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2024-06-09 07:29:05

From $0 to $23,000 in One Week Using AI! [TikTok Shop Affiliate]

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This video has earned over $20,000 in the last 7 days by promoting this product on TikTok .

It's actually crazy .

It seems like everyone these days is making 100 of 1,000 of dollars on TikTok , and the video style you saw is going viral and bringing in 1,000 of dollars in affiliate commissions .

So today , I will reveal how you can create videos that produce similar results , even if you have no editing skills .

And don't worry , I will show you how to start this business from anywhere in the world .

But first , let me blow your mind .

So there's this website called Caladata that gives insight into trending products and how much money people are making .

This account has earned $354,000 in affiliate commissions .

The second has made 345,000 , followed by 296,270,000 .

And those numbers are just for the last 7 days .

So trust me , this is no joke .

People are making serious money here .

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But what blew my mind even more was this account right here .

As you can see , it's a fairly new account with around 6,000 followers , which is not too impressive at first look .

However , what's crazy is that in the last 30 days , this account has earned over $60,000 by promoting this coconut pulling oil for oral health .

And they did all of that without even having the product in hand .

They create videos that rely solely on AI generated images and the most used AI voice .

This is what would happen if you started oil pulling every day .

First , you would notice that your Here we can see this AI video generated $41,000 in revenue , and another brought in $17,000 .

So here's how you can create these types of viral videos using AI .

Step number 1 is product selection .

And this is the easiest step as there are thousands of options to pick from .

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Step 2 is writing a viral video script , and I'll show you how to use ChatGPT to craft scripts that convert .

Step 3 will be turning the script we created into stunning visuals using tools like Midjourney and ChatGPT .

And in step 4 , we'll use NVIDIA AI to put everything together and create powerful videos in just a couple of minutes .

So let's say you've done the research and decided to promote this Guru Nanda Kokamint pulling oil , which has generated 1 point $8,000,000 in the last 30 days .

Not too bad .

Right ?

After that , you need to find a competitor video promoting your product that performs well .

In my case , it's this one with 3,500,000 views .

Next , you need to transcribe the video script .

You can either manually write down the script as you watch the video , or if you're using the same tool I'm using , you can simply click here to export and copy the script .

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So our goal now is to use this script as a template to write our own .

Because think about it , why reinvent the wheel if something is already working ?

So to do that , we will open chat gpt and use this prompt .

I'm creating a 30 second TikTok video promoting your product .

I want you to rewrite the following script using exactly the same structure , writing style , tone , and length .

And here , you need to insert the original script from the competitor's video .

So by using this prompt , ChatGPT will generate a script similar to the one that went viral .

For example , the original script starts with , this is what would happen if you started oil pulling every day , and the one we generated begins with , ever wondered what happens when you make oil pulling a daily habit ?

So it follows the same style but isn't a duplicate .

So at this point , you should have your script ready and it's time to generate the visuals .

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So what I usually do now is manually break down the script into lines .

Each line becomes a scene , and for each scene , we need corresponding visuals .

And make sure to keep watching as I will show you how to automate this step in one click .

For example , the first line mentions oil pulling , so a compelling visual here could be a close-up of white teeth with oil dripping to grab attention .

The second scene talks about fresher breath , which suggests freshness .

So I think visuals of mint leaves or lush greenery could be effective .

Now when the script mentions the product name , it's best to include a clip of the product , and I'll show you how to find these visuals a bit later .

So the process involves going through the script , highlighting the main keywords , and brainstorming visual ideas based on those .

However , if you want to save time doing all of that , you can use the prompt you see on the screen .

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And this prompt will give you a detailed structure for your video , including all scenes and an idea of the visuals you can use .

And this method is guaranteed to save you hours .

So I spent some time on Midjourney and ChatGPT , generating all the AI images needed for the video .

Here on the screen are some of the prompts I used in case you want to create something similar .

So at this point , you should have a winning product , a powerful script , and stunning visuals .

This means it's time to put everything together and create a masterpiece using Invideo AI , which is a tool that turns any line of text into custom videos .

Create a 30 second TikTok video about teeth care and add subtitles where the current spoken word is in yellow .

So the tool then generates the script , voice over , and edits all the clips for you .

Imagine waking up to a fresher breath every day .

That's the power of flossing .

Regular flossing can turn bad breath into a morning delight .

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Say goodbye to yellow stains and hello to a confident smile .

So after signing up using the link in the description , you'll land on this page .

Now in this box , you can enter a prompt and generate a video with just one click .

