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2023-06-14 19:03:53

How to Make Kaymak (Clotted Cream) From Fresh Milk

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Hi , everyone .

This is a welcome to Turkish food recipes in this episode .

I wanna show you how I make , which is clotted cream made from fresh milk .

We eat this on breakfast with all kinds of homemade jams .

Specially it goes so well with rose jam .

I don't know if any one of you ever tasted .

And I recently made rose jam too since it's the season .

Let me know if you are interested in that recipe too .

Ok , let's make the clima .

Here .

I have five liters of fresh milk .

It comes from a farm which is close to us .

I can see it uh from my window .

Actually , the funny part is since I live in the high floor of my building , I see many places but this is really close .

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So , since my milk is fresh , it is not pasteurized and I'm going to boil it and after it begins to uh boil , I will continue to boil in simmer .

Low heat .

Be careful , keep an eye on it .

It might boil over and we don't steer the milk after 20 minutes .

I turn off the heat and let the milk cool down after it is cold enough .

I will continue to chill my milk in the refrigerator .

And the next day , uh , since the , the clotted cream is lighter than the milk , it will float on top and let us collect it .

First .

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I have the cream from the middle and with a colander like this , just fold it over and drain the milk and put it in another bowl .

You can gently scrape from the sides to get it easily .

And this is the second one depends on how much uh fat your milk is .

The or clotted cream you're gonna get will change as long as you can get a fresh milk from a farm .

It is that easy to make it .

You can use this as a heavy cream on your ice cream recipe .

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Recently , I used it instead of condensed milk on my Turkish recipe and in the Chamba dessert video , which was very popular .

I also served it with .

It really changes the taste of the dessert you serve it .

It is hard to explain how delicious it is .

You just have to taste .

And of course , the best part is to enjoy your fresh with home made , all different kinds of jams in your Turkish breakfast .

So I hope you give it a try and taste it for yourself .

You can watch the shamble , the desserts and Turkish breakfast recipes on my channel from the links .

Thanks for watching and I hope to see you in another delicious Turkish food recipes .

A to .


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