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2023-06-14 19:03:58

Secrets to Winning on Slot Machines in Las Vegas! 🤫

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Ok .

Hey guys , it's Ruby .

We are back in Las Vegas and we are going to be sharing with you secrets to winning at .

I'm going to be sharing with you how they work .

Common myths and some strategies to help you win money , including my number one tip to increase your odds .

Sounds pretty good .

Right .

Let's get started .

The first thing you need to know about slot machines is that they are random number generated or R and what this means is that every single millisecond that this machine is sitting here without being played .

It's constantly thinking and it's constantly changing .

It does not stop thinking until you hit that play button .

Think of a slot machine as a giant calculator .

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And it's balancing out its skills of how much money goes into the machine versus how much money is coming out of the machine .

It has a set percentage level of what it needs to pay the players based on how much money is going into the machine .

Typical casinos in Las Vegas are going to have a payback percentage of anywhere between 90 to 96% .

That means out of 100% that you put in between 90 and 96 of that is supposed to come back to the players .

Basically , just know that while you're playing , the machine is trying to decide when the last time it paid out and if it needs to start paying back money or not , unfortunately , you don't know when that's going to be because it's random .

So now that you have the basics on how the machines work , let's talk about some common myths that a lot of players believe that simply are not true .

The first one which we are definitely guilty of is ladder betting .

A lot of people believe that if you just change your bet levels while you're gambling , it's going to increase your chances of winning .

That is a myth .

It's not true .

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The slot machine does not care which bet level you're betting on .

That does not change your , changing your bat level to a lower bat is actually hurting your chances because if you hit a bonus now you're on a lower bat level .

So always be at the highest bat level that you can on the denomination you're comfortable with .

Let's talk about a common myth that people get really frustrated with .

You played out your money , you lost , you walk away from the machine , someone else sits down , bam , they hit a bonus and you're thinking that was supposed to be my win .

No , it doesn't work that way .

As soon as you got up and walked away .

The random number generator started thinking and thinking and someone else sits down , that was their win .

That win was not just sitting there waiting for you .

That is not how slot machines work .

So don't feel like you got up too early .

It just doesn't work that way .

Common misconception .

You cannot stop the real .

The second you hit the button the first time your fate was decided , hitting it again is just stopping the screen , but you're not changing your odds of the win .

The machine already thought out what you were going to be winning .

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So hitting the button super fast is just killing your bankroll .

Remember , timing is everything on these slot machines .

So don't be the button slapper person .

You guys please use your players cards .

One of the common myths I see perpetuated all the time is that using your players card is going to make you lose money that's illegal .

And casinos cannot do that .

Gambling is more regulated than alcohol and tobacco put together .

So I promise you they're not scamming you out of your money .

Honestly , by not using your players card , you're just losing out on comps .

The casino is rewarding you for showing how much you're playing .

You might be wondering why they're doing that if they're not tracking you or trying to like make you lose .

And it has everything to do with data .

The most valuable commodity to businesses is data .

They live off it they want to know where you're playing , where you're eating , where you're staying .

So by using your players card , they're rewarding you with comps .

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I may have lost a lot of money on slots , but I have earned thousands of dollars in comps from casinos for playing .

So don't leave that money on the table .

Use your players cards .

We always do unless of course , Mr Ruby forgets to bring in .

So I made a comment that I never win on free play .

And a lot of you guys commented , it counts the same as regular money .

You can totally win .

No , that's a myth .

It does not count like real money .

Remember I told you that the slot machine is doing an accounting record of money in money out , but when you use free play , it's not counting that towards its record .

So technically , you're kind of in a limbo , you can still win .

It's a random number generated , but the odds are against you .

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So now that we know all these myths , it may seem like there's really nothing you can do to increase your odds and it's all luck , but there is one guaranteed way to improve your odds on a slot machine .

And that is playing at a higher denomination by raising from a penny slot , which has the worst odds up to a five or a 10 cent .

