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2023-08-06 15:54:56

Buttermilk Waffle - Everyday Food with Sarah Carey

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Are you a big fan of eating waffles for breakfast ?

But you usually go and you buy the frozen ones and you put them and you hook in your toaster today .

I'm gonna share a great waffle recipe with you .

One .

So great and easy that you're gonna want to run out and buy a waffle iron .

I just measured two cups of all purpose flour .

That's the base of your waffle to that .

Add one teaspoon of baking soda , half teaspoon , of course , salt and two tablespoons of sugar whisk it together .

All right .

For the wet ingredients .

I have two cups of buttermilk to that .

Add one cup of melted unsalted butter and then two large eggs .

I'm always cracking my eggs into another ball first .

So I don't get a rotten egg doing it one safety first .

That's what I always say .

Do I always say that ?

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Probably not with that to combine , have your waffle iron preheating .

I'm using a Belgian waffle maker today .

It's electric , but you can use a stove top one .

When I was growing up , we used to have a cast iron heart shaped waffle maker that was , that was used on top of the stove .

It was so great whisk to combine and it doesn't matter if there's a few lumps just like pancake batter , that would , that would be ok .

Have your waffle iron preheating , as I said , give it a little spray .

You can brush it too , but the spray goes on kind of evenly which I like both sides and then about eight ounces per waffle for the Belgian waffles , which is what this maker is .

If you're using a non Belgian waffle maker , you would probably use a little bit less .

The great thing about this particular waffle iron is that you can make two at a time .

You can do this , you close it , turn and then there's another one on the other side .

Cool .

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Right .

Scoop .

And then they take about five minutes to cook .

Waffles .

Take a little longer than I always love them to cook .

But other than the waiting , not hard at all .

And if you really want to go crazy and serve them , just like in the restaurants , you can have whipped cream and strawberries , set it for about five minutes and then you can check it , don't open it too soon or it'll stick .

All right .

Let's see .

Hot .

You can toss it back and forth between your hands to release a little bit of the steam so it stays crisp .

A little bit of butter .

I mean , I don't like to let it get cooled off too much .

So not back and forth in your hands so much that it cools off a little bit of syrup .

I mean , come on , if you're gonna make waffles at home , go crazy .

I'm trying them .

There's another one in there .

That one's for you .

This one for me .

Hi guys .

Thanks for watching this video .

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