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2023-06-14 19:03:38

LZ Compound’s Executive House & Official Overview

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This is where I came in and did the 1 80 for the pit stop in front of this house , Schulman really , really wanted his own little hangout area .

So pretty much everything here for being abandoned for five years .

Like it's pretty amazing .

This is gonna be quite a shock .

This is the room .

I feel like if it's out of any of the room , we're gonna find the treasure .

What is that ?

Oh , we got our own .

Hey guys , welcome to today's video .

We spotted our new friend .

How crazy is it ?

Dude ?

Armadillos do not look like they belong in Florida .

Look at that cute little guy .

I can't believe that we got this for the opening of our video .

It's so cool .

It's funny because I was gonna act like armadillo and I was gonna do that same exact thing and he literally stole my job .

How close do you think we can get to it ?

Are they mean everybody ?

You want some Cappuccio ?

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Oh oh my heart .

I bet that's what Collette heard over her .

Yeah , Collette thought there was a stalker in the bushes .

Was probably freaking Arnold guy .

What's his name ?

Arnold Arnold before we dive too deep in this house .

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So , thank you movement .

Long time sponsor , always appreciated and let's start exploring this place .

All right guys , official .

Welcome to this video .

Now , we're good .

Don't mind the post apocalyptic siren going off in the background .

I think that's our neighbors .

Long story .

So we're walking around one area that I didn't drift , which is kind of funny because I think this is gonna be one of the most fun corners to drift in the property .

There's a light that's gonna need to be removed , so I don't hit it , but there's all this big land concrete here .

I feel like I did like a weird welcome to this video guys .

This is the last tour of the compound .

I know you guys have been enjoying this series .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

It's been a blast for us and we're ready to get rolling with some renovations , cleaning this place up and start working on some cars .

But I got to show you the last executive house as well as a couple of other small little buildings around it .

But this is the corner I was talking about .

This is a beautiful kind of like sweeper into a hairpin .

Look at how fun this looks .

I did drift it once off camera and it felt sick .

Uh One building that you guys haven't seen yet .

This is another building that kind of has some like cracking issues going on .

We don't really care because we're not going to do a lot in here .

Another Florida water river .

O let's go next door .

I'm pretty hyped on this .

I don't know if it works .

Look at this thing here .

You thought those other generators were cool .

This thing will power the whole freaking property .

Look at that thing , dude , that's like a freaking 35 84 R s on there .

So cool .

I'm excited for the day when we have the confidence to start this thing out .

It's a diesel so I'll probably run but I don't know anything about it .

It looks big and scary .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So uh yeah , this is a , that's a bad dude .

Thing's pretty sick , isn't it ?

Yeah .

So I got this little generator over here .

I don't know what this thing is .

I think this has something to do with fuel .

There's like a big fuel tank behind here .

Yeah , like it's full .

That's cool .

We're ready for the Apocalypse .

No real updates in this video .

I'm actually just filming the day after we made the last video .

So pretty much everything is the same except for spotting that over .

We mopped me and Mike mopped the whole shop .

It looks great now , but like I feel like we can mop like eight million times and it still wouldn't look perfect .

So we're looking into getting one of those like ride along Boni things .

So if you got like a family business and you can sell me one at a great deal of value price .

I would love that this house right here .

So this is the last house .

How funny is it too ?

Like , I know that this is obviously not for race track purposes , but doesn't that look like something you'd see at a race track ?

Like a little corner extension ?

Wonder if I was to get like a big rig or something through here .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

This will be me and Collette's place .

You look here , we have some uh settling issues with the concrete pretty easy to fix .

Not super worried about it because I don't ever plan on drifting back here .

It's kind of like a dead end parking lot .

Um Don't judge a book by its cover because it's really ugly from the outside , like weird architecture going on and it's got some staining .

But when you guys see like the bones of this place , it's actually pretty rad .

As always when there's a building , there's an alarm and , and something else , of course , the house has to have a massive garage .

