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2023-08-09 10:29:47

Chicken Fry And Roast Recipes 56 - Chicken Fry - Fried Chicken - Make Better Than KFC Fried Chicken

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Kids love to eat nice crunchy chicken that is bought from the fast food centers .

But you know , you're always worried what kind of oil they are using to fry or when you eat the chicken , you will not enjoy it so much because especially for Indian Tongue , you want a little bit of masala .

Welcome back to another session with your was chef at dot com .

Today , I'm going to show you how to make a nice crunchy chicken the way you like to eat in outside fast food center .

But this is going to be even more better , even more tastier , even more , you know , clean healthier for this .

I've got the chicken , I've cut into medium sizes .

I really don't like big chunks of entire chicken breast which is flavorless .

Take this chicken pieces , add a little bit of salt .

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But what I did before this is more important , you got to know , take the chicken pieces , take some water , add salt and put these chicken pieces in it and keep it there for four hours after that .

Drain it out .

This is called brining that .

What makes your chicken tender and juicy ?

This is a must for you to have the chicken juicy inside , but you can make it crispy outside .

That's what we're going to learn .

Now , now we're going to add some chili powder .

I'm going to make it really nice spicy .

And in this , if you want to add any of the powders , like a little bit of coriander powder , some garam masala , but masala be a little careful .

Some cumin seed poder .

Also , you know , when you eat out in the fast food center , there's a nice mixed herbs smell .

You can get the mixed herbs or else get some basil and pizza herbs and just add very little .

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Now , I'm going to rub this meat with this masala , even the chicken leg pieces , which are slightly bigger , just put some gashes , just make sure that the masala gets into this .

If you want to make it in the evening , you can marinate like this and you can pour some buttermilk on top to make it even more tasty .

This buttermilk will enhance the taste of your fried chicken and also make your chicken even more tender , some buttermilk and you can leave it this for a few hours and then make the chicken .

The chicken pieces are ready .

Now , there are three steps in making this fried chicken .

We're going to take the brine chicken , roll it in the flour , we're going to coat it with the egg and then we're going to put it in a mixture .

That is what is going to give you a chicken nice and crunchy texture .

I'm going to take all purpose flour in this .

I'm gonna add corn meal , corn meal is what makes your chicken nice and good .

Add breadcrumb , some chili flakes .

And now here you can use your creativity .

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I'm gonna add some peppercorn , some salt .

You know , people add a little bit of flavoring salt .

If you want , you can add a little bit in this .

We're going to add some mixed herb too .

This is going to make your chicken fully flavorful from inside to out .

Now all the three plates are ready .

So the next step is take these chicken pieces onto your plate and then I'm going to show you how to do this process .

Take this chicken pieces , put it in the flour , just make sure any moisture that is there , it is absorbed with the flour .

This is what will give this chicken a better coating .

Don't be afraid to just coat it well , after this , you know , peat some eggs , add some water to it and make it thin .

You don't want this egg mixture to be thick .

Now take this chicken pieces coat it with this egg moisture .

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So this will work , will help this chicken stick well to this main flour mixture that is corn meal , all purpose flour and all the mixed flavoring .

Just the same way you applied flour .

This is good enough .

I have these chicken pieces ready because sitting there , some of the moisture will again , observe the flour and the chicken will be coated .

Well , I'm going to do this with the rest of the chicken .

All you have to do is take these chicken pieces and fry it in oil .

These chicken pieces , we're going to fry it till they are nice and golden .

Get this chicken pieces perfectly done .

Now , the maize flour or the corn meal , the Makai kata has a great quality that it won't get colored fast .

That's how you get the chicken perfectly cooked at the same time .

Nice and crispy difference .

Very easy to make this chicken fry , drop it in the oil and now look at these chicken pieces .

Nice , crunchy , perfect .

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The awesome fried chicken is ready and the aroma is so good .

Hm .

Look at this the way the chicken literally melts in your mouth .

Dear friends make this at home and enjoy it .

Hm .

And nothing like having a tang , nice chicken leg , but do not forget is all about inspiring others to cook .

So please post your recipes and cooking tips at dot com so others can benefit from your great cooking .

Now , every bite is heavenly .


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