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2023-08-06 15:59:49

How to tie a tie - The Vidalia Knot

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Hey , everyone Lynwood here and today I'm going to show you how to tie the Vidalia nut .

So , uh just before we get started , you're going to need a rather awkward tool to help you out with this knot .

Um just in kind of getting that thickness there and believe it or not , that tool is three squares of toilet paper .

And um I know it sounds crazy but everybody's got toilet paper , right ?

If you don't have toilet paper , you probably shouldn't be watching a tutorial .

Um , but basically you're just gonna go ahead .

You're gonna take that toilet paper and fold it in third .

So it should be pretty easy because it's perforated .

So I've got one , there's two and three and I just fold it into my little square there .

I'm gonna take that and fold it in half , turn it up and fold it again and then just fold it one more time .

So I should have a small rectangle like this here .

Ok .

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Now that we've got that prep work out of the way , I'll go ahead and take this down and we will get started .

Ok ?

You guys , so now you should have your tie your toilet paper .

You should be good to go .

So we're gonna start off with our , uh , right side here or my right side with the thick end of the tie right at about my belt line and the thin end is what we're going to do all of our tying with .

I'm gonna go ahead and place my crease in here and then I'm just gonna bring it right onto the center from there .

I'm gonna take and cross over with the thin end and bring it through the middle just like so and bring that side back on over to the left side where I started .

Now , the thing that we want to keep in mind here is that this knot is kind of all about the looseness .

And so that's where the toilet paper comes in because it really helps to hold the structure of the knot while allowing some of the beauty and the more intricate portions .

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So we're gonna take the thin end here , bring it around the back side and we're gonna bring it right on through the center .

So this is what we should currently have and I'm gonna leave this looser for now .

So let me tighten up just a bit .

I still want to be able to get in there .

So basically , what I'm gonna do is take the tail end of my tie here and I'm gonna tuck it right on in there just like .

So now from here I can tighten up just a little bit and I'm gonna go ahead and grab my toilet paper .

Remember I fold it into a tri or a triangle alarm .

Your shapes Linwood into a rectangle .

And I'm just gonna take that , insert it right in here and then I'm just gonna bring the tail end of my tie right here and bring it right through this other side , knows that toilet paper should stay in place .

So if that toilet paper , toilet paper is not really staying in place , then you may need to uh just tighten it up just a little bit before you do .

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So and from here you're just gonna adjust a little bit .

So that way your toilet paper is really not visible , ok ?

Because this is just to go underneath and once you get this adjusted , it does not show for the remainder of the day you just have to get it just right that first time .

Ok ?

So now we've got that portion adjusted .

I'm gonna take the tail into this knot and bring it around the back side right up to there , bring that portion around the back again , just like that .

And I'm gonna tuck through the center and this little loop I've got created here and bring it right on down from there .

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Everything is just kind of left nice and loose and the crazy thing is usually if you leave a tie rather loose , it doesn't really have the same type of appeal and look to it that you would hope for .

But since you have the stuffing in there , it holds up rather nicely .

And from there you just bring that collar right on down and there you have it , the Vidalia knot and um , as you can see , it's rather nice .

I do have two recommendations for you on this one and that is to go with a more plain print on your tie .

Uh The other thing would be to use a rather thin tie , something that's a little bit more on the flimsy line .

It doesn't have to be excessively thin , but to me , the thin , the better on this one because it doesn't suck up so much of your fabric with the bulk .

Um So that's the Vidalia not .

I hope that you like it .

And uh of course , as always like comment , subscribe , share .

Let me know what you think in the comment box below .

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And until next time you guys take care .

God bless and bye .

Get fancy now .


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