closed on the compound , we already knew the Drift HQ thing was happening .

We just didn't tell you guys because we didn't know that it was for sure happening .

I guess we didn't know that it was for sure happening .

But we wanted to save the element of surprise .

So there was another left here and I think actually more lifts back here , those are all gone .

It's down to one lift and that lift will eventually be removed once the other Drift HQ shop is set up and then we have two doors for shipping and receiving , which is why this building made more sense than my giant shop with the pass through doors .

So you guys have seen these shelves .

We talked about it before , but we have a lot of stock from PR P over in Australia makes a lot of cool stuff .

Um A lot of P MC adapter kits filling the shelves over here .

If you guys need to adapt any transmissions , we've got lots of I S R parts here , D E I , we've got a ton of gear turbos , so I don't want to make it seem like this is a marketing video .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

You guys already know most of the stuff .

But I'm off chance that someone clicks this video that hasn't seen in a while if I could sell them the be sick until we get a permanent set up for the dino .

We haven't decided on which building it is necessarily going to go into .

But over here we were able to run a wire through the wall from what used to be the machine shop .

So whenever we have to tune a car , we just pull up the hub dinos and we set it up in here .

And the reason why we had to move the Dino from where it used to be is because this space that used to be kind of like a machine shop and where we originally called the tractor room turned into offices .

So I'm pretty sure we showed you guys this at one point , but d found some pretty cool cubicles , got some nice floors in here .

And then this set up over here has a little SIM rig and a bunch of the demo seats that we have on little stands and stuff .

Then in here they just finished up this beautiful new office .

Dorte is sick with the granite .

Check this out the craziest conference desk table I've ever seen So this is Duarte and Chris's office and it's really cool and I'm jealous .

When you guys see our office , you'll know why we've shown this area a bunch .

I talked about this corner becoming the little tire machine area .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

The vision came complete .

We've got a bunch of ignite barrels .

We've got a little ignite to , we've got the tire machine and the tire balancer from them pack in here .

You guys have seen the paint booth .

I don't really need to show too much detail .

It works , it works great .

Uh The oven doesn't currently work and it's gonna be expensive to get that whole system reserved , so we haven't done it yet , but in here , Collette got the whole paint mixing room outfitted with house of color stuff , which is really cool super bowler paint .

Uh But again , in here , we just kind of cleaned up and just got right to work over here is the sea of engines .

So there's a bunch of random stuff .

The burn G G 3 50 motor sold .

I've got someone , I think that's coming soon to come .

Pick up the new G G 3 50 motor .

Uh Actually , I think he might have backed up .

So if you guys want to buy it , it's 20 grand .

Look on ebay , I'm hooking it up .

It's got 300 miles on it .

Gen two motor talk to me .

Nice back here .

More storage and random car parts and body kits and things .

And then over here we have these giant racks of wheels and tires .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

The idea is to be able to back a black trailer like my black trailer into this building and be able to just load all the wheels and tires , which would be really cool .

It's been super convenient having this prep room anything to do with fiberglass sanding body work .

It keeps all the dust and contaminants out of the air and out of getting on other stuff .

So right now , look here , the homie Josh is getting some work done on the C four Corvette .

The man when it comes to fiberglass repair .

If we've got a tag , I'll put it on the screen right now .

Can I show what you did on the other side ?

What he actually did on this ?

He puts fiberglass tape down and he was able to fill the gap that there was on this kit I think we've mentioned before .

But this Bjork kit was like a prototype and we're getting him remade in better shape .

But since I had one of the prototypes , we want to make it fit super good .

So he laid down this tape like you see here and I was able to fill in and close the gaps to her .

Now , look how good that looks over here .

This I don't remember .

OK .

So this used to be in an upholstery room .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

All those tables have become scattered around the compound and we actually use them for a lot of different stuff .

This is eventually going to be like the fab shop .

And the idea is we'll be able to close this door , keep this whole area air conditioned and open the door to the shop .

So we'll effectively enlarge in the shop and then the shop can kind of encompass all this .

I'd like to really do like nicer floors in here , maybe posh concrete or something that's really durable for the shop , but also looks nice .

