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2023-08-07 14:36:57

How To Make - Candy Popcorn

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Hello and welcome to crafting with and friends today .

I'm gonna be showing you guys how to make the candy popcorn .

I'm gonna be showing you guys my recipe that I used to make one color , but I'm going to be dividing it .

I'm showing you guys how I can create two colors from the recipe .

You can actually do this and create 34 colors however many colors you want .

But I like to just split it in half and create two .

And if I need any other colors , I'll just make another batch to start with .

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So first you wanna cut your oven on , you wanna have your oven set too 2 50 and then you wanna take a half , 1.5 a stick of butter , turn your fire on .

I'm gonna just set it at like medium high right now .

Then you're gonna take a half a cup of karo syrup .

Once your butter melts a little bit , you add it in and then you wanna take a cup of sugar .

So the recipe calls for 1.5 stick of butter , one cup of sugar , a half a cup of syrup and then you wanna have your colors you're gonna use .

I'm using blue and red today .

You don't need white like you do for the candy apples .

But I also just add a tad bit of white .

You can add co I mean flavoring if you want .

I'm not adding flavoring , but this is the flavored oil I do use is the Lauren Oils .

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I won't be adding flavor today .

I really don't add flavor to my popcorn unless the customers ask for it because it's actually sweet already .

So I'm adding my carrot syrup to my butter .

Please don't use no plastic spatula like I'm doing when you mix this because this gets hot .

You wanna , you want your um mixture to get 2 50 on your candy thermometer at soft ball .

So once you got all your ingredients in there , just let it , let your butter melt and mix it together .

This is how it currently looks .

And so once my mixture basically is melted and it starts bubbling a little bit .

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I'm gonna give it one final stir just to make sure my car , the Cairo syrup and the butter and everything gets all mixed together .

I'm actually gonna cut my fire off .

I'm going to stir it one last time and then I'm going to take my pot and I'm gonna pour half of this liquid into a smaller pot and this is me dividing it so I can create two different colors .

You wanna make sure you stir because you don't want to pour your liquid in here and not get the gist of your mixture .

So , just pour about half of it in there .

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I just eyeball it and then I'll set the big pot to the side and then I'll cut the fire back on , on the smaller pot and then I will boil it till it gets the temperature I need .

But while it's doing that , I'm gonna actually go ahead and add my color in .

Now .

My dad is a little crazy .

Yeah , let's go ahead and add weird color .

I have two drops of white and I'm going to stir .

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Make sure you have your candy thermometer so you can make sure your candy is the right temperature .

You don't want it to get too hot .

Remember we're doing softball stage .

So around 2 52 25 is where you want it to be the , you're gonna do the same thing with the big pot or your other pots .

You have just turn it on .

Add your colors stir and get it to the temperature you need .

So while we wait for this to , um , go ahead and get to that temperature , I'm gonna do my uh , second pot , get the second pot started .

So , as you can see on my thermometer , I'm almost to 2 25 softball stage .

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So once you're colors get to the softball stage , you wanna just pour it over your popcorn and mix it together So your popcorn can be fully coated , add popcorn as you go .

So you basically just coat your popcorn as much as you can .

Then we're going to take it and place it on a cookie sheet and just spread it all over the cookie sheet and place it in the oven for five minutes .

Now , we're doing the other color which will be red .

So I'm going to add my red now .

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Oh , yeah , we're using our little toothpick method because like , oh yeah , a food car .

So you just go ahead again and get your mixture , your second mixture up to 2 25 soft ball status .

So I have a couple more minutes till it's there .

Then we'll cut the popcorn .

But now let's go ahead and check the ones that we do have in the oven .

Remember you're doing it five minutes , check it .

I hope you guys can see and then I just move my popcorn around a little bit .

I leave it in the oven for a total of about 15 minutes .

So place it back in there .

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Once your popcorn been in for about 15 to 10 minutes , just make sure you don't burn it because once you start , once your popcorn start burning the color changes .

So like if I would have kept this in here longer and start looking like greenish a little bit .

But here's my popcorn fresh out the oven .

What I'm doing is just mixing it a little bit and I'm going to leave it here to get crunch , to cool off and then it's gonna give it that crunch .

So I'm gonna let it sit for about 5 to 10 minutes and then I'm going to come in back .

So once your popcorn cools off , it's gonna be crunchy and it's gonna be stuff , some pieces will be stuck together and just take it and undo it like this .

It easily comes a little , you can actually hear the popcorn now because it gives it that crunch .

I'm gonna eat one .

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So once you get the popcorn cooled off and just go ahead and separate three pieces .

My red is still recording and then we can go ahead and bag this popcorn up .

Yeah , I said .


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