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2023-08-07 13:51:27

Kids Study Table Organisation & Tips to improve English speaking skills

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Hi , everyone .

Welcome back to another video .

I do get a lot of requests on making a video on kids study routine or some tips to follow , to improve language in kids and even many other topics related to kids' education and lifestyle .

I won't say that I'm a perfect mother or a perfect parent or a perfect teacher in my kids' life .

And I guess many even feel so like how I am now , this is a topic that can have endless talk or a debate .

So I do welcome tips and suggestions from other parents or teachers to improve quality life in a child .

Do pass in your valuable comments so that it would help .

Not just me , even other mothers who are in need of it .

Now , the most important in any kid's life is education and that's nothing new .

We all know that recently I was invited at a school as a special guest for kindergarten graduation ceremony .

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It was really lovely to see the tiny talks graduating because there are lots of kids who don't get the blessing of gaining knowledge .

I remember my Mac teacher in high school Mrs telling us wherever you go .

Make sure that you get your education from the best college or university .

And she was right now , having said this language is very important for communication , for improving language , interaction is very much needed .

Now , we speak mother tongue at home that makes my kids to be fluent in that .

And same way English is strictly used at their school as a medium .

However , some may find it really difficult to be fluent in English .

Now , I was approached by this team Caley kids , which is designed for parents who want their kids aged between 4 to 15 , learn English from the best American tutors who specialize in teaching Children in a fun and engaging way .

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So , is this your first time at Kimberley ?

Ok .

Well , welcome .

So today I think we're gonna have a trial for you .

Do you know about legs and his legs already ?

Let's go .

Got you .

So I'll read the pink .

You read the blue .

Hi , how are you ?

I'm fine .

Ok .

So what are some different ways we can greet someone ?

I am from the United States .

Where are you from ?

I'm from India .

Ok .

Is your flag there ?

Can you circle it ?

Yeah .

Ok .

So tell me all the things you see here .

I see the Golden Bridge .

Yeah , good .

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And um the buildings , um , now please note that gamble kits is certified by the Kids Safe Seal program and is marked as a child friendly website .

So don't worry about your kids' safety .

Now , this is for kids who want to improve their speaking and communication skills and become more confident in talking to anyone in English do enter the code .

Fantastic .

And you get a discount of 10% each .

So that's a bonus for you all .

It is especially useful for kids who are shy and struggle with English .

Here , all the classes are one on one with the tutor in 30 minute session .

The curriculum details are available on their website .

So do check over there .

Ok .

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How was it equally important that goes parallel to education is physical activity , exercise benefits Children physically and mentally .

Some of you had asked me about the swing we had hung in our dining area .

We have just kept it away for the time being to get the hook free for hanging the string and tying the shuttle .

Arman practices , badminton skills on this .

If you have access to badminton training for kids , hanging .

A similar one would improve it .

My husband loves sports and I go gym for workouts .

Automatically our kids watch us and adopt the same .

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Sometimes me and my husband get too conscious .

So once in a while preparing their favorites or eating out is also a change .

Apart from all these , we often tend to , I don't know if it's ignoring or just forgetting .

We spend less quality time with kids , which is the most important factor in their life .

We sometimes get too busy with our work , either at office or even mothers get busy with their house schools and we don't realize that our kids are growing .

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However I keep their room organized , it becomes a complete mess , especially their study area .

So I guess I need to organize it separately .

I did a bit of shopping at a stationery , my mouth where I get all in one go .

This area is a complete mess .

So to rearrange taking everything out and giving a quick cleanup , these circulars and notices are always untidy if not put up in one area to begin with .

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I gave a pain to the bookshelf .

It had four columns .

So for both my boys two for each , I selected red and blue , it's always better to choose a color for them rather than asking them .

Or else both would need the same color .

So blue for Rihan and red for Raman .

I had bought this foam board from my mat to pin up the notices on it .

This again , I divided into two same colors so that their notices can be pinned separately .

So that's it .

Next was their study table which looked a bit dirty .

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Whites are always pure and clean , but as days it gets old , the color fades .

So cover it with a sticking .

This is really tricky , need to be very careful without air bubbles getting in and that's done .

These are holders to keep in files , one section for Rahman and the other for Rihan , the middle one to keep in some common , such as the certificates and any other , firstly separating everything and keeping it organized .

If the study table has drawers , it's much easy .

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But here they don't have , that's their certificates and other documents going in the middle .

There are story books in each shelf separately .

So as they have two shelves , one section would go for story books and the other would be for stationary and school needs .

Now , I can't keep the whole pencils , markers and colors on the table .

They would definitely misuse it .

Howsoever I tell them .

So , keeping all this in a separate box and kept it in my shelf where I keep all my crafts and stationary stuffs and for them , I kept just one holder and adding only what's needed .

So this is for the scissors I got for him is without the bleeds .

So it's much safer and that goes in a shelf .

Rihan doesn't use pencils .

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So he'll need pens that's white now , which I don't encourage much .

I think they need to learn to write without mistakes rather than correcting .

He is old enough to use with care .

So this scissors is for him though .

He writes with pen , just a couple of pencils in case needed and that goes in a shelf .

They have worksheets to be done every time .

So worksheet of each subject is kept in separate files .

I couldn't find blue color .

So I bought green for Riha and red is anyway for Arman separating the worksheets as per the date and subject .

This is Hans Box where he keeps his own kind of stuff .

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I actually don't know what's in here and I don't look into he has his own privacy and I respect that just a plant pot to increase them in gardening .

I would request them to water it whenever needed .

Their admin and kids go on top of the bookshelf which I think is the best place in this apartment .

They both actually don't sit at the same time for standing .

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So for the time being , we have only one chair and that ends today's video .

Hope you liked it .

See you with another one until then take care .

Bye bye .


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