You're going to increase your odds of winning and even better .

You can still be the same amount of money .

But at a higher , if you're playing a penny slot at 250 go up to the five cent and play at 50 cents , 50 cents times 5 , 250 .

I guarantee your odds of winning will improve .

Now that you know the secret , that higher denomination equals more money .

That explains why all these slot play youtubers are betting such crazy amounts at such high denominations .

If you're betting like $1000 a spin , your payback percentage can be as high as 98 percent pay back .

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But you don't have to be like a high roller to play like a high roller .

Check out the high limit slots area .

Sometimes they have a minimum of a $5 bet and your odds can increase in there because the denominations are higher .

So I have a few tips for you guys on finding a good machine and the first one is going to be , don't fall for things like this .

There are three different dancing and drums machines here and they all have different levels of coin pot .

You may think that having this full coin pot means it's going to hit sooner wrong .

It's just a graphic .

It doesn't mean anything .

They close randomly .

So don't fall for stuff like that machines do that all the time to try to draw you in , but it's random .

It doesn't mean anything for someone who is a new player .

My suggestion is definitely look for machines that are considered low volatility .

These mean that they're going to pay you back more often , even though the wins aren't going to be as great .

Generally , I would say to try to avoid the high volatility machines , unless you have a really big bank role .

Examples can be like huff and Puff Wheel of Fortune Buffalo .

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Sometimes you're going to notice that slot play channels do like these games , but they have a high bank role .

And so it's high risk , higher reward .

A lot of slot players swear by playing the old school machines .

These are the three real machines .

There's no big bonus features , no bells and whistles , just lots more chances for you to win your money back .

Good examples would be top dollar pinball , double diamond , triple lucky seven s triple stars .

People consider these to be more low volatility and really good ones to start .

Another one you guys should try out would be a major must hit , buy machine .

So these are machines that after a certain amount of money has gone in , it has to hit if it's looking like it's really close play that one and it could be your chance to get a major jackpot .

A great example of this is Thunder Cash and a lot of people swear by that machine .

So I've mentioned this before on my channel , but commercially licensed slot machines are less likely to pay out because they do have to pay royalties .

They're really fun to play though .

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Another great machine to check out is cash burst .

Basically , little bubbles of money are going to pop up on the screen .

And if they're down at the bottom , you have a lot of chances to win them .

If you hit the cash first symbol , sometimes people leave behind really big ones like 100 bucks .

So you can try to play after them and see if you'll win it .

Cash machines are not the only way people leave money behind .

A lot of slot machines have compounding wilds .

This means that the Wilds build up at the top of the board and then they can all come down at once and you can win really big .

We were just playing a machine recently and we had a big bonus and we were ready to cash out , but we still had a ton of wilds left on the board .

So we had to keep playing to make sure we used up all the wilds .

Be very careful that you don't leave those behind .

Let me give you guys just a little bit more gambling advice .

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If you're taking a long trip to Vegas and you're going to gamble , set the amount that you are going to gamble every single day and stick to that budget , maybe put the money in separate envelopes , play down what you decided the bank role was and then stop also never play on your winnings heard .

So many people tell me that they were up like 809 100 bucks , but then they gambled it all away again .

Don't do that .

Save your winnings .

Set those aside so that you go home with some of your wins .

That way you're never leaving down , they even make gamblers safe for people that cannot be trusted with their own winnings where you can't even unlock it until you get home .

Ultimately , you guys gambling is supposed to be fun .

It's entertainment .

We break almost all of these rules that I shared with you guys .

We're betting penny lots .

We play licensed games sometimes because we're just trying to have a good time .

I look at it like this .

I don't go to a concert and spend money on it and then expect to get anything back but a good time .

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And I look at gambling a lot like the same way .

I just want to have fun and maybe I'll hit a huge jackpot .

But if not , I want to enjoy myself .

I hope you guys enjoyed this video , found it helpful and fun .

And I hope to catch you guys all in my next one .


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