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2023-08-07 14:11:35

Tie A Tie (Overhead Camera Angle) - Half Windsor Knot (Ep 021)

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Hey , I'm your host , Craig Stokes .

And you are watching another episode of Style Minute .

This is the first episode in the Ties and Knots series , the most requested series to date .

And today I'm gonna show you how to tie the half Windsor , my personal favorite .

This is Hands down the most requested series to date .

Ties and the Knots .

So we're gonna talk about today how to tie the half Windsor , not the full Windsor .

I'll show you the difference later and just to give you a point of reference , I am 5 11 , there are extra long ties .

So if you're about 6364 , you wanna look at a extra long tie in order to be able to tie this particular knot .

First step is to grab a tie with a little bit of thickness to it .

So you wanna find something like this , this is gonna give you the dimple that we're gonna see here , right ?

So you ready ?

Let's jump right in .

So we're gonna make this really , really simple .

We got two sides of the tie , the big side and the little side .

OK ?

Put the , put the big side on the right side of your body , the little side on the left side and you see where my belt buckle is .

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So you wanna kind of position the little side just like I have it here , right .

And as we get ready to get started , we're gonna change the position so that you can actually see it from your point of view .

So we have the big side and the little side , first step we're gonna do is take the big side over the little side , hold with your right hand .

Now we're gonna take the big side underneath the little side back over just like this .

And this is where the half Windsor part comes in .

We're gonna take the big side through the gap on the right side .

Only if you were to do the full Windsor , you would take it over and put it on the left side as well .

Now we're gonna take the big side back over the top of the little side , still holding it with our right hand .

Now , this is where we finish off the tie , bring the big side through the gap once again , at the same time , you're pulling it through .

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You wanna kind of make a little hole with your right hand .

So pull it through with your left tuck it in the hole that you just made with your right hand , pulling it through with your left , hold the little side with your right and big side with your left , pull it down and before you get ready to make the knot complete , grab it with your left hand with the three with three fingers and pull it through .

This is gonna help create the dimple that you see there .

The final step before you pull your tie all together is to grab both sides , pull it together like this .

And what that does is help it create the triangle effect .

There still maintains the dimple to slide it up .

You just grab the little end , hold on to the end of the triangle of the tie and slide it into position .

There you go .

So now we're at about step number 10 and this is when we slid the tie into position .

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If you want to create a , a little bit more dramatic effect , you can still pull both sides of your tie just like this and create the little triangle .

Continue to just slide it up just a little bit here , right ?

Fold down your collar into position , grab your coat off the rack here and there you go .

You just now tied a half Windsor looks great with uh regular pinpoint color dress shirts , even a slightly wide color uh dress shirt .

So you're good to go with the half Windsor .

It's my personal favorite .

Hope it is yours .

Now , for more episodes on the ties and not series and how to tie other ties like the full Windsor , the four in the hand slip knot keep it like right here at style minute dot com .

I know you don't wanna miss any other episodes .

So be sure to subscribe on youtube and itunes and definitely follow me on Twitter at Twitter dot com , forward slash style minute .

The Style Minute was brought to you in part by next level entertainment experience .

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The next level of entertainment today , visit them online at next level enc dot com .


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