And it's funny because , you know , compared to other shops all across here by the smallest one , but still , like , if I had a five car garage in my house , I would be so happy .

And it's funny that this place just kind of makes you feel like that's small .

But this is amazing .

What , 12345 comfortably , air conditioned , nice lights , beautiful roll up doors .

What more could you want ?

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Every time I make these tours , I just keep selling myself on this place .

What a great value deal .

Let's go to the house before we go inside .

I'll give you guys a quick walk around .

AC unit does work , which is tight .

The whole place is screened in .

It's got like this weird walkway that goes all around , but then it stops by the front door and there's no way to actually get to the front door entryway .

Kind of bizarre .

But they're like some industrial screens .

So they haven't been blown out or damaged by any hurricanes or anything , which is pretty tight .

I don't know why the front door is in the backyard .

It is .

Yep .

Maybe he planned on buying the land next door and then they decided they didn't want to sell big set of times .

Oh , look , it's a Corvette .

That's Trevor's .

He left it here .

I wish it was mine .

And then look more entry way .

Welcome guys for my first time ever .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I have my very own pool .

Look , look at my pool .

It's a very , very unique shape .

It's long , it's deep , it doesn't have a diving board .

It doesn't look like a fun pool .

It looks like a lap pool , but we're gonna make it fun .

We'll get some floaty , some gorilla shaped .

Uh , what do they call the things you float on ?

Tubes ?

Rafts , tubes no rafts tube has a hole .

I don't know .

We're gonna have some fun in here .

Uh , we found out that it's salt water , which is sick because , uh , it's way less maintenance than chlorine and there's already a pool guy and they're really cool and there's more exciting stuff .

Let me take you over to door number three .

I've got my very own .

You have another one ?

My very own .

If you call , this is automatic .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

My very own poolside bar .

What's up ?

What's up ?

You coming here ?

Um , yeah , I was waiting for the bartender .

We made our own drink around here .

So like , isn't that kind of neat ?

What's also cool about ?

This is , it has a dishwasher and it's got a shower .

So we make , she wash off his stinky feet before he gets in the pool .

You missed one .

But that , I think that one's automatic .

Is it ?

So you can't lock your girlfriend in here ?

Yeah .

Salad .

Yeah .

Yo , back in the nineties , this is like the latest technology you like , wanna do something sick ?

No , that what about it ?

I can't .

If you were trapped in here you could get it .

Yeah , but not the one where we have to hold down and then look at this .

Why , why are the wasps so high ?

Look at this .

There's three .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I think we determined those for child safety .

Yeah .

Yeah .

That's something that we like to care about .

This screen is amazing that it's not blown out considering it's been here for five years .

Very mossy could definitely use a good power wash .

We'll add that to the 200,000 square feet of concrete that needs to be power washed .

Did you reveal what you've always wanted ?

Guys ?

I finally got my own hot tub and I found out today that it doesn't work .

The hot water doesn't work .

Hopefully we can just , it's a gas powered hot tub , which is weird so that we can add gas and it will work .

We gotta figure out how to fill it up .

I'm not sure if it , like , water falls over or what , but kind of cool .

It's , uh , not exactly the hot tub that I was dreaming for .

I kind of want one of the ergonomic ones that has like lumbars and curves and stuff so I can sprawl out like a French lemur and maybe we'll put that like over there in that corner .

But , yeah .

No , it needs to be power washed badly out here .

Maybe we could stain or paint the pink .

Make it look a little bit less retro .

Um , yeah , not bad .

It's kind of weird .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Be neat .

They have speakers .

It's actually look at it from this area and when you look at it from here it kind of looks like one of those little bars .

It look like a party .

Yeah .

Imagine having a party .

Imagine having friends .

Imagine .

Uh , don't smile .

I'll proud after that .

See that face .

All right , let's go on the house .

I know .

It looks like kind of weird from the outside and it looks like it's a party house with all these trash .

