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2024-04-07 02:39:45

This manipulation trick will blow your mind 😵 #manipulation #psychology

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don't know who needs to hear this , but here's a game changing dark psychology on how to turn anyone into liking you .

but be careful , because this is extremely powerful .

this technique is simple , yet powerful .

i've used it personally to shift perceptions and build connections .

when faced with someone who dislikes you or seems indifferent , try this .

ask them for small favors .

it could be as simple as passing you a drink or doing a minor task .

the key is to express genuine gratitude afterward , letting them know they've made a positive impact .

here's the psychology behind it .

people are naturally self observing and wanna make sense of their own actions .

by helping you , even in minor ways , they subconsciously start to view you more positively .

you may not see me again .

if you wanna know more tricks like this one , you should follow me .

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