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2023-08-06 15:50:42

Perfect Homemade Chicken and Waffles (2 ways)

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So if you've never had chicken and waffles or you've never made it .

Well , then buddy , you came to the right place .

Ok .

So today we're making chicken and waffles .

This is the Holy Grail of Southern cuisine .

Well , maybe not the Holy Holy Grail .

I'm sure that there's a lot of opinions about that .

But the point is that this is an iconic choice .

If you've never heard of it , it might sound a little weird .

Trust me .

This is one of those things where when you put it together and it just creates something special .

It's exactly what it's sounds like .

It's beautifully fried chicken cradled to top of voluptuous chewy fluffy waffle and then drenched in syrup .

But in this case , we'll be making a honey butter .

So with all that said , let's make this , shall we ?

Ok .

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Let's break this down into a couple different easy pieces .

The chicky waffles and your choice of drizzle also a surprise sandwich at the end .

But your lips , baby girl , we'll get into that later .

Now let's start with the chicken .

The traditional choice would be to use a whole chicken that's been cut into eight pieces .

Your butcher can do this or you can do it yourself .

Like I usually prefer because obviously we have to flex here .

You first open up the legs by cutting the skin that attaches to the body .

Then remove the whole leg quarter on both sides , then work around the wing to remove it where the joint connects to the body .

Repeat on the other , then carefully splitt the brain in half by cutting straight through the breast bone to leave two bone in skin on chicken breasts .

I really recommend using a beater knife there .

They'll just use your favorite Japanese blade .

All right .

And lastly separate the drumstick from the thigh , cutting through the joint in between .

And now you have a segmented little man .

Now for your marinade , get a large bowl and add 1.5 cups of buttermilk , one tablespoon of smoked paprika , one tablespoon of garlic powder , two teaspoons of cayenne , two teaspoons of ground white pepper and one tablespoon of kosher salt whisk that together until thoroughly combined .

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Then add your chicken pieces to enjoy a nice milky bath for at least one hour and up to 24 hours .

Now , while that's marinating , let's do our waffles in a medium sized bowl .

Add 1.5 cups of whole milk at 95 °F mix in 1.5 teaspoons of instant yeast .

Then set that to the side and in a large bowl , crack two whole eggs and one egg yolk .

And by the way , yes , there are more ingredients in here .

I doubled the recipe for this video and I'm not exactly sure why .

So let's just pretend that we're listening to what I'm saying .

And the visual is , yeah .

Anyway , whisk all that together until homogeneous .

Then whisk in your yeasty milk mixture until thoroughly combined .

And finally , whisk in one third of a cup of gently melted unsalted butter .

Make sure it's not piping hot .

We want it just melted .

If it's too hot , it'll kill the yeast and you get no waffles and papa .

No .

Now in a large bowl , add two cups of all purpose flour , two tablespoons of granulated sugar and one teaspoon of Kosher salt whisk that together until thoroughly combined .

Then simply whisk the wet into the dry and keep on mixing until nice and smooth .

And that is your waffle batter .

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Now , wrap that up in plastic wrap and let it rest and rise for one hour before using .

You can also rice them overnight in the fridge for 24 hours .

Now , the waffles cook quickly .

So let's fry our chicken next .

Unless you want cold ass waffles for the dredge , get a medium bowl and add two cups of all purpose flour , two teaspoons of cayenne powder , two teaspoons of ground ginger powder , one tablespoon of smoked paprika , two teaspoons of ground white pepper , one tablespoon of garlic powder and one tablespoon of kosher salt .

We set together till thoroughly combined .

And that is your flour dredge .

Now , to fry your chicken , you'll need at least 2.5 inches of vegetable oil in a large heavy bottom pot heat that bad boy to 350 °F .

Then while that's heating , set your dredge station up , you've got your chicken , you've got your flour and obviously you have your fry oil before you even toss your chicken in the flour .

Take about three tablespoons of your butt milk mixture and drizzle it into your flour and toss vigorously to create some randomized little balls of flour in there .

Now , from there , remove your chicken , toss in the flour while also pressing the flour aggressively into every little crevice to make sure it's coated evenly and nicely .

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Now shake off the excess place your chicken on a baking sheet and repeat with the rest of your chicken until everything is beautifully breaded .

Then just tenderly and carefully lay your chicken into the oil away from you and fry 3 to 4 pieces at a time for 12 to 15 minutes until the chicken registers 165 °F and the outside is a beautiful golden brown .

Then remove your crispy gentlemen using tongues and train them on a wire rack set up or baking sheet .

Then simply repeat with the rest .

I mean , look at this chicken , the first piece that emerged from the oil .

My immediate thought was , oh Lord , I have mercy .

I'm back .

Ok .

Now , we can start cooking our waffles .

By now , the batter should have risen quite a bit , which is a good thing .

All that rice will give it a nice little yeasty flavor .

The , uh , good kind heat a Belgian waffle maker to the manufacturer's directions , spray it lightly with cooking spray and add about three quarters of a cup or one cup of batter to the center .

Close it gently giving it a little press , then let it cook for the recommended time .

Once it's done , open it up and voila a little be now pop that out of there and repeat with the rest of your batter to go to the Waffle District of flavor .

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OK ?

We have our and our chicken but I also think we need one more thing .

Honey butter in a small pan , add a quarter cup of wildflower honey or any light honey of your choice heat that over medium heat until warm and starting to get a little runny .

