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2023-08-06 15:51:48

How To Make Waffles - Easy Cooking!

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Hey , Chef Kendra here and today we're making waffles .

We have our ingredients all laid out and we have a big green bowl and we're gonna toss some dry ingredients in here .

We're gonna start out with just all purpose flour .

Then we're gonna move on to some sugar and then we're gonna add some baking powder and we're gonna finish it off with a little salt , gonna whisk this all up , get this all mixed together and kind of lighten it a little bit and then we're gonna set that aside .

So OK , now we have some oil and we're pouring in some milk and we're gonna toss in a few eggs and we're gonna take a fork and get it really stirred up .

I mean , it doesn't have to be perfectly mixed , but you just wanna do a lot of the mixing right now .

Now we have our dry ingredients all ready to go .

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We're gonna take our wet ingredients and pour it into our dry ingredients and then we're gonna break out the big whisk and whisk it for a little bit .

That's it .

That's all it is to it .

The full recipe can be found on my website and the link is in the description below .

All right , got a hot waffle iron going on .

This is an old school one .

It's , it's old but it's still kicking .

It's still doing this thing and we're gonna put 1/4 cup on each side and then we're gonna lower the top .

That's all it is to it .

We're gonna slap the top down and all these waffle makers are different .

So yours may do something kind of funny .

I don't know what yours do , but mine has a red light and a power light and I close it .

I wait for the ready light to come on and once the ready light has come on , the waffles are done .

Now , these freeze wonderfully .

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You wanna let them cool on a rack until they completely cool and then you can put them in some zip top bags and you are good to go .

You have waffles whenever you need them .

All right , like share and subscribe .

Chef Kendra is out peace .


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