What ?

The shutters all around the house , the house , if it needs to like an emergency lockdown mode , like in the movies , it can do it all these , like , roll out and I accidentally pressed the buttons one day , we didn't know what was happening and the whole house started like shutting down .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

It was kind of scary .

Everything got dark .

It felt like we were in an apocalypse .

We were like , couldn't find the buttons to open them back up .

She's just in there just slapping buttons , all of the button , you'll see all the buttons were in the pantry .

So it was just , it was weird .

I didn't know what button was pressing but yeah , this house is really cool .

So from the outside it looks super dated from the inside .

It looks super dated but like cool dated outside .

Just not cool , man .

Look at the , this is one of my favorite parts of the compound .

Obviously the shops and all the lips and like that's amazing .

But this is just like a hidden .

Oh , yeah , we don't like the tall .

She hates it every time we come in this house , she's not talking about how much she loves the house .

She's like , I can't look at that countertop .

It's so high .

First of all .

I've never said that and I don't talk like that , but I should start .

I love this again .

It is very strange .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Like , it kind of closes off the kitchen from the whole rest of the house .

Um , what sort of the kitchen guys ?

Oh , wait , wait .

So everything in here , like all the wood and the cabinets and tables , everything was built by our neighbor .

Even the doors was locally built , which is pretty rad and pretty cool .

So he's gonna come over and modify this bar for us , chop it down , make it smaller because that's all I can think about every day .

We didn't talk to him about that yet though .

So maybe you watch this video like I didn't what this called subzero .

These are expensive but even though it's expensive , it smells a little funny .

Um It's got some weird mode or when you shut it , it like goes into a vacuum mode for like 10 seconds and you can't open it .

Trust me , trust me .

When you wanna open it after you close it , it like vacuum seals up .

Also , guys , I really need your help in the comment section here .

Does the freezer belong on the left or the right ?

My whole life freezer is always on the left .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I don't know if this dude just wanted it all on the right for whatever reason , the right is the freezer .

The fridge is on the left .

You wanna tell us the story when we first came in here , we , yeah , we put all the pizza and the waters and everything in the freezer because we thought it , yo it looks the same .

See it , do it .

Right .

Yeah , they're , they look the same , this looks like a fridge .

Unless , until you look at the , the temperature rock art pizza smells funny in here .

That's why we're gonna close it , but we don't really know how to turn all the lights on yet .

Do we know how to do that ?

But like all bright .

What about those ?

I feel like they go brighter .

Doing that suck thing .

Yeah .

No .

Yeah .

Rips the whole cabinet out .

No .

And look , it is all right here .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

The kitchen again .

Look at all the , the artifacts .

It's very Aztech .

I'm hoping my ebay store can start bringing some cash when I start unloading some of this stuff .

I was looking at some dates , some of the dates all the way back to the early 18 hundreds .

So that's pretty sweet if you're looking for 18 hundreds artifacts .

Holler at me thinking I'm thinking we're sitting on a couple of million in here .

But yeah , not sure .

You never know .

Yeah .

So up next is the pantry .

Let's go .

Let's go in there .

More wood .

Oh , this is where all the buttons were that like made the house go into .

There's more in the closet too locked on buttons in the closet .

Every time I see one of these , it's like the directory to the house because there's rooms , I never knew what they were called .

And then I look at this and I'm like , oh , bread warmer .

We have a bread warmer .

I have seen that .

It's this thing .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I thought that was a flat microwave .

No , that's not that bad .

I'm gonna have a breath .

Oh , God .

Oh , look , it is .

So we are trapped .

Oh my God .

Not the middle one moment .

And some are , which is weird , but it kind of makes sense what he was going for .

Why all the switches are here .

And it's because this is a panic room .

So it's like if you were under attack , boom house goes in the lockdown .

Get your ass in the panic room .

No , no , it's a wait , wait .

Should we be showing the safe room ?