Then whisk in two tablespoons of cold salted butter .

Yes , salted , then turn off the heat and continue whisking constantly until emulsified beautifully .

And it looks like this .

That is a salty honey butter .

Now we're ready for the moment of first thing .

Waffle down on the plate .

Next , a beautiful selection of the crunchiest chicken followed by an absolute drenching of your honey butter .

I mean , really don't be shy here and optionally , but also recommended a nice drizzle of maple syrup even better if it's smoked maple syrup for a nice campfire type beat .

Now , that looks like a party for just about anyone's mouth .

But let's see if it's as good as it looks .

So , we have our , this has actually been sitting with syrup and honey butter on it .

We did both the honey butter and the syrup on this .

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Obviously you can go one or the other and choose your own adventure , right ?

Make decisions for yourself .

This has been sitting with all that .

Oh This has been sitting with all that on it and I'm curious to see if it still has crunch .

I'm not sure it may not .

Let's find out .

I'm gonna say it still has scrunch .

This is immaculate .

This is the kind of thing that when you eat it , you're sweating and you feel ill , but you don't stop because it's so yummy .

Ok .

So pretty much the , the way that you would eat something like this if nobody's ever had this before , you get a little bit of waffle , you know , some of the syrup and this is how I like to eat it .

Ok ?

Everybody eats a different little piece of chicken that goes on the waffle .

You have a bite of everything , bone , apple , bone , um bone , apple teeth , it's all the textures you want on me .

When I'm eating this .

It's got all the textures you want .

It's crunchy , it's salty , it's sweet .

It's rich , it's , there's no cut to the richness at all .

The sweetness is the only thing that brings you home .

And to be honest , I'm not mad about it .

This , this is a proper chicken and waffle .

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But can't we make something a little bit different ?

Maybe a little bit of good .

We're making garlic bread , waffle chicken sandwiches .

If you're not washing the next thing and then get the hell out of here .

We have one wild card for you here .

A garlic waffle fried chicken sandwich .

Now , chicken and waffle batter is the exact same recipe as before .

You marinate bread and fry your chicken .

Except this time , you're just gonna use £2 of boneless skinless chicken thighs and those will fry in more like 8 to 10 minutes instead of 12 to 15 .

Now , once those are fried for the waffles , you make the batter as normal .

But this time you want to ideally cook them a smaller waffle iron .

That's about the size of a bun or like a slice of bread .

See where I'm going here ?

Oh , look how cute it is .

Little baby infant pants man , waffle iron .

Now , this little guy took about a quarter cup of batter and I didn't have any way to control the temps .

So I just closed the lid , prayed that it would work and made some garlic butter by combining a third cup of salted butter in a small pot heated that over a medium heat until it completely melted , then removed it from the heat and added four cloves of finely minced garlic .

Stirred that together , let it cool just slightly and then stirred and two tablespoons of very finely chopped parsley .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Once my waffle was done , I pulled it out , gave it a generous brushing of my garlic butter on both sides , always both sides .

Then just rinsed and repeated with the rest of my baby waffles .

Obviously , you'll need like two waffles per sandwich .

Just account for that .

Now , finally to assemble your sandwich , get one garlic waffle , place your fried chicken at top , then top your fried chicken with a nice dollop of spicy honey mustard , which by the way , I made my own by combining half a cup of whole grain spicy mustard , one teaspoon of cayenne powder , one teaspoon of salt and two tablespoons of honey .

Was that all together ?

And well , that's what went on anyway , back to the chicken .

So a spoonful of honey mustard goes right on top , then grab your other garlic waffle , think carefully .

Crown your king for a very beautiful time .

Now , obviously , you could add some Swiss cheese and maybe some bacon to this .

But I have a feeling we're gonna have a beauty and simplicity moment here .

Yay .

See which time , see which time , I don't even know if this is still crispy anymore .

We might have did something here .

I didn't think this was gonna be that good .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Basically , what you get here is you lose a little bit of the crisp but you in return , you get this like buttery , rich garlicky chew in the waffle .

Obviously the rich crispy chicken , it's a little spicy and sweet from the honey mustard , which we added a , so it's a little bit I don't wanna eat anymore .

I'm not .

What more do you want me to say ?

This isn't terribly different from the chicken waffle concept , but we're just raising the bar .

We're making it savory and we're making it a sandwich , which if you already made the batter and you got it sitting around , you should 100% make this sandwich or making the chicken waffles or me booth .

You decide what you want or don't make it at all .

I feel like a lot of you are .

Lurkers Point is taking a waffle's perfectly done .

As you saw , I would recommend not eating these for breakfast unless you want to go to sleep immediately afterwards .

You wanna know what else has a nice set of thighs glazed and dripping .

Be roll .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

All right guys .

And that is it .

So we made our chicken and waffles .

The chicken was quick .

The waffles were and that honey butter was just absolutely .

I did a lot of singing on this channel recently and not mad about it .

What do you guys think ?

Huh ?

Can I , can I get a rating ?

Can I get a , uh , that ?

Oh , wow , that's pretty good .

I don't know what what the editors are gonna put something in there .

Uh Is the sun done ?

The sun cannot figure out where it wants to be today .

I love Texas .

Ha ha .

The point is you should definitely make it if you never have before , regardless of if you've had it or not .

I'm telling you this is life changing .

So with all that said , if you enjoyed this video or you learn , so then leave a like , subscribe and I will see you next time .

Oh I gotta close this .


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