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2023-08-06 16:14:39

How to clean mesh on shoes

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Hello .

Um , people .

Um , right now I'm gonna show you a quick easy way to clean your shoes .

Um , the mesh in your shoes if they have a stain in them , um , what you'll need is a toothbrush , a cup of warm water , a cup of soap water and you'll need a rag to dry off your shoes .

So here I'll start , um , or no , hold on this soap water .

You can get a bar of soap and just let it sit in the water for a little bit and you can have , uh , this is a little bit of soapy water so you can clean out the grease and nasty stuff .

But as you can see right there , you can see the stain on my shoes .

Is it there ?

And on my lease it was black .

So is a lot of water .

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Scrub it in on the shoe and scrub it .

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Now , dip it in the soap , water it down a little bit , scrub it into the shoe crime scrub it and bring it back into the warm water to get some of that soap out works kind of better in the circular motion .

I kind of forgot to tell you that .

No , you just get , get the rag .

Mhm .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Just dip it down .

Don't , don't scrub it because it will mess up the mesh kind of damp it down , tap it .

This will not work on the first try .

Uh Always on the first try .

You wanna repeat the process .

So first try , first tried doing it still slightly see it after a couple of tries you can get it out .

So just that's my video on how to do it .

Simple and easy .

Um If you want , you can also use detergent .

So like you use for like dishes says , you know , good grease , killing , you know , or it's gets good on grease .

So yeah , that's my way on our video on how to clean your shoes , you know , leave comments and stuff , tell me how it works and uh hope you like it .

Peace .


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