So you have that transition from gray to more gray and not gray to brown and then we'll go up here and this is more so the parts that we use on a daily basis if we need to grab something , everything from spark plugs , Turbos shelves separated by car .

Like this is AJ Z X shelf over here .

This looks like a s chassis shelf .

A Z shelf .

I think this is probably our chassis shelf and then just lots of shelves dedicated the cars and bins of hose .

I got hose for days .

Don't tell Collette though .

Get it .

This is just kind of our like fluids room .

So there's some random things of fluids and cans of paint and stuff .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I kind of don't like it here though and I want to put it in a cabinet in the shop just because it's knowing to keep running back and forth when you need to grab stuff .

But , uh , the idea is to get as much clutter and stuff out of the shop that doesn't really need to be in the shop and it's worked well because it is so close .

I would like to maybe put a bathroom in there though .

We need more bathrooms here .

Oh , I need to talk about that .

Give me a minute .

We redid the carpet on this area too with the same stuff you saw in the other place .

It kind of peels up .

We painted the railing with a fade .

It's cool , kind of tacky .

I don't know how I feel about it .

TBD up here .

This is the lounge that I've been super excited about since day one .

Pop .

Some new light bulbs in it .

You can change the color on them on the phone and I play with a little too much .

Got a pool table , a Facebook marketplace and Savio got me hooked up some granite countertops , my podcast table , which is coming soon to my youtube members section .

I'm going to post them there and then eventually they'll be on other streaming platforms .

Got a little lounge area that's still not built out .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Finally with my Diy Hung TV , some speakers around here and then my collection of Blitz Oh Threes and a simulator that I still need to build a computer for out of breath .

There's a lot of stuff to talk about and I'm trying to keep it really quick because I wanna keep engaged .

I wanna make sure that everyone on the video , likes the video because if they all like the video and they all leave a comment , my engagement is super good .

I please the algorithm and when algorithm is pleased , everybody's pleased .

So in here in our offices the other day , we had a real situation .

You might notice that all the carpet is ripped out by the bathroom .

Well , what would you say if I told you that we've had issues with the septic system in this place from day one and the other day it all came up from the ground and went all over the place and it smelled like trash .

Uh , two biggest issues with this place that we've been fighting , uh , the septic system and the water system , I already talked about pretty much replacing like all the ac units here .

And that was the biggest , I don't wanna say unforeseen expense because I knew it was gonna happen .

But that was the biggest expense in the beginning .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Now , that water system and the septic system are two huge expenses that we're dealing with now and I'll show you the septic system in the rear and you'll kind of understand why .

But we redid this kitchen pretty early and it came out beautiful again .

Massive shout out to hooking it up , getting the granite all done .

You know , the sinks don't work either right now .

So that's the whole thing .

But we'll come over here and you can see this is our little package room with packages and things .

The bathroom , we got redone too .

We're not going to go in there because it stinks .

And then in here actually , we should show the bathroom because the tandem potties are pretty cool toilets , redone .

Bathroom James office , my office that I haven't been working on because it smells really bad down here .

That's why it's a mess .

Don't look at it .

And then my office , Jimmy has a bunch of parts in here too .

Jimmy's parts are literally everywhere .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I know , maybe if you know , septic systems , this will make sense to you , but it was never really done properly when it was first installed .

I think it was not raised up enough , but it doesn't drain properly and the system isn't big enough for the amount of people here .

We've got over 20 people in here every single day .

So that's going to need to get redone .

Look , it's a paro .

The reason that's being driven over here is because I've decided it's time to sell the Pao mini .

I don't do anything with it and it's kind of killing me seeing it sitting .

So we're going to detail it up today and post some stuff on like Facebook marketplace or something to see if someone wants to buy it .

Maybe one of you will , you never know all wheel drive turbo high mileage .

I think it's got like 200,000 kilometers on it , but she rips .

There's a lot of concrete .

I like to get redone here like this ground right here is kind of a little cobbled up .

We've got someone that we've been talking to and we might have some like little additions put on like this right here .

Creating all that grass to be just filled in one straight pathway would be really cool .