Yes .

And it's not safe .

It's a hurricane room .

Not a safe room .

She's like when they come to raid this place , we'll all hide in this room and look , it's a safe room that's a thick dead ball and all the way around has to be , look at in here .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

It's uh this , this whole place is like , it's compared to the whole building , there's like four ft of concrete in here .

So the whole house could collapse and this thing is still be standing .

That's kind of neat .

We'll just walk through in here .

This is uh I think this is the master bedroom .

Technically , there's only , only one bedroom in this house comes with a lot of super valuable electronics in here .

So that's cool .

Um , check it out here .

It's a , it's a bathroom , it goes right out to the pool .

Yeah .

And then in here , hey , can you see if that works ?

It's a steamer .

Yeah , also we don't really know how things work on the house .

So wait , whatever it doesn't work .

You the look on your face when you looked at this , I've never seen this room before .

What's that in there ?

Rath mouse .

Look at how big this closet is .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

If only I knew a girl that had a lot of clothes and needed a place to keep them .

Hm .

My mom , is that what this cousin told my mum's clothes ?

Mm .

Oh , I found him here .

That's cool .

Cool feature .

Mhm .

Mhm .

Oh .

Oh , yeah , I see .

I see .

So technically speaking , this will end up being our permanent residence for now .

We are still staying at the other house .

Um , we'll probably keep that for some time .

Um , it's nice to kind of have a spot that's more in civilization .

And um , yeah , I really love the house so I wasn't planning on selling it any time soon , but having this place is gonna be amazing when we're staying here late at night , having a place to crash .

We got people over , we got a pool to entertain um and walking back out here like my dream even though .

She doesn't agree with my dream .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I've always wanted to have like a proper viva la , like hard core gnarly show indoors .

Look at her head right now .

He wants to ruin this beautiful house .

You talked about like throwing things over the stairs and people jumping off and having some crazy rocker show .

This is a beautiful Zen Wooded cabin meant for Peacefulness and relaxation .

I just , I , I really wanna have knocked loose play show here and I want like , absolutely no one to be into the music except for like maybe three of us because it's only three of us that really listen to that type of music .

And I wanted it to be like , super awkward because like , you know , when you like listen to music and you know that other people don't like it and it's super awkward .

But in my head , I'm gonna be like , this is sick but like , also feel really awkward , but it's like , you know , like a childhood fantasy to like , love that .

You know what I mean ?

What about Drake ?

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

If it's Drake is that Drake Drake will headline and then knock loose .

We'll , uh , we'll open maybe one day we can make this happen .

Take notes couch .

Should we paint it white ?

Lots of toxic pain and white .

No , it's a , it make it a lot brighter in here .

Yeah , I would .

What would more multimillion dollar decorations that we'll sell on my Etsy store ?

Um , literally haven't seen tech like this in like since I was 10 .

Look , first of all trying to figure out how this stuff work .

What it's a lot of buttons .

No , wait .

Come on , come on .

Come on here .

Hold on .

Give me 30 minutes .

Yeah .

Is it more and more of the manual ?

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

There's a vent on my table so much going on right now .

Hey , are you gonna tell him what we found out about this here ?

Lazy boy , bring me my pipe , the , the vent in the chair and the way it reclines only makes sense .

So fun fact , uh from our neighbor , we found out that uh this is meant to blow you off after air dry .

We agree .

The terminology was air dry .

Look at the script .

This is meant to air dry .

You shower sauna , sauna because he's like , he's like you get all sweaty walking out of the sauna .

So then you just want to dry off and I'm , I'm , I'm sitting in it right now but we don't know how to turn the dryer on .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

There's a switch where , no , we don't know where the switch is .

It's , it's , it's a button on one of those remotes in there .

I really think it's one of the remotes in this house that turns us on .

We don't know how to do that yet , but it , supposedly this is like a air dryer stumbling and it's very , very strange because this aggressive .

