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2023-08-09 10:15:49

Easy Chicken Curry with Kanchan Koya

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This entire curry comes together in one pot .

And what's not to love about that ?

Hi , I'm , we're gonna make an easy yet delicious chicken curry .

People feel like to enjoy spices .

They have to cook a curry or a very involved recipe .

Instead of plain rice .

I love adding a touch of spice to rice with cinnamon and cardamom .

They add flavor and a wonderful aroma .

If we remove the cardamom before we serve the rice , I mean , if you're hard core , you can bite into it .

It's very peppery , minty and almost floral .

It's really amazing .

But I have bitten into one as a kid and I was like , what is that growing up in India ?

I ate this chicken curry all the time at my grandma's house .

I wanted to create a chicken curry without compromising on flavor or texture or any of that to make it more approachable for a busy home cook who wants to whip this up on a week night as for the whole family .

So there's just a host of spices to still give you that complexity .

But I might omit the cayenne pepper for my kids .

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I'm always thinking about a few things when I'm feeding my family , I want to raise adventurous eaters .

So I'm always thinking , how can I pack flavor ?

How can I expand their palates ?

Exposure is key when it comes to kids , they say it takes exposures to a food and a visual exposure counts .

So even putting it on a plate if it doesn't get touched is an exposure .

So just keep exposing them and keep celebrating and they will catch on .

I'm also trying to nourish them .

So how can I make this healthy and nutritious ?

I did my phd in biomedical sciences at Harvard Medical School and my lab started to study spices in cancer .

And that got me really thinking about how all this ancient wisdom around spices is now being validated by modern medicine .

So one of the reasons I love this chicken curry is because it incorporates so many flavor packed and beneficial spices , the turmeric , the cumin , the coriander , all of these boost digestion .

They also have anti inflammatory properties .

They are antioxidants .

There's really a host of benefits .

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So the fact that I can put on the table , this delicious curry that's also packed with benefits and color and flavor is just a really rewarding and fulfilling experience for me as a mom .

Oh yes .


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