Then it will kind of open up the burnout pad a lot and some cool little obstacles if we can make it happen , but it's going to be expensive .

So I'm pushing that off for now .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

These are our temporary potties that we got , we had to get a bathroom trailer because of the whole situation .

So there's that this is where everyone parks their cars and then the toor home is actually hopefully fingers crossed , going to be sold this weekend .

Got a cool dude coming down from Tennessee .

I think he's going to take it .

So we'll be saying bye to my beloved to home .

I'm going to miss it .

There's a lot of good times in that Chelsea Deno sprayed mud on my wall and never cleaned it .

I originally didn't think we'd end up using this garage for anything .

But as we stay more at the compound and less at the other house that I have , it became kind of inconvenient to have cars parked really far away .

And then I have to take a golf cart in the middle of the night to and from the house So this turned into the Daily Garage .

I just got the Swiss tracks done in here , so it looks a lot nicer , maybe put up some decorations .

I kind of want this to be like the Porsche corner and then this is just what other other car is rotating .

Uh , probably most likely Colette's car .

The chaser was just in here because we got back late .

Um , and then over here we've got all the compound go karts , which have been a blast around here .

We're gonna be using them soon .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

It's been a little bit too long since we used them .

And then we got the crazy cars , the taxi garage just got all dialed in so we can start ripping these things again .

It's crazy .

We've , uh , I'd say probably a total of maybe 3 to 4 months of living in this house collectively over the time that we've owned the compound .

So we've been staying here a lot and we've done pretty absolutely nothing to the place , this whole pool area got power washed because it was really , like , gross and grimy and all of this was really gross and grimy .

Other than that though , uh , planted some little flowers and bushes .

The dog has got a little poop pad , but you could tell they don't like using it because they're poop everywhere else .

And then we've got this log .

Oh , dude , I so badly would love to try to run across it right now .

That'd be risky with your mic equipment .

They have these at Woodward where you run on them and try to spin the other person off .

So , why not get one ?

I said , and I did and I've used it once because it got too cold .

So , walking through here we got a little cabana where the food and stuff and then here we got the puppies .

We've done absolutely nothing to this entire place .

Decoration wise .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

It pretty much exists just how it was before .

Hey , she doesn't like being filmed , Mike .

It looks identical to how it did before .

Um Zero decoration changes even using the furniture that came with the place .

It's one of those things where I've struggled with not committing fully .

Like I feel like either we got to tear this whole entire place down and rebuild it because I don't want to like buy stuff and then buy it twice because all this stuff is just super dating in here , dude .

Come on .

So anyway , yeah , this place hasn't really changed at all .

And last , but not least we have the shop , you guys have seen this area more than anything else in videos and this is probably the space that has undergone the biggest transformation .

I forgot to mention up when we were up in the lounge that the windows did get extended like I had in my original vision .

It's kind of crazy that it's been less than a year here and so much has changed , but also not so much has changed .

We're walking in here .

It's the same floors that came with the place that uh , walls got painted gray , that used to be tan .

We got nice new cree lighting , the Ben Pack lifts .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

We have the air system that we haven't fully run yet , but we have the reels and then we have the power systems on the side and then the stationary cars or like products that can be worked on the ground kind of live over here .

And then in here we have kind of the main common work space .

With that being the fab Lift Nick is working on Collette Corvette over there right now and then the R 32 which I was going to make you guys wait for the next video .

But for the end of this video , since we're pretty much wrapping up the tour , we give a little sneak peek because tomorrow fingers cross .

I don't know if it will be in the next video or not , but this thing is pretty damn close to starting up again .

We ran into a little bit of an issue with the turbo side and we might change some things around .

But regardless this thing is going to be back and ripping very soon for those of you that have been asking for this video .

I hope that this had some of the stuff that you wanted to see in regards to compound updates .

It was fun making it .

Like I said , I've given this tour a lot of times , but I haven't given it to you guys .

So I hope you enjoy this video .

I've got another super special video coming up next and I'm really excited to post and I hope you guys will enjoy that one too .

Make sure hit the like button , comment , subscribe , turn the notification bell on .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I always forget to ask you guys to do that , but I'll see you soon .


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