Well , I hope you guys like our house so far .

Let's keep going .

We skipped this little office over here .

It's actually pretty tight .

Um It's got a bathroom and in here look at this so nice , kind of cool .

So did some editing for the compound video in here .

It was kind of cool with photo there down looking over my shoulder and he us off like in Florida jungle .

Yeah , this house just so peaceful .

No , no , no .

You know what ?

It's peaceful because there's zero cell service here .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

No wifi zero cell service .

So everyone that's in this house , it's kind of been cool when we come up here and we'll like hang out and we'll like eat and group up in here because it has good ac no one has their phones out and like it's just like , and she was freaking out .

He went for a little bit of time with no phone service .

He was like pacing .

You can barely handle it , but it's good .

It's good for him .

There's more switches in here .

There's two keys as well .

Yes , I know what they do .

We think we know what they do but they don't do what we tested them .

Don't like how it smells in here .

Can you show them ?

First of all , neighbor also did these beautiful doors and the entire place is surrounded by , by the screen which is pretty crazy .

It's full wrap around .

So my little doggies are outside .

No Hawks pin it in and swoop them up and take them away .

We don't want that .

So that's cool .

All the freaky stuff is upstairs , you say stuff like that .

Let's , let's change our vocabulary .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Uh , all the , it kind of smells like pee on the carpet .

We're gonna have to address that .

Maybe some new carpet .

This is cool .

Yeah .

Not the best smell .

Um , this is like , probably , I , I think I'd rather stay here .

This is no , there's some like surface mold on here .

Um , we gotta get cleaned .

I guess the these roofs are metal and plywood and then this is underneath .

So there's no chance of there being any leaks .

It's just condensation from inside , probably from AC wasn't running .

Um This is the dog's room in here .

They got their own little hang out .

Actually , I've never been in there .

What was that ac stuff ?

I think so .

Yeah , it goes all the way to the wall .

Why should there just be Barry Treasure ?

I'm really hoping I can find Barry Treasure here .

I would be pumped .

I think there's a light switch in there too .

Little treasure , man .

I feel like I don't wanna , I guess we there won't be a antiac again because you guys will finally get your overarching drone shot .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

That shows context of how big this property is and where everything is .

But this room in here really freaking strange .

This looks like if you had an illegal operation going on in your property .

It would be in this house .

You got the hideout room downstairs , you got all your shutters and what was stored up here ?

Doesn't look like shoe storage , huh ?

What do you think ?

I don't know .

What are we thinking ?

Let's start it up here .

Was it pants .

Surplus of wine .

Is this a wine cellar ?

Wine ?

I wish if this was a wine cellar that would be so sick .

We don't have sellers in Florida .

We do now .

Caves , caves in a week later .

Yeah , this is a , this is an interesting one .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Maybe we can have a garden up here .

So , yeah .

Who's goats ?

No .

Oh , it's gonna be the dog who's just like full of dog toys and like escalators for dogs outside quick before the alarm starts going off .

Uh Thank you guys .

I appreciate you .

Uh It's just gonna go off .

We'll , we'll wait till we're out of your shop .

All right guys , this is the official end of all the tours and now we start our new journey of making content here at the compound .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Um I can tell you right off the bat we're gonna be doing kind of the same thing with all the builds here .

The difference is we'll be able to do more stuff in house and there's certainly going to be some videos here and there of us refurbishing this place , whether it's building new things , knocking things down , making things look nice again .

Um It's exciting .

And I have to say the next video will actually be our first official guest coming to the compound that we're going to make some content .

Actually .

Is it going to be the next video ?

I don't know , it's gonna be uploaded probably , I don't know , take everything I say with a grain of salt .

I don't know what day of the week it is .

I don't even know my own name , Steve Jim .

I just see how long they watch before they click away .

Here's a drone shot that all you guys have been asking for .

Enjoy .

I love this place .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I love you guys and I love tacos .

Eligible .

Knows .


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