But in today's video , we will use the workflows right here .

As you can see , you can generate all types of videos , YouTube , YouTube Shorts , TikTok videos , and so on .

Now , in order to generate this style of videos , we will use the script to video workflow .

However , if you want an in-depth tutorial where I explain everything about Invideo , I highly recommend watching the videos I'll link in the description .

Now we all know that Invideo AI is smart enough to automatically generate your video script .

However , using the script to video workflow , you can create a video using exactly your script .

So I'll open the workflow and start by selecting the type of video from this menu .

For our example , we're creating a TikTok video .

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Next , I'll paste the script we generated previously in this field , just as shown here .

In this section , you can select the background music for your video .

For example , it could be inspiring or motivational .

Moving to the settings , you can choose the voice over .

Invideo AI offers a variety of voices to pick from .

However , to add a personal touch and stand out , I'll use my own voice .

Yes .

You can actually clone your own voice and use it in your videos .

Open the menu on the left hand side and select voices under plugins , and then click on add voice .

Here , you must upload a voice sample and mention that you give Invideo AI permission to use your voice .

Otherwise , it won't be accepted .

After uploading your recording , accept the terms and click on my sample looks good .

NVIDIA AI will then verify everything and add your voice to the library .

So now , under settings , there is an option called my voice , so I can select that and choose the voice I added just as you can see .

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When you are finished , click continue , and then generate a video .

Ever wondered what happens when you make oil pulling a daily habit ?

First off , you'll notice your breath smells fresher than ever .

Now , although the video does not yet look exactly as we want , it's quite impressive given that we've only provided the script to generate it .

But the question is , how can we turn the video we have into the style we want to create ?

Well , it's actually super simple , and here is how to do it .

Once the video is generated , click the edit button .

And here , you have the option to edit both the media and the script .

So let's say you're not happy with a part of your script .

You can simply delete it or change the structure .

I can make this section shorter or longer , and the AI will then adjust the video and voice over accordingly .

But in our case , all the magic will happen inside the media tab .

As you see , here are the clips used in the video .

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And if we select any of them , the related text to that scene will be highlighted in yellow .

So our goal now is to replace these clips with the AI images .

Start by clicking the upload media button and upload all the images you've created .

So let's begin with the first scene , for example .

We can see it's about oil pulling , and the related image for this scene is this one right here .

So simply click on it , and it will automatically replace the existing clip .

So now continue this process one clip at a time .

Select the clip , check the highlighted text , and replace it with the correct image until you have replaced all scenes .

In some scenes , like this one where we mentioned the product , you might need actual product footage like I did here .

The best places to find product footage are TikTok and YouTube Shorts .

You can then upload it to NVIDIA AI and replace the clips using the same technique .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

After replacing all the clips , click on apply changes , and you'll now notice that the video is starting to come together .

But , obviously , we are not done yet as we still need to add subtitles to make it more engaging .

Luckily for us , this is super easy .

Do you see this text box underneath the video ?

You can actually use it to give text based commands to change or add something to your video , remove the music , change the voice over , or whatever else you need .

In my case , I will ask to add word by word subtitles where the current spoken word is in yellow .

And once we click generate , we'll have our masterpiece ready .

Ever wondered what happens when you make oil pulling a daily habit ?

First off , you'll notice your breath smells fresher than ever .

That's because oil pulling works wonders , much like a mouthwash .

But that's not all .

Your teeth will start to look brighter too .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Thanks to Guru Nanda Kokamint pulling oil , which is packed with natural essential oils , those yellow stains on your teeth have no chance .

So now you can export your video , and you should be ready to go .

You can't actually imagine the time you'll save using InVideo as you don't have to do any manual editing or cutting yourself .

And the best part is you can actually try it for free .

And starting at just $20 per month , you get unlimited exports , voice clones , and lots of cool features .

But now the question is , how can anyone start this business in a country that doesn't support TikTok shop ?

Well , it's actually simpler than you might think .

What most people don't realize is that many of the top products on TikTok shop , including the one we discussed today , are also available on Amazon .

Also , many aren't aware that you can sign up for Amazon Associates , which is Amazon's affiliate program .

So I think you understand what I mean by now .

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Do your research to see which products are performing best on TikTok shop , find the same or similar products on Amazon , and apply the same video creation steps we've discussed today .

This means you can promote the same products through Amazon instead of using TikTok shop .

And always remember , my friend , that sometimes we need to think outside the box and find solutions instead of focusing on the problems and doing nothing .

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