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Chicken Fry And Roast Recipes 60 - Chicken 65+65+65=195 - Chinese Chicken 65 - Chicken 65 Hyd

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Mix them up .

Well , make sure you melt the sugar and you add in one teaspoon of sesame oil .

Mix this up .

Well , and we'll fry the noodles with the sauce When the chicken is ready , I'll see you back in a while .

Now , we're prepared to fry our noodles , heat up a pan or walk .

Add in a suitable amount of oil , swirl the oil around .

We will start by frying our chicken first .

Put your chicken in , spread them out .

Don't be eager to mix them up .

Well , first we need to brow them a little bit .

Make sure that they have close contact with the pen or the work that you're using .

I'm using medium heat over here .

We just need to fry this for about a minute or so on one side .

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When you see that the chicken has slightly brown like this , you to it to the other side or you can actually flip it to the other side and this when we add in our garlic pork of garlic chop , mix them up .

Well , we'll add our noodles in once we can smell the fragrance from the garlic .

Really , very aromatic .

Very , very beautiful , nice smell coming out from the chicken as well as the garlic .

Now we're adding our noodles , 420 g of pork noodles or yellow noodles , we just put them in .

These are cooked noodles , just spread them out .

Now , if you can't get this , of course , you can use dried noodles but make sure you actually blend them first to soften them .

You just fry them for a minute or two .

Mix them up .

Really ?

Really well , OK , when you're frying noodles , try to use a pair of chopsticks because then your noodles will not break that easily .

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It's time to serve our lunch and now the dish is done .

Let's have a taste .

Well , I love noodles .

I really , really do .

Hm .

The noodles full of flavor , the sauce really cook the noodles very , very well .

I tried the chicken now , very , very tender .

So ladies and gentlemen , I hope you like our video .

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Thank you for watching .

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This is all ready and I'm just going to leave it in the fridge and then when the order comes , means at the end , I'm going to fry them .

Now we're going to make the Chinese and the Indian Masala dar style .

So this one , the basic chicken marination and frying is good .

And most of the times I've seen people using only boneless chicken .

So for this , I'm going to do the river step .

So here we're going to take some corn flour .

We're going to add some all purpose flour that is add some flavoring salt .

This is to give nice taste , add some coriander powder , a little bit of uh masala , some cumin seed powder in this .

We're going to add some crushed pepper .

And if you want to add that chili powder , a little bit of food coloring , add egg white , one or two teaspoons of oil and some water .

Along with the salt , we're going to mix all of this into paste kind of thing .

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The chicken also some of the moisture will come out .

And here I've taken the boneless pieces of chicken mix all of this .

I think I would rather add some more chili powder in this for the color later .

If you want more color to it , it's fine .

Look at this .

This is all sticking .

You need to add some more water so that when you fry this , you will be able to drop them good , then it will become nice and soft .

Look at this .

So let's fry this chicken pieces .

First drop pieces like this , fry them till they are nice .

These ones will come out tender and uh just in four or five minutes , they have done good .

They're nice , soft mm good but not tasty enough because this chicken need additional power of masala , which I'm going to show .

So look at these chicken pieces .

They are nicely fried and we're going to fry all of these chicken pieces and then I'm going to show you how to do this masala die .

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These are the Chennai style chicken 65 pieces .

I've added the masala added ginger garlic paste and you know what I used to do .

I used to chop fine stems of coriander and also curry leaf .

You can add little bit of chopped curry leaf .

But the only thing is they can become slightly darker in color if you want .

You can also add some green chili but they are nice and tasty and each piece , you know , just mix it well , a little bit of a crush pepper also you can add but you know , you have to check the salt .

I check just now and I think I will need a little more salt .

So I just the salt in the last because some of it will be absorbed by the chicken and all that .

This chicken is nice .

What usually I do is I take a little bit of all purpose flour in the last .

Just one little co this is optional .

This is what I do .

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Rub it once again , that will give that additional little bit of Christmas and then add piece by piece into this because the bone is there .

This will take a little more time than the other chicken .

But that is fine fry these pieces till they're nice and done .

In the last I just increase the flame a little bit .

I'm gonna add curry the green chili .

You look at the color , these ones you know , have got a little bit darker in color but they are fried excellent .

The curry leaves and the green chili is all perfect .

I want you to see the difference because this one is fully fried still .

They are nice and a little bit crunchy .

