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2023-08-06 16:04:32

How to tie a tie on someone else.

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So first thing you're going to do is take your tie and put it around the person and it's going to go on and you're gonna have them take their hand and straighten it up just like this and put it in front of their leg .

And what you're gonna do with the fat end of the tie is match it up to their fingertips .

Now , this just gives you a reference point on how long the tie needs to be because we want it to be about their belt length .

So we're gonna go around the top , go all the way around the back and then we're gonna tuck it in .

There we go .

Now there's our first part .

We wanna make that nice and tight and now we're gonna go across the front and tuck it in from the back and push it through the loop that we just made .

So we're gonna do this again in case you didn't catch that .

There you go .

Now we're gonna pull that tape .

Now we can cinch it right .

And that looks about good .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

You can always ask the person you're putting it on how it looks .

Thanks .

Thank you .

All right .

There we go .

There's just tie .

Now , let's say it was too short .

Then what we're gonna do is just extend it past his fingertips .

If it's too long , we'll bring it just a little bit before his fingertips .

Ok ?

One more time .

Right .

Right .

Surrogates .

Come on , go round his neck , put your hand in front down front leg .

We're gonna match up the edge of the tie to his fingertips .

Now we're gonna go over the front , I'm going to go completely around the back and then I'm gonna push it down just like that .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Now I'm gonna go around the front , go inside and then through the loop will everything ta since it happened and there you go , you down .

Yeah .


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