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I'm gonna be showing you what I think is the easiest , lazy way possible to make money online today , even if you are a completely broke beginner now , for this to be the laziest way possible making money online , it needs to meet a few criteria .

One .

It requires no upfront investment , meaning you don't have to pour money into the business in the beginning , if you don't want to or you simply can't .

Two .

You can do the work once and continue to get paid well into the future free .

You don't have to show your face or even use your voice if you don't want to .

Four .

You don't have to create some kind of product .

And finally , number five .

It's not that hard to learn as a complete beginner , because I want this to work for as many people as possible .

Now you may be asking right now what is this amazing way of making money online today that fits all these criteria ?

Well , it's going to be promoting a high ticket partner product with a high volume traffic source .

Now , I promise you this isn't as complicated as it may sound , and I'm actually going to give you a quick overview of this right now , the first step will be finding something that you're interested in that overlaps with something that is highly profitable .

Now , to do this , it's very simple .

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Just go and open up a good document or a word document , whatever your preference is , and just literally type out everything that you enjoy most and have an interest in .

And I recommend writing down at least 10 things .

These could be hobbies , just anything you enjoy doing in your free time .

Then what you want to do is see if anything that you are interested in overlaps with any of these high paying niches on screen right now , and only anything in your list that does not overlap with any of the high paying niches listed on screen right now .

And feel free to pause the video right now .

If you still need to look at this list and if you're wondering why we're even doing this , do not worry .

Just trust the process .

This will all make sense in just a moment .

Now , for the second step , you want to actually get a high ticket partner product to do this .

It's very simple .

You just need to go to a marketplace that hosts all these different partner products .

And some of the best websites for this type of thing are going to be Digital 24 and my personal favourite Click Bank .

But for this example here , I'm going to be using Digital 24 instead of Click Bank , but even works absolutely fine .

So don't worry , you will still be able to follow along .

Now .

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Once you're on Digital 24 you simply want to go ahead and click on the marketplace , and then you'll have a bunch of these partner products show up and you can just click on one of the categories on the left that are related to whatever it was that you were interested in that overlaps with our high profit niches list from Step one and just go from there .

I recommend you look for a product that will make you at least $200 per sale , And that's because even if you just get one sale a day , that's double the $100 a day I suggested you could achieve in the title of this video to know what you would make per purchase of one of these partner products is gonna be by looking at the earnings around right underneath , where it tells you the commission percentage now to promote the product you're interested in .

Just go and quickly make a digital 24 account , and this really shouldn't take any longer than , like a minute to do so .

So do not worry .

And once you have your account , you just want to go back to your product , and you simply want to click on the promote now button .

And just like that , you will have your partner link .

Now that you've got your partner link , something important that you want to do is mask this link , and what I mean by that is shortening the link and making it look a lot nicer .

And to do this is very simple .

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Just go to a website like bit dot com , then paste in your link on their shortener and boom .

Just like that , you would have shortened your partner product link .

And as you can see , it does look a lot better like this .

Now that you've got your partner links sorted , we can move on to step three , and step three is going to be the lazy content strategy .

Now , for the first part of this step , you need to go ahead and get your ideas for this lazy content strategy .

So to begin , simply head to youtube dot com , and you want to type in niche that is related to your interests from the first step and then simply hit search .

Then you want to go to the top six channels within that niche , sort their videos by the most popular and take five of their most popular videos come into a total of 30 videos , and you want to write them down along with the links each of those videos in somewhere like a Google a word document .

And once that's done , we can move on to the next part of this step .

It does require a tiny bit more work , but trust me , it's a lot better than all the other methods being promoted out there because once you set this up , it can continue to pay you well into the future , meaning you can do the work once and truly enjoy passive income .

So make sure to keep watching .

This will all make sense in just a few moments .


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