Now you see this off fried chicken , nice red in color because there is no much masala and this one is beautiful .

This one is ready to eat the Chennai style .

The curry leaf is crunchy , the chicken also , you know , nice and crunchy .

So we're going to make the other ones also and we're going to enjoy all of them together .

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I'm going to make this a little bit of uh the masala , especially on the street side , they make this .

And nowadays , most of the restaurants are also giving chicken 65 like this for this .

We're gonna add some oil in a pan .

So here we're going to add the masal when the oil is hot , add green chili and curry leaf .

So when the sizzle , we're going to add curd .

So this curd is going to give the nice masala dark effect in this .

Add a little bit of uh ginger garlic paste .

Same the masala whatever we added a little extra cumin seed po a little bit of masala , a little bit of coriander powder , add some more chili powder .

This curd is the one which will give that nice masala that effect in this add some coriander leaf , a little bit of salt .

So now this masala is perfect chili powder .

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Is there the masala , the ginger garlic paste , everything along with the curry lea .

In the last all you do is add these pieces of chicken with the curd .

This is slightly grainy but the chicken pieces get the fantastic flavor .

Switch off the flame and this is ready to serve the nice the curd and the other flavor along with this chicken 65 in a lot of restaurants , they serve this method and let's go ahead and serve this .

This kind of chicken 65 is already and just make sure you serve that green chili , the curry leaf , everything with this .

We're gonna make one with the uh soya sauce and then chili sauce for this .

We're gonna add some oil in a pan in this .

We're going to add chopped ginger chopped garlic , green chili .

And here I'm going to add some capsicum .

Also , if you want , you can also add some onion saute all of them .

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And in this add some salt once these onions and these ginger everything kind of little bit sizzles have a little bit of water ready .

Usually we use the stock in this , add a little bit of chicken stock if you have , if you don't have hot water , add some flavoring salt , some soy sauce , not much .

Otherwise it'll discolor , add some chili sauce , a little more of soya sauce .

And if you want a little bit of sweetness , some even 12 drops of tomato ketchup .

Now the water is still there , increase the flame .

Now we're going to dry this up .

Once this , you can start seeing moisture is evaporating at chicken pieces and toss .

So you will see that nice shine along with this nice soy sauce and all that .

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Even the Chinese style chicken 65 and some of the Chinese restaurants are also serving this as their favorite dishes , especially in the Indian Chinese one is ready to serve .

You have seen that we have made three varieties of chicken 65 and each one has a different taste and also the masala and the flavors .

You know , I know somebody will comment , you are teaching bad habits .

You are showing the bad eating habits .

You know , I don't eat like this every day when I'm making the recipes .

I want you guys to see the and like , and enjoy and cook , whatever you find healthy , whatever you find tasty here , I'm not here to teach philosophy .

I'm here to teach good food , eat , uh responsibly .

And now this uh first recipe , whatever I've learned the chicken 65 in Chennai .

So in the five star hotel , I did these things and the chicken pieces are perfectly marinated and slightly .

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This is uh I added a little more masala because of which it got a little extra color and hm hm , just out .

And when you eat this , take a bite of chili the and also you can , I add a drop of lemon juice on it .

Mm One of the best chicken 65 for me .

The original recipe , what I learned in the Chennai is my favorite .

And second thing is this is in between the Chinese one and the Chennai chicken .

And here we had yogurt , we had the masala and they make it a little more moist and the curd I added the whole thing beat the curd and had , then you will have better shine small little pieces of this uh chicken .

They are nice .

Absolutely good .

Mm Amazing .

And my last one is a Chinese one , these kinds are served everywhere .

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But I had a Chinese restaurant also means indo Chinese kind of restaurant I had in city of Chi where I had a Chinese cook .

So that guy also used to make it his version .

And this is his version with a little bit of soy sauce and the chili sauce that give that punch , what the yogurt gives in the shi style of masala chicken .

65 all of them just melting in your mouth .

My father is going to enjoy this chicken 65 today with this red wine which was gifted to me by another great friend from us .

High wank and enjoy this great food .

This chicken 65 3 of them are awesome .

So my friend is saying , oh , you got to make it chicken 1 95 because 65 65 65 is 1 95 .

He's good in maths anyway , I'm putting it in thumb name , dear friends .

I hope you enjoyed today's session .

Please share the recipes with your friends and enjoy greatest of the greatest food .

Always keep saying and